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  1. Viseguy

    I'm up to 28 shaves on a Schick Proline....

    … and the blade is still going strong. In the past, I've only managed to squeeze 15-20 shaves out of my Prolines, and I don't think that, after 8 years, my technique has changed. (But who knows? Being primates, we evolve.... :frown2:) So, what's your experience with Prolines? Have you broken...
  2. Viseguy

    8 years in and still a newbie ;)

    January 11th will be 8 years since I joined B&B. It's been quite a ride, but I've settled in with a relatively few products in each category. Most notably, in the last couple of years, I've become all Feather Artist Club, all the time. Here are my current all-time favorites: Razors Safety...
  3. Viseguy

    RazoRock Hawk V2

    Just had my first shave with the RazoRock black Hawk V2, and I'm very impressed. Pared with a fresh AC Pro Super Blade (my gold standard), it mowed down 3.5 days' growth in fine fashion: I was at DFS in two passes, and got to BBS with one more pass + touch-up. The shave was very effective, and...
  4. Viseguy

    QUARTZ ;) Watch Ya Wearing

    Three years ago, a Hugo Boss watch with a rather eye-catching, BIG dial with ORANGE numerals, um, caught my eye in a shopping mall. Not long afterwards, I bought another Hugo Boss in the same vein. Since then, I've found myself collecting watches, all with quartz movements, and more than a few...
  5. Viseguy

    Master Breeze (f/k/a Iceland Breeze)

    I was a fan of the old Master Iceland Breeze, but have been away from it for a while. I recently tried some of the new formulation, now called simply Master Breeze, which has a light blue color instead of the old light green, and I must say that I like it even better now. The scent of Iceland...
  6. Viseguy

    Putting things into perspective...

    I'm a fan of Cecil Adams's The Straight Dope, and I get his weekly email -- but that's neither here nor there. This week's mailing features a Straight Dope "classic" from 2004, which might interest readers of this subforum: Is good personal hygiene a recent invention? Cheers.
  7. Viseguy

    Feather AC and Rust: A Cautionary Tale

    Long story short: I left a Pro Super blade in my Feather AC SS for 2-3 weeks. I used it for a few shaves, and some touch-up now and then, but for the most part I was using my DX and other razors during that period. Tonight I opened up the SS and found a small rust spot on the blade, and a...
  8. Viseguy

    Clubman SR rediscovered

    I recently ran across a half-used bottle of Clubman Special Reserve that I hadn't touched in years. I used to find the scent overpowering and the powdery finish almost suffocating. This time, I decided to try just a few drops in WH. What a world of difference! The polished wood and old leather...
  9. Viseguy

    Crazy, stressed-out badger terrorizes Stockholm hotel

    You can't make this stuff up. :lol:
  10. Viseguy

    Denim Black

    I'm a fan of Denim: Original and Musk have been go-to splashes for me for the last couple of years. Just today I received my first bottle of Denim Black. A refreshing, spicy scent with staying power -- another winner! :thumbsup: If you're not familiar with Denim, it's a traditional masculine...
  11. Viseguy

    Please help me name this tune!

    Okay, all of you marching band enthusiasts. This is killing me. I once knew the name of this march, but I can't put my finger on it. I sketched out the first few bars here on NoteFlight (click on Play, then Play from Start to hear it); (the score is also attached below). You can also hear it...
  12. Viseguy

    Spoiler alert!

  13. Viseguy

    UFO Goliath and Kaiser handles

    Here are some pictures of my two new UFO handles: the Goliath in red bronze and the Kaiser in aircraft aluminum, functional works of art from the incomparable Rafael at UFO Razor Handles. I would like to add that ordering from UFO is a pleasure due to the excellent customer service provided by...
  14. Viseguy

    Classic Shaving Jasmine

    A puck of Classic Shaving Jasmine soap came with my Brazilian cherry wood bowl, and I've been using it for most of the past week. Since Classic Shaving soaps have gotten mixed reviews at best on B&B -- see, for example, here (an old thread that predated the reformulation of these soaps) and...
  15. Viseguy


    B&B members, who have long lived in fear of the Shaveocalypse, will want to be aware that The American Dialect Society has chosen -(po)calypse, -(ma)geddon -- "hyperbolic combining forms for various catastrophes" -- as its 2012 Most Useful Word of the Year. Nice to know that we're on the cutting...
  16. Viseguy

    Superlather, duh!

    I almost always use a combination of soap and cream for my lather. What I've been doing until now is to put a dab of cream on my puck of soap and then swirl the brush on it (loading cream and soap simultaneously), and face-lather. I've got some great lathers this way, but sometimes it's a little...
  17. Viseguy


    I'm here to sing the praises of Anti-Icky-Poo, which touts itself -- accurately, as I have found -- as "the absolute best odor eliminator on the market." No connection to the company, just a very satisfied customer, and here's my sorry story (with a happy ending): In the rush to evacuate for...
  18. Viseguy

    Razor Rest

    I've been looking for a soft surface to rest my razors on while shaving. Since I'm a fan of BookRug bookmarks and MouseRug mouse pads, I had the idea to try out a CoasterRug coaster for this purpose. All of these products are based on classic carpet designs from Persia, India, Africa, Asia...
  19. Viseguy

    Fatip-Weber replates (pics)

    I'm a big fan of the Fatip head paired with the Weber Bulldog stainless steel handle. Recently I had a couple of these Fatip-Weber combos refinished by Dave at West Coast Razors, and I thought I'd share some photos. The finishes are 24k gold and black (Ceracoat). The Ceracoat head also combines...
  20. Viseguy

    Trotting out the Halloween avatar

    Scary, eh?