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  1. M14Shooter

    5/8 W.H.Morley

    5/8 W.H. Morley Before After Just a simple restore .Cleaned a disinfected with Babercide.Sanded 600 to 2400 .Off to the stones on Monday .
  2. M14Shooter

    Hammam Spa Shaving Soap

    Just tried this natural Turkish Shave Soap .I bought the Bay Rum scented version .I found the sent to be medium in strength.You call smell it during the shave and about 1/2 hour after .Soap Lathered fairly quickly in about 30-45 seconds .I used a Zenith Boar brush and a Georgetown Scuttle . Soap...
  3. M14Shooter

    New Scales for a Russian Straight

    Just gave Zykris's Russian straight an new pair of shoes.Her old shoes were broken and worn out .Picked vintage black scales to try to keep her close to original.
  4. M14Shooter

    Cell Rot is killing my Tiger

    Went to shave with my Tiger 49 this morning .She was in storage in a silicone sleeve.Cell rot has started to eat my poor Tiger .I pulled the scales off and put them in the trash .Was able to save the silver Tiger inlay.I coated the blade with breakfree oil and will sand and hone the blade this...
  5. M14Shooter

    C.V Heljestrand MK#30 Extra Hollow Ground Vintage 4/8"

    Just restored this Swedish Gem.Cleaned her up with a progression of 400 up to 2500 sandpaper and micro-mesh.Quick polish with some Mass . Honed her on Sharpton Glass and finished on a Thuri .
  6. M14Shooter

    Henkel 7 Day Set With seven different finishes

    Finally got around to shaving with the Henkel Seven day Set .Posting the results . Sat Escher Super Smooth Finish Sun Apache Almost as Smooth as the Escher Mon Welsh Slate Soft Keen edge .Just a little behind the Escher Tue Blue/Green Thuri Soft as the Escher Wed Nakayama J-Nat Very Keen and...
  7. M14Shooter

    Henkel 7 Day Set

    Just finished restoring this seven day set .Set was not in bad shape.Razors just need a little Cleaning and Polishing .I honed the razors on Sharpton Glass up to 16 K .Than I finished each day of the week with a different Natural Stone . Sat Escher Sun Apache Mon Welsh Slate Tue Blue/Green Thuri...
  8. M14Shooter

    engels test

  9. M14Shooter

    11/16 French Razor Le Hyalin

    Picked this razor up for $3.00 Blade only .Original owner could not hone it to a shave ready edge . Razor was made by P. Fritiss in Paris . Blade is marked Veritas .Box is marked Le Hyalin Took over an hour to set bevel using 1 K Sharpton Glass .Progressed with Sharpton Glass up to 8 K...
  10. M14Shooter

    6/8 Sheffield Blade The Celebrated American Razor

    Restoring a 6/8 Sheffield Blade The Celebrated American Razor Philadelphia Works . Never heard of the maker S.E.T. REALY.EGR.U&F UNIVERSALLY SHEFFIELD Cleaned blade up than went to the hones .Finished her on one of my J-Nat stones with DMT Slurry Will clean up and lightly coat the pressed...
  11. M14Shooter

    Tale of a Three Dollar and 50 cent razor

    Won three razor for $10.50 One was a Wester Bros 34 Di-Fi .I gave it to a new straight razor user at work .Great razor for a new shaver .The other is a 5/8 Blue Seal that needs a refresh. The razor the shocked me was 5/8 Union Cutlery made in 1909 in Union City Georgia.In 1910 they moved to New...
  12. M14Shooter

    Unusual F.W.Engels

    Was lucky enough to come across this different model of a F.W.Engels.It is the lucky model .This is the first time I have seen one . Guess I was lucky with my bid to.:001_rolle
  13. M14Shooter

    New Wacker Jungmeister

    Was lucky enough to win a bid on a pristine WACKER Solingen “Jungmeister” Straight Razor Full Hollow 7/8 Spanish Point. This will be my first razor from Wacker .I am looking forward to using this razor .I was not gone to bid on the razor .(Bought to many razors this Month. SRAD is alive and...
  14. M14Shooter

    J.A. Henckels Friodur 472 Inox Restore

    Before Pic Cleaned the Blade with Breakfree and High Grit Micro Mesh .Than I hand Polished it with Mass. I than added some Olive Wood Scales . Honed her on my J-Nat . Will test shave in the morning . After Pic's
  15. M14Shooter

    Charney Forest Hone

    Just received this beauty in from the UK.Can not wait to lap it it and learn its characteristics :001_tt1:
  16. M14Shooter

    Welch Dragon Tongue /Translucent Arkansas Finishing Combo

    Just received an ERN 76 13/16.I hone her up to 12 K.Had a lovely shave but I guess I am getting used to using a razor with an Arkie edge . Kind of spoils me and makes me demand more from an edge.So I took the ERN back to the stones . I used a Welch Dragon Stone followed be a Translucent Arkie...
  17. M14Shooter

    Opinon on 6/8 Tiger Rescale

    Just purchased a 6/8 Vintage Tiger 27 6/8’’ Lauterjung & Co., Solingen Germany.The scales were damaged .Thinking of rescaling with Rams Horn.But I am afraid the scales may not due justice to the blade .Please give me your opinion. Thanks Mike
  18. M14Shooter

    Any one use lather on their J-Nat

    I am fairly new to honing only about a year in .I have used lather on a Barber Hone with fairly good results .Tried it for the first time on my J-Nat and was blown away .I honed a F.W.E, Engels Leader 6/8 up to 8K on Sharpton Glass then finished it on my J-Nat with DMT Slurry that I thinned out...
  19. M14Shooter

    photo test

  20. M14Shooter

    test pic

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