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  1. Ice-Man

    Arkansas Progression

    This is my progression on the arks and gets a fantastic result, I use dish soap and water mix but I do set the bevel with a vintage washita. This is the order I use. 6 Washita 203x51x18 8" x 2" 1 Soft Arkansas 6" 400 to 800 grit 2 Hard Arkansas 6" 800-1000 grit 3 Hard Black Arkansas...
  2. Ice-Man

    Making razor scales with no shop, no bench, no experience and no skills.

    The flush cutter is made by CK, Precision Top Cutter Full Flush Cut and yes they cut very close.I think I paid around £15. and been worth it
  3. Ice-Man

    Graydog Pallet Brush Arrives

    @Graydog Steve, It has Arrived here in the UK, this brush is beautiful the photos don't do it justice it is far better in the hand. Steve I have a smile from ear to ear it is a work of art so without further ado, here is the picture of it in the UK, and it will get its first use in the morning...
  4. Ice-Man

    A Costly Mistake

    I will help guide you to the light
  5. Ice-Man

    A Costly Mistake

    @dabrock That is Beautiful Sir!!! Hmmmm not saying anything here but been there wait until you find Koraat razors just over 2 years ago I dropped £500 on one but its beautiful
  6. Ice-Man

    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    Oh yes without a doubt, that so-called walk or whatever gives you time to focus on what you are doing. And ponder on ideas to help you along the way, some you come to a dead-end but others you see the light on what needs doing. But the best thing is to ask on here as Badger & Blades members have...
  7. Ice-Man

    Forgive me for I have sinned...

    I was lucky I was chosen for the veg love the scent of flowers, but my son tried it and all I could smell on him was cat pee so he wont be using it anytime soon...
  8. Ice-Man

    what constitutes an expert

    Come on Guy's and Gal's Just think about it most of the people on youtube get free stuff from the sponsors to sell end of it, nobody is an expert in anything from when you're born until you die. You carry on learning throughout life you become a master, an expert is someone who knows everything...
  9. Ice-Man

    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    @Frank Shaves Sometimes we have to take losses with etchings, it comes down to save the etching or save the blade. In the ideal world, it would be both but sadly we don't have that ideal item. Rust has to be stopped at any cost I have had to make that choice loads of time's restoring...
  10. Ice-Man

    Rare Brush?

    Oh yes, I can understand it they are very nice brushes that's a fact, and if people are willing to pay it that's their choice 100%. But the downside is what I'm saying is it's going to push the price up beyond the working man's price range, but that we will have to see in the future if the...
  11. Ice-Man

    Rare Brush?

    Hmmm Well, look at it this way, if people are willing to pay that amount how much are they willing to pay for a perfect brush. I respect the sellers they need to make a living, but that is going to make the product way too expensive for a perfect brush. If they wish to increase their prices to...
  12. Ice-Man

    What's up with these $50 shipping charges from Japan?

    We have the same shipping cost to us from him in Japan, that's to the UK it seems very steep this was before covid.
  13. Ice-Man

    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    Very good choice love Koraat razors One will come along when you least expect it but you want the 4 they all shave nice
  14. Ice-Man

    INFO! The 2021 Gold Dollar Modification Competition

    If I remember right it cannot have a thumb notch, that's why they use the 66 as its a plain blank canvas and cheap to boot...
  15. Ice-Man

    Dremalizing the Gold Dollar

    The 66 you need to mod it as the shoulder catches on the hones that's why you have to use a Dremel without you will never hone it to a true apex and the spine is wonky and way too thick
  16. Ice-Man

    What are your thoughts on desiccant packs?

    I keep my razors in draws and I use them in those draws and no rust up to now. Living in the UK we have a lot of damp here.
  17. Ice-Man

    A girl who straight razor shaves

    Oh No no no just No I never thought I would say this but times are changing, I don't know if it's for the better or worse. The wife and I were shopping in town when we see a group of students from the Uni walking down towards us, and my jaw dropped they were wearing full make-up. Come on I can...
  18. Ice-Man

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Well it's time to lower the tone down a bit I mean all these beautiful Rollex watches and then I come along with a trusty slazenger watch a plain Jane today sorry guys
  19. Ice-Man

    Atoma 1200 For Lapping

    I have the Atoma 400, then got a stick on 1200 and placed it on the backside so my Atoma is 400 and 1200. If you are lapping Arkansas stones they will kill the Atoma's, that's why I use Sic grit to do the grunt work on the arks as they are very hard. @SliceOfLife its better to use water
  20. Ice-Man

    Atoma 1200 For Lapping

    And here also...... :letterk1: :letterk1: :letterk1:
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