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Search results

  1. captp

    Watch Ya Wearing

    That one, the Spring & the Snowflake are all on my radar/wish list. They're up against the Omega Aqua Terra.
  2. captp


    Not too bad, but pushers on the "wrong" side of the dial don't work for me.
  3. captp


    As Gshocks go, that's not as bugly (butt ugly) as so many of them, I could probably live with that one. It doesn't come even close to the ugliest Omega I've ever seen (can't remember which model, it's just too painful).
  4. captp


    Apologies to lovers of the G-Shock. Has Casio ever made a G-Shock that wasn't on the extreme far side of butt UGLY? I like the idea of a nearly indestructible watch, and know that form follows function here, but... I've looked at hundreds of them, and have yet to find one that appeals to me.
  5. captp

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Let's show my ignorance again. Four Seasons Winter?
  6. captp

    Watch Ya Wearing

    That was my second guess, but kept coming up with iceberg & knew that was wrong.
  7. captp

    Watch Ya Wearing

    That's one I've been seriously looking at recently; it would put a nice dent in my savings. Or one so similar as to make little difference. Is that the Four Seasons Spring?
  8. captp

    The Munsters movie

    Yeah, Lithgow for sure. Vaughn, maybe, not a good an actor as Lithgow is, and doesn't have quite the timing, but he could work.
  9. captp

    The Munsters movie

    Real big shoes, indeed. Someone who can act, has good comedic timing, & BIG. The Rock might work.
  10. captp

    The Munsters movie

    Rob Zombie set to direct. This could be seriously awesome or it could really suck. Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily?
  11. captp

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Paladin PK-47 St. George and the Dragon. First shave. Incredibly soft, but dense enough to have plenty of backbone. Thinking of getting a tattoo of this.
  12. captp

    Cute puppy pics

    With those eyes he'll get away with it.
  13. captp

    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Paladin PK-47 St. George & the Dragon.
  14. captp

    100 Years in the make.

    Happy 100th Birthday, Miss Irene.
  15. captp

    Are there any headphone enthusiasts here?

    I am for sure. Etymotic ER4SR (IEM) Sennheisser/Drop HD6xx HiFiMan/Drop HE4xx Little Dot Mkii tube amp
  16. captp

    Shortest thread in B&B history?

    You may have to change your name to Stan, man.
  17. captp

    Rare Brush?

    Nobody is forcing those prices up into the stratosphere but the bidders.
  18. captp

    She Has Arrived! My Graydog Bella Dea

    Yep, Greydog does some really amazing work.
  19. captp

    New Seiko Kinetic

    30 day report. The Kinetic has gained 4 seconds (give or take a tenth) since I set it 30 days ago. Between 1/7th & 1/8th second per day (if my math is still good). I'd say that's pretty good. Pretty, easy to read, comfortable, accurate; can't ask for too much more in a watch. Definitely won't be...
  20. captp

    Something in the water? Twins....

    It's even shave related. Looks like a boar brush. Can anyone identify the razor?
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