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  1. captp


    Apologies to lovers of the G-Shock. Has Casio ever made a G-Shock that wasn't on the extreme far side of butt UGLY? I like the idea of a nearly indestructible watch, and know that form follows function here, but... I've looked at hundreds of them, and have yet to find one that appeals to me.
  2. captp

    The Munsters movie

    Rob Zombie set to direct. This could be seriously awesome or it could really suck. Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily?
  3. captp

    New Seiko Kinetic

    I know I posted this already in the Watch ya wearing thread, but I wanted to crow and fanboy a little. Seiko Kinetic Model SKA791P1 movement 5M82 What first attracted me to it (like a junior high schoolboy to his pretty history teacher) is the brilliant rich green dial. That and the brown...
  4. captp

    Your most useful/favorite present ever

    As the title suggests, show & tell us about the most useful or favorite present you've ever received. Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Housewarming, etc. Mine is this Swiss Army Knife, from my sister Cate, 25+ years ago. I carry it almost every day. It's an accident when I...
  5. captp


    1st shot. 8 minutes in & out. 2nd shot in 2 weeks; hoping it goes as quickly
  6. captp

    It's all fun and games until...

  7. captp

    Flatiron Pepper Company

    Has anyone tried any of the pepper flakes from Flatiron Pepper Company? What are your opinions?
  8. captp

    Ken Jennings on Jeopardy, yea or nay?

    How did you like the GOAT on Jeopardy last night. Looks like we have 6 weeks of him. I'm a yea.
  9. captp

    Happy Birthday Roy Batty

    Roy Batty Born this day in 2016. Died 3 years 10 months later. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."
  10. captp

    This is the Dawning of..

    Another masterpiece (imo) from my friend Todd. My concept, but Todd made it come to life. This is the 2nd commission I had him do for me. He nailed that one too. He made 10 t-shirts for me, 5 red, 5 green
  11. captp

    Learned a great new word

    From Friday or Saturday Pickles comic strip. Nonversation When my dad & his brothers would get together, they would all be talking at once about 3 or 4 totally different things. Anyone else have experience with nonversations?
  12. captp

    Dogs fainting and clacking teeth

    Having never seen a pair of puppies growing up. Iggy & Spark, littermates, are the best of buddies. A couple of strange, to me, things. When they're playing together, the frequently clack their teeth at each other, like play biting. Sounds like they're going to chip teeth, but nothing so far...
  13. captp


    No, this doesn't belong in The Nib. Today's P is for Phone. My 3 year old LG V30 battery started dieing. Last Friday it died in about 3 hours; not good. I called my friend Ryan, who works at a Verizon store. He ordered a brand spanking new LG V60. Damn, this is a big phone. Expensive, too. But...
  14. captp

    Happy National Broderick Crawford Day

    10-4 good buddy https://images.app.goo.gl/NRp74UY9d49y1cjg6
  15. captp

    Forward cant or straight up for holster

    I'm looking at an R. Grizzled holster for my PPQ SC. The Working Man OWB. It can be made with forward can't or straight up. Looks to be intended for wear just behind the hip (not sure, I'll be emailing him on that, plus how wide it is) Which is your preferred style (forward cant or straight) and...
  16. captp

    Ammo Squared. Anyony experienced?

    I recently came across the site Ammo Squared. Something likes a subscription ammo service. A few of the YT gun guys are enthusiastic about it. Has anyone here tried them? Are they worth it?
  17. captp

    IEMs as hearing protectors

    Spent a little time on the makeshift shooting range at my BiL's (where I'm staying for the duration of this pandemic). I was firing .40 S&W (Walther PPS M1) Billy had a .40, .357 magnum & 9mm. Decided to try my Etymotic ER4sr IEMs (In Ear Monitors) as hearing protection. FYI, they seal perfectly...
  18. captp

    Happy Independence Day

    Or as my friends across The Pond say Happy Traitors Day
  19. captp

    How to keep your friends on edge

    Posted on FB that I just got a Speedo and would be modeling it for them. Got a lot a scared replies. They all thought I lost my mind and got a competition Speedo. It's fun messing with your friends.
  20. captp

    Namesake Bourbon

    I recently found a distillery with my last name on it. Decided to see if they made palatable Bourbon. Ordered 2 different bottles. They're located outside of Pittsburgh. Hopefully my Angel's Envy lasts until they get here.
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