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  1. 73mountaineer

    Question for Handloaders: Which Press to Build Off Of?

    I know we have several guys here that reload ammunition, and I am looking to start up as well. I have heard conflicting advice on whether to start with a kit or build it piece-by-piece, but for the sake of this thread, let's just look at kits. I can currently get the Hornady Classic...
  2. 73mountaineer

    Quick Decision: Sig P938 or striker fired pistol?

    If you have been following my carry pistol decision thread, you know I am looking for a 9mm carry gun. I have an opportunity to snag a Sig P938, which is basically a mini 1911, functionally. I own a 1911 and love it, but I have not trained with a manual safety pistol from a holster in a self...
  3. 73mountaineer

    Year-Round Carry Pistol.Which One?

    So, while by no means a firearms expert, I have a good bit of experience, both personally and professionally. With that in mind, I find myself in the market for a pistol for concealed carry. I mention "year-round" in the title because I would like to minimize printing under a t-shirt or polo...
  4. 73mountaineer

    132 Year Old Winchester Found in Park

    For some reason I find it completely fascinating to think that this rifle sat there propped up against a tree for all of these years, not to mention imagining what happened to the owner. http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/outposts/post/132-year-old-winchester-found-national-park/
  5. 73mountaineer

    Just Doing a Little De-Cluttering w/Stickies

    You may have noticed some of the stickies dropping off of the top of the page, but don't panic, the threads are still safe and sound. I have just consolidated the links within a "master" sticky post for the applicable subject. We have some very active threads here that are well-deserved of...
  6. 73mountaineer

    Daily Workouts: Old Fogies & Youngsters, What Did Yinz Do Today?

    Link below directly to the workout of the day: The Old Fogies Club...The House of Assorted Aches & Pains :wheelchair: The Rest of Yinz Young Whippersnappers :001_tongu
  7. 73mountaineer

    (Maybe) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nutrition, Supplements & Vitamins

    Click the links below to go to threads devoted entirely to the subject at hand: Supplements for Beginners Many Multiples of Multi-Vitamins & More! Nutritional Info About, er, Nutrition
  8. 73mountaineer

    RUNNERS, what's on your feet?

    Simple question with an often complicated answer, it seems. What shoes do you wear, and why? Still being pretty new to running, having only done it regularly for around 9-10 months, I have been through a couple brands and types of shoes. Unfortunately I have yet to find "the one" shoe that I...
  9. 73mountaineer

    NRA Life Memberships $375

    Keeping ALL political commentary out of this, if anyone is interested, you can currently sign up for a Life Membership for $375 through R. Lee Ermey's web page: http://www.rleeermey.com/nra/ Also, for the first time that I have seen, you can pay via Paypal, including 6 months no interest...
  10. 73mountaineer

    PIPE! Presenting, for your enjoyment, The 2014 B&B Brown Leaf LE Pipe!

    :a50: :badger: :a50: :badger: :badger: :a50: :badger::a50: :euro: Step right up, lads & lasses & feast your eyes on the 3rd installment of the Badger & Blade Brown Leaf Limited Edition pipes! :euro: What's that you say, it looks like two different pipes? Well, my astute...
  11. 73mountaineer

    The SCORE! 2014 Edition!

    It's a brand new year, so show us what ya' got! :thumbup1:
  12. 73mountaineer

    Son's First Rifle

    You might remember that I posted a while back that I was considering re-stocking my trusty 10/22 and giving it to my son for Christmas as his first rifle. He's 15 and I have taught him basic firearm safety since he was old enough to shoot his Red Ryder bb gun in the backyard, so he is ready to...
  13. 73mountaineer

    Synthetic/Tactical Kit for 10/22

    I am considering giving my trusty 10/22 to my son for Christmas, but would like to modernize it for him a bit. Suggestions for a synthetic stock or, better yet, tactical kit for the li'l Ruger, anyone?
  14. 73mountaineer

    The SCORE! - October and November 2013!

    After a surprisingly slow score thread for September, let's see what you guys are picking up the month before most deer seasons start coming in. Whatcha' got, whatcha' bought!?!? :001_cool:
  15. 73mountaineer

    This One, or That One? Another Bike Thread.

    Some of you know that I have been on the hunt for a new bike for a while & I think I pretty much have it narrowed down to two that seem to be exceptionally good values. One is a Fuji Cross 3.0 from Performance Bike, and the other is a house-branded cross bike from Nashbar (also owned by...
  16. 73mountaineer

    The SCORE - September 2013!

    Come one, come all, hunting seasons are right around the corner so show us what you are packing this fall! A new quacker-smacker 12 ga., elk eradicator 7mm mag., or just something shiny that gives you the warm fuzzies. Whatever your favorite flavor, it's September Show & Tell time, fellas! :w00t:
  17. 73mountaineer

    The SCORE - August 2013!

    Step right up, ladies and gents, and reveal what followed you home in the month of August! :thumbup1:
  18. 73mountaineer

    Back to the Bike?

    Like most of us I suppose, as a kid I loved riding my bike. We didn't have paved roads or bike paths, just dirt, gravel and a lot of hills, but my best friend and I rode everywhere around our neighborhood. Somewhere along the line, I grew up and have only ridden a bike sporadically as an...
  19. 73mountaineer

    The SCORE! - July 2013

    Post up your July acquisitions, folks! :thumbup1:
  20. 73mountaineer

    Thank You, Noahpictures!

    As some of you may already know, Noah has decided to step down as a Steward so that he can pursue his interests in honing, restoring and selling straight razors as a Hobbyist at B&B. While we will miss Noah as a Steward, I wish him the best in his new endeavor and hope that it will be very...
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