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  1. SiBurning

    Halloween Can't Be Far Behind

    They changed the recipe for the monster cereals. It's vile! They're no longer made from oats. Now, like everything else disgusting, they're made from Soylent Corn.
  2. SiBurning

    Dr Bronner's: first try = fail!

    reference I can't help feeling sad that the world has come to the point where you can't even open soap without consulting the internet.
  3. SiBurning

    Vientamese-style press pot?

    Any recommendations on which Vientamese-style press pots to get? Screw or gravity? Brand? Size? Other things to look for? I really need to try this. It came up in the Coffee Du Monde thread.
  4. SiBurning

    Newbie cries out for Underdog

    I guess my basic question is what to do with old, neglected shoes. Oil, renovator, or garbage? Cleaning the closet, I noticed the sad state my shoes were in. They'are all at least 10 years old and I can't remember the last time I used or even owned shoe polish or anything. Might have had a...
  5. SiBurning

    Used Soap & Cream Lot: Proceeds will be donated to the Sue Moore Fund

    SOLD Will close this thread soon Help me clear out my den and support a good cause. Listed soaps/creams (prorated) retail valued at $178 ($106 with 40% discount) Estimated value of unpriced items about $50 Total $225 retail value Take it for $100 postpaid (us only) Proceeds will be donated to...
  6. SiBurning

    Microscope Setup & Technical Questions

    Starting this thread for technical questions about microscopes. Here's some helpful links Techniques CG Resources The homemade microscope Micrographia The Microscope on a Budget Lighting Techniques Ted Clarke Ted Clarke's bibliography Photomicrography...
  7. SiBurning

    Need tips for making better electric drip coffee

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I just bought a Bonavita BV1800 with the glass carafe. The coffee's been a disappointment, though it's not vile like the "Taste Nastier" machine it's replacing. (The right name's a bit rubbed out.) The Tastes-Nastier's not mine, but a family member brought...
  8. SiBurning

    Anyone been to a "Coffee & Tea Festival"

    I recently heard of the Coffee & Tea Festival website. They're having one in NYC on March 21, 22 at the Brooklyn Expo Center, and in Philadelphia on November 8, 9. Has anyone been to one that can talk about it. Is it worth going to if you just love all things coffee, or is it mostly a trade fair?
  9. SiBurning

    What's the most complicated, useless kitchen gadget out there?

    The office is playing White elephant gift exchange. I can't find a Handy Housewife Helper, so... What's the next most useless gift "whose maintenance costs exceed its usefulness"?
  10. SiBurning

    Show off your auction goodies

    Thanks MamaBear #3 Mama Bears Best Sellers Shave Soap Extravaganza
  11. SiBurning

    For those posting in the Soap or Shampoo of the Day threads, how do you store it all?

    Do you have a soap rack? Something like a spice rack that can hold 60 different soaps? Do you have one of those industrial soap racks that can hold hundreds of bars? Do you have dozens of soap containers to store each one after drying? If so, do you prefer plastic, wood, ceramic, or perhaps...
  12. SiBurning

    Movies for Halloween 2013

    New movie restorations of classic horror films on Blu-Ray in time for Halloween. Region A The Americas (except Greenland) and their dependencies, East Asia (except mainland China and Mongolia), and Southeast Asia. Vincent Price fans have much to be excited about this Halloween. House of Wax...
  13. SiBurning

    You know Halloween's coming when you see ___ ?

  14. SiBurning

    Camphor, Clove Oil, and Wheat Germ Extract in Pre-Shave Products

    A recent thread mentioned how the following ingredients might be beneficial for shaving. • Camphor: a natural antiseptic that helps firm skin to lift the beard. • Clove Flower Oil: helps open the pores while softening the beard to prevent scraping and tugging of the hair. &#8226...
  15. SiBurning

    Help me find my morning coffee fix

    Are there any good coffee scented after shaves?
  16. SiBurning

    Need more coffee! What are some good coffee flavored soaps?

    I love coffee. Can't get enough of it. Which shaving soaps should I try?
  17. SiBurning

    Burns Supper (January 25, 2014) at St Andrews (NYC) Taking reservations now

    We're planning to meet at St. Andrews for Burns Supper on Saturday night, January 25, 2014. Please post here if you're coming. We need a head count ASAP to make reservations. It's a fixed price menu, haggis, main course, one drink, dessert, etc. Something like $60. The complete works of...
  18. SiBurning

    The Science of Shaving; Homo Sum; W.Heffer & Sons Ltd; Cambridge, England; 1931

    Finally found an online copy today. Been looking for this for a long time. It's under the Creative Commons license, so it'll (hopefully) remain available. http://dbooks.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/books/PDFs/503203287.pdf Had a chance to read it. I'm thinking the Latin playwright to whom the "Homo Sum"...
  19. SiBurning

    First Official BI-Annual NYC & Inky Concurrence! Join us for the Fobianyci

    Since the 4th Annual NYC Potlatch was Brrrrrrred out, let's double double the fun and go for a Two-Pass annual meet. We've actually been doing it twice a year anyway. And besides, the potlach has always been more of a poor in-joke than reality. So out with the old name and in with the new. I'm...
  20. SiBurning

    4th Annual NYC Potlatch **spring update**

    Previous NYC Potlach meets NYC Meet-Up and Potlatch Gathering Friday, January 29, 2010 NYC Potlatch 2 Saturday, January 29, 2011 NYC Potlatch 3 Saturday, February 4, 2012 If you (Waaaaah!!!) can't make any of those, post anyway. Those are just proposals based on previous years' dates, just to...
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