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  1. jhadsell1883

    Columbus coffee festival

    This is the third year for the coffee festival and I got my tickets yesterday! Excited to see what the local shops will come up with this year. There are always standard pour over/drip samples but many places will prepare signature drinks. Most are very good and outside of the normal coffee...
  2. jhadsell1883

    Coffee Roasting with Behmor 1600+

    Roaster and beans were delivered today. Unboxed, ran burn in roast them attempted first roast. I'm not sure I was hearing the cracks like I thought I would. I didn't want to think I was missing it and go to long do I stopped it after I thought I heard crackling like 2nd crack. I now believe I...
  3. jhadsell1883

    New House, New Espresso Bar

    It's been a long time since posting here but after the summer we've had (selling/buying a house, 2 surgeries, and 1 ER trip) it's probably not surprising. Anyways, we have finally gotten most everything moved in and I've been able to do some work. Started with a few projects for the Mrs. and...
  4. jhadsell1883

    WTS Espresso accessories

    I have acquired a few extra accessories over the past two years. Up for sale is a 58 mm tamper and 20 oz frothing pitcher. The tamper is from Rattleware and is solid stainless steel. It has a nice weight and feel in hand. I have a duplicate that I tend to favor due to the rounded handle. This...
  5. jhadsell1883

    New espresso machine

    I have an opportunity to upgrade my Gaggia baby twin to a Nuovo Simonelli Oscar for $500 The baby twin has been a good introduction to espresso but it is starting to have issues. Stream wand is leaking and the paint is flaking which will eventually cause many more issues. 3 way valve has been...
  6. jhadsell1883

    Columbus coffee fest

    Today I went to the Columbus coffee festival at the Ohio village. Had a great time sampling coffee from 18 local roasters/coffee shops. Also had quite a caffeine buzz by the end of it. Picked up a bag of hambela from Brioso coffee. It has a wonderful aroma and very clear fruit taste. It was...
  7. jhadsell1883

    New to B&M

    I haven't tried a barrister and mann product before but am interested in trying one of their soaps. I happen to have a discount code and some extra cash but am not sure which scent to try. I see hallows preorder just came out and cologne russe has me interested. I typically like bay rum and...
  8. jhadsell1883

    Mont Blanc pen

    So my father in law just got back from China on a business trip with a gift as is customary with Chinese executives. I thought someone here would have an idea of what it is. There are multiple versions listed in the book and I couldn't find a model number or anything like that. Here are a few...
  9. jhadsell1883

    WTS: Den Clearing - Fatboy, Straight kit, Soap, AS, B-lades

    Here are some items I pulled out of my shave storage that haven't gotten much use. My acquisition period is over as I have found what I prefer. CONUS shipping is included via USPS, PM me for estimate if outside CONUS. Paypal only. $65 - Fatboy G2 - cleaned and working, everything closes and...
  10. jhadsell1883

    Grinder issue

    I purchased a setup for espresso last year including a Gaggia baby twin and MDF grinder. Everything has worked well this year and been a good investment to learn on. The grinder was from eBay with at least a year of use. I was having issues getting a normal flow for espresso, it was going way to...
  11. jhadsell1883

    Gaggia baby twin problem

    Not sure if anyone here can help but thought it was worth a try. I bought a Gaggia baby twin about a year ago (only 6 month warranty on refurb) and was pulling a shot tonight when I noticed it was not coming through. Thinking I tamped too hard or grind was too fine I redid it with no change in...
  12. jhadsell1883

    Coffee tour for Christmas

    I was out with my wife today and she mentioned going to a coffee shop of my choice since we were in downtown Columbus. I found Cafe Brioso was close to us and it had been on my list of places to go. When we got there she handed me one of the Columbus coffee tour cards on the counter and told me...
  13. jhadsell1883

    Bought a new grinder!

    Picked up my first electric grinder off the bay tonight, a Gaggia MDF! I feel like I got a good deal considering it was over $100 less than they retail for. I had been looking at the Baratza Preciso but couldn't get past all the bad reviews with quality issues for almost 3 times as much. I hope...
  14. jhadsell1883

    New to The Cafe

    Thanks in advance for your input. I am having a hard time choosing a good starter setup for brewing coffee. I am replacing my Keurig from 4 years ago and I really like the convenience it provides but I am wanting better quality coffee. I have been researching options for a few days now and am...
  15. jhadsell1883

    Birthday present from the Mrs...

    Will be here in a few weeks, so no pics yet. My birthday is tomorrow so she told me what I am getting. There is a dirty bird 1.5 in the works with my name on it! I am very excited considering I have been looking at getting a scuttle for the last 6 months and could not decide which one to get. I...
  16. jhadsell1883

    Weber vs RR Stealth

    I am facing a dilemma, not that I need either but I have funds available for one of them right now. I am considering both (eventually) if the slant is as good as everyone says, but in case I don't like it I know it won't be an issue for it to go on the BST. I don't want to miss out on the...
  17. jhadsell1883

    Cleaning a tuckaway

    I have done some basic cleaning on this razor with no luck. Not sure what the black marks are or how to get rid of them. Does it need cleaned with something else, polished, or replated maybe?
  18. jhadsell1883

    Antique store find

    I went to a local antique store today with my daughter and scoured 3 floors of antiques. I first found a floral decorated mug with a rubber set brush but the price was not right. Did not find any razors but I did pick up 2 old spice shaving mugs. The first is similar to others I have seen on b&b...
  19. jhadsell1883

    Stainless Steel DE purchase

    A little background...Started a little over a year ago with wetshaving and have tried a few razors. Currently I am using my first razor (DE89) and the newest one (Progress) I have tried the 37c and R41, while I liked the efficiency of those, they were not smooth or easy shavers for me. I like...
  20. jhadsell1883

    New to guns and looking to purchase

    A few weeks ago I went with my brother in law to a friend's range and got a chance to try a variety of guns and targets (1st time shooting). We started with a shotgun, shooting stationary targets, drop targets, and clays. Then switched to handguns with stationary targets, drop targets and...
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