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Search results

  1. mr-razor

    british Gold TTO Family

    Just for fun I´ll show you the british Gold TTO Family. I hope I did not forget anyone :001_cool:
  2. mr-razor

    unopend NOS Rotbart set

    somebody knows, what he can find in the unopend Rotbart shipper box
  3. mr-razor

    which razor belongs in this set?

    I´ve received from France a 1946 Milord in a unusual case. I believe it´s a mismatch. The blade box comes with a 1930 NEW blade but I think the logo of the case comes later. The case looks nearly like a 1950 french Tech set, but maybe it´s a mismatch too. Any ideas, wich razor is right for that...
  4. mr-razor

    1903 or 1904 Double Ring - old question for new stuff

    This Double Ring found his way to me. He has no serial number and weights only 49g (my 1905 DR weights 50g). I´m confused about the stamp on the handle: it says "PAT.AP.FOR" instead of "PAT.APL´D.FOR" What do you think: is that one of the 1903 set´s? For me it´s the Holy Grail of my collection...
  5. mr-razor

    Aristocrat jr. Set No 49

    We know the Aristocrat jr. as No 48 or as No 53 set. Now found a No 49 set the way to me. But what is a No 49 set? here is the answer: :w00t:
  6. mr-razor

    british NEW Norfolk DeLuxe with unusually case

    I´ve found this british NEW Norfolk Delux with unusually case. The closure must be pushed instead pressed. That´s new for me.
  7. mr-razor

    Question about a Red Dot instruction

    My "D1" Red Dot set comes with a 1957 instruction, that a "normal" Fatboy shows. Now I´ve seen another Red Dot set with the same instruction. Which instructions have your Red Dot sets sets?
  8. mr-razor

    Brazil GoodWill / Tech Hybrid - any ideas?

    I received this mystic razor from a friendly Italian collector. It´s a GoodWill with solid guard bar, like a Tech and comes with a fat Tech handle. Any ideas about this hybrid?
  9. mr-razor

    any ideas about a stamped star on Gillette Old Type base plate?

    I´ve ask the same question in 2009, but there was no solution. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/114615-unknown-star-on-a-Old-Type-head?highlight= Now I´ve seen the third razor with this stamped star on the base plate. Any ideas today? The first one I´ve received from England The...
  10. mr-razor

    NEW #88 set with unusual handle

    A collector from Switzerland has send me this picture of his latest find. I´ve never seen this handle:
  11. mr-razor

    Gold Rocket Set

    I know, that the Gold Rocket is rare. But now I´m the happy owner of a Gold Rocket Set. I´ve never seen before that Gold case:
  12. mr-razor

    british TV Super-Speed without patent numbers - any informations?

    I´ve found a british TV Super-Speed, rhodium plated handle, without "Brit.Pat.694 093" inside the head. Are there any informations available?
  13. mr-razor

    found this GoodWill in a NEW Regent case - any ideas about the age?

    I´ve found this GoodWill in a NEW Regent case. He is nickel plated and comes with a bar handle. Any ideas about the age? He says Pat. No. 25.457 9 No. 34.652
  14. mr-razor

    Gillette Company Locations and Year Established

    Just for information: I´ve found this in the 1977 Gillette booklet:
  15. mr-razor

    PAT.NOV.15.04.N on Single Ring handle. What means the "N" after the date?

    I´ve found this nice 1909 Single Ring set. The handle says PAT.NOV.15.04.N That "N" is new for me. Knows anybody what the "N" means? It´s a US set for the french market with G in D stamp. Is that the reason?
  16. mr-razor

    any ideas about this NEW set?

    I´ve found this NEW set. The case looks like the Berkshire or Oxford case, but it´s black. And it comes with a common bar handle instead of a ball end handle. I´ve never seen before this set. Any ideas about name and date of this set?
  17. mr-razor

    what´s the name of this british NEW DeLuxe 2-piece razor set?

    I´ve found this set, but I dont know the name of this set. The case looks like the #88 case, so is it a #88 DeLuxe set? The other set with this razor that I´ve , comes in a Belmont case, so I´ve called it 2-piece Belmont set. But I don´t know the officially name. Any ideas?
  18. mr-razor

    need help about languages on a Aristocrat instruction

    Today I´ve received this 1962 "H2" Aristocrat. The instruction is sealed with the Dispenser of 10 Blue Gillette Blades Extra. Does anybody know the 2 other languages exept the english?
  19. mr-razor

    how long goes the NEW blade?

    I´ve found this package of 2 NEW Gillette blades. They have the date code "O2" and the patent number 2038415, what date the blade in 1944. I didn´t know, that the NEW blades runs into WWII. Can anybody help with the timeline of the NEW blades?
  20. mr-razor

    1906 Combination Set

    You see that not often: a 1906 Presentation set:
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