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Search results

  1. Quietville

    B&b bl pif?

    So many acronyms! Anyway, Someone pointed me in the direction of puff.com and I caught wind of a noob PIF where guys who have been there for 6 months or less receive and pass along cigars to each other. I've never smoked a cigar in my life (I have 8 RP's in the mail though!) and I was...
  2. Quietville

    Recent college graduate curious about smoking

    Hi! (if you're not interested in some background skip this paragraph) I've been curious about cigars for about a year or so, but I was a vocal music major in college and I didn't want to risk ruining my voice before my junior and senior recitals. Now that all of that is over I'm working...
  3. Quietville

    If you had $35 to choose one shaving cream...

    For the rest of your life which one would you choose? I'm really just wondering where I should lean on this one... I'm a soap guy, but its only because the stuff is cheap. I am a college student and am usually pretty strapped for cash. I just realized that I have a gift card with $35 on it...
  4. Quietville

    Good idea?

    So, I was looking for some ideas for a good ASB. After looking around for awhile I stumbled upon the review for Corn Husker's Lotion. The most common downside to this stuff was the smell. That got me thinking, what if you mixed this stuff with SCS's Tony's Choice? It seems that this stuff smells...
  5. Quietville

    Something terrible

    So, tell me if you guys have done anything like this... So, I'm a college student, and I just got back to my apartment from being home for a month. (I live about 3 hours from my apartment) I have acquired quite a few goodies, and I was waiting to take a pic so I could post them on the...
  6. Quietville

    Video games

    I was just wondering if anyone around here had the hobby? Personally I like first person shooter games, racing games, and the occasional role playing games. If you play Call of Duty shoot me a PM :wink:
  7. Quietville

    To upgrade or not

    I've been using the tweezerman brush for about a year now, and frankly I'm long overdue for a new brush (IMO). I have a nice boar brush OTW thanks to a very generous PIF (thanks fellow Maynard fan! hah). I had a wally world boar brush for about a day, but it was just too stiff and instead I...
  8. Quietville

    Pirate's Cove Shaving Soaps

    I just received their mandarin soap in the mail today, and I've used their coconut before. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these soaps? I know I've seen people talk about them and there are a few reviews. I love the scents! They are really nice. The lather leaves a...
  9. Quietville


    So, for those who don't know (Which I assume is most...) I am a music education major in college! (That means I want to teach music.) So, I was wondering if any of you guys have any experiences in music that you would like to share? A good teacher, an embarrassing performance, a bad teacher...
  10. Quietville

    Shaving, uh, other parts... of your body with a DE

    So, I was just curious if anyone has tried shaving anything from the neck down? I tried searching for this, and if it's been asked I'm sorry. So, anyone tried shaving their chest, back, armpits, nether regions or legs/feet with a DE meant for your face. (I know they make ladies' DEs)
  11. Quietville

    I'm looking to buy some soaps. Suggestions?

    So, as the title implies, I'm looking to buy some soaps. I'd like to get second hand soaps, and maybe even creams. I was wondering what you guys thought that I might like. I ADORE Mama bear's toasted coconut! I've tried Vanilla Cream too, but I always get a thin lather with this batch, so I use...
  12. Quietville

    A good lather = a good day?

    I just wanted to share this with you guys. As you may know I just started shaving on a regular basis last monday, and I've been doing relatively well. My first problem is I can't get the right amount of soap and water on my brush. I always end up getting some lather going on the soap or...
  13. Quietville

    Another Gillette Dating thing

    So, I inherited a Gillette DE razor today. How do I know if the dating code relates to the 1930's or 60's (it's dating code is H4) It's an adjustable Gillette TTO (SS I think) Other than being gunky from use it is in pretty good condition, it doesn't close all the way without a razor in it, but...
  14. Quietville


    I don't know if this is a sin, or blasphemy, but I took the plunge. I started off with a M3 razor, cuz I had a 3 day beard growing, and went for a second pass with my Gillette SS. I have to say that although I'm not BBS for taking only about 10 mins. total... not so bad. I got a pretty gnarly...
  15. Quietville

    Quietville's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: Quietville What is your real name? Brandon Majors What are your nicknames/aliases? Oh, I have none Where do you live? I go to college in Chicago, but I am from Lanark, IL (eency weency town in the boon docks) What is your...
  16. Quietville

    Piratess Cove

    Anyone heard of Pirate's Cove Soapworks? I found them on eBay, and I order a puck to try out. Anyone have previous experience with it? And for those that would like future experience Google it.
  17. Quietville

    Oh man, I'm going to love this.

    First off, Hi, I'm Brandon and I'm a newbie to shaving in general, but especially wet shaving! So, my dad had actually turned me on to wet shaving when I was like 16 (I ignored it, which I honestly wish I hadn't now)... I started shaving with a Mach 3, and honestly it was okay for about a year...
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