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Search results

  1. SavantStrike

    Mark's Straight Case

    That is so much classier than a drawer or a shelf to hold one's straights like the common man might do. :thumbup:
  2. SavantStrike

    TESC - Dovo 5/8 for around 60 shipped, EJ DEs, Brush deals

    You're good... You almost had me reaching for my wallet... I'll be tossing and turning tonight think about buying a Dovo for cheap...:lol:
  3. SavantStrike

    So Much Tallow!

    Ooh, burn! Williams is better than Yardley hand soap, it's just still not so hot.
  4. SavantStrike

    Any Review of the Razorlution?

    This. I had to stay away from B&B to keep the spending down. :lol:
  5. SavantStrike

    How much have you spent on a single soap purchase?

    15 dollars for a 12 pack of VDH :thumbup:.
  6. SavantStrike

    Another DIY Strop

    Those look great! Be careful, you'll find yourself ordering far more leather than you can ever use if you're not careful :lol:.
  7. SavantStrike

    Off on a New Adventure, Making blades - Updated 7/21

    I stop posting for 6 months and Ray is making blades now? I should just keep not posting... That looks great btw. :thumbup:
  8. SavantStrike

    First time with a Gold Dollar

    Well, you've got some really high end stuff so the comparisons might not be 100 percent fair :lol:. But I know where you're coming from with this. I have no idea about how long the edge will stay it's best, but any excuse to break out the hones again is a good excuse IMO. Win win :thumbup:.
  9. SavantStrike

    First time with a Gold Dollar

    Or should I say Gold Dolla?? But hot daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, for 10 bucks it might be one of the best blades I've ever bought. The scales are thin and flimsy, and if you run your fingers closely enough on the bottom, you can feel blade, and they have no wedge. But wait a minute... the...
  10. SavantStrike

    Straight Razor Picture from Museum in Nantes

    You mean you're not supposed to use both of them at the same time??? That's no fun!
  11. SavantStrike

    Red spots on my face after shaving

    Well, when you say only with a straight, do you mean straight vs multi blade, or straight vs say, DE? The reason I ask is you seem to have several concerns, from soap to badger hair to the blade itself. More details needed! I had a problem with these types of bumps and the only thing that...
  12. SavantStrike

    Blue Steel Razor Co.

    Or a buffer... You can also do what I do and just not clean it up... if you've already polished the daylights out of it, it's not going to rust or anything... at least not immediately. It will just have character :thumbup:.
  13. SavantStrike

    It's been forever since I've been on here. I figured I should at least make a video.

    Is there now? Hmmm... Well that low production value number I made certainly doesn't work well as far as instructional quality. If I wanted to enter any sort of contest, I think I'd be better off finding a cameraman to help me out... maybe I'll do that... It would be fun.
  14. SavantStrike

    It's been forever since I've been on here. I figured I should at least make a video.

    Yeah, I'm not dead, I've just been on a B&B break for the past nearly 6 months. I was bored today and made a stropping video. I figured it would make a good first new post :001_smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rslKHbpw7W8 Flame away! Oh and it's good to be back :thumbup:.
  15. SavantStrike

    shaving sheets ?

    I want to see lather shots. I really do.
  16. SavantStrike

    Str8's good for your skin?

    Actually, I'm pretty sure smiling causes wrinkles :lol:. In which case maybe skin stretching does... but you stretch it so many different ways I would imagine it would have to negate itself out. Either that or old straight shavers have faces that look like balled up tinfoil :laugh:. I...
  17. SavantStrike

    Str8's good for your skin?

    Yeah, it's good for your skin for sure. I think it even feels better than a DE shave. I love it :w00t:.
  18. SavantStrike

    It's not for me, it's for uhh, a friend.

    I totally missed that video. Thanks Henry! And agreed, its the only thing worse than a cart. Did you hear the noise it made when "sharpening" :frown2:.
  19. SavantStrike

    It's not for me, it's for uhh, a friend.

    After Sluggo's post about switching to an electric, I looked at the Electric Razor Rap forums again, and there was an advertisement link for - heaven help us, an electric razor sharpener :blink:. Does anybody have any thoughts about this :lol:. I'm considering getting one for... a friend...
  20. SavantStrike

    Your favorite stone to set a bevel?

    I would tend to agree, that edge has some deep scratches in it. But he never said he was even close to done with it. The important thing is that it's clean, with no chips. A 1200 grit DMT does a wonderful job of setting a bevel in a hurry, it just means that you need a fairly fast (and smooth)...
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