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  1. Ice-Man

    Graydog Pallet Brush Arrives

    @Graydog Steve, It has Arrived here in the UK, this brush is beautiful the photos don't do it justice it is far better in the hand. Steve I have a smile from ear to ear it is a work of art so without further ado, here is the picture of it in the UK, and it will get its first use in the morning...
  2. Ice-Man

    Rubberset 49-4 Restore

    Oh yes, I managed to get one at last from the states take into account, the handle had some wood cracking around the ferrule. But I did remove a lot apart from two that was to deep. This is how it arrived last week here in the UK So I set to removing the old knot as it was to far gone...
  3. Ice-Man

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year To All Lets hope 2021 is a better year throughout in all walks of life.....
  4. Ice-Man

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year To All Lets hope 2021 is a better year throughout in all walks of life.....
  5. Ice-Man

    Vulfix 404 Grosvenor Pure Badger reknot

    Well, I bought this brush some time ago but when it arrived somebody had trimmed the sides, but I did not like this brush as it was mixed bristle and badger. So here is a write up on removing the old knot and fitting a two-band badger knot in its place, so let's get on with it, shall we...
  6. Ice-Man

    Rubberset Restore

    Well, this came this morning from the United States to the UK, a Rubberset that's all I know about this brush. So if any Gent knows anything about it please say don't be shy, Here is the said brush I only have four pictures from start to finish. This is how I bought it And this is how it...
  7. Ice-Man

    Shaving Brush Cupboard

    Well the last time I posted this I was running out of space this is how my storage was before today... Now two new shelves have been added so now i can get 200 brushes in at a push
  8. Ice-Man

    INFO! rudy-vey-group-buy-see-post

    If you interested in a New Rudy-Vey Shaving Brush See the link below INFO! - RUDY VEY GROUP BUY! See post #88 - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/rudy-vey-group-buy-see-post-88.590305/
  9. Ice-Man

    New Member PIF

    New Members that Joined in February & March, click on the link below or click on the link in my sig and get your name down for some fantastic goodies. From our Fantastic Vendors.... https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/march-2020-new-member-pif.583652/
  10. Ice-Man

    Old Spice Brush Root Beer

    Hi folks just over a week ago I bought an Old Spice Brush that arrived today here is said brush, don't know why they called it Root Beer as the brush is from the late 1970s. It was included in a Mystic Harbor gift set with a mug and a bottle of aftershave. Not in bad shape but the knot...
  11. Ice-Man

    We Wish all A Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year

    From All the Staff here at Badger & Blade. We Would like to wish each and everyone, a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year for 2020. And we hope you all get what you wished for from Santa.....
  12. Ice-Man

    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year to All

    I Would like to wish each and everyone, a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year for 2020. And I hope you all get what you wished for from Santa.....
  13. Ice-Man

    I was playing around today Sony A57

    I had a play this morning while everyone was asleep, and I came up with this whats your views and how could I better it be as blunt as you want.
  14. Ice-Man

    Yaqi Purple Haze Mew Brown Synthetic Haircut

    Yes that's right I gave it a haircut, well it started of as a brand new brush first use was Mondays shave. That's when I knew it was not for me dont get me wrong, I love the handle but the knot way to soft so it had to go. That is when I cut the hairs off and drilled the knot out... This is...
  15. Ice-Man

    My 2 New Dscosmetic Brush Handles Arrived

    Oh yes they both arrived this morning, I had 2 knots ready to go into these both 2 band Finest Badger 24mm. Here they are in all the glory and ready to go, I have just bloomed the Orange & White one for todays shave and boy is this a nice brush to use anyways onto the eye candy.....
  16. Ice-Man

    Old Spice Shaving Brush

    Hi Gents.... I bought an Old Spice Shaving Brush in very good condition but, I received the brush gave it a soak in warm water after 20 minutes soak gave the brush a wash in shampoo. Now giving the age of the brush the boar bristles are very brittle and braking off about 20mm from the tips, so...
  17. Ice-Man

    Do you think I have to many brushes

    I went to clean my brush stand and gave it a polish, so I removed all my brushes polished and cleaned the door glass. Upon putting them back I did a count fatal mistake, wife was sat in the same room while I was counting. Upon getting to 76 and the final brush put away that's when she piped up...
  18. Ice-Man

    Two new brush handles

    These two new handles arrived yesterday I had the 24mm finest silvertip 2 band knots ready to go in. Here is the first one Caramel Apple Second one a Liquid Hot Magma And here they are with my knots fitted side by side
  19. Ice-Man

    MÜHLE Classic, X-Large Brown Horn Silvertip 26mm

    Well one just had to buy one to add to the collection, well it came today and boy is this brush soft but impressed how well it lathers soap. As one just had to bloom it more so to wash it, but here is my pictures of it before and after washing.. Before Now for the after.... looking...
  20. Ice-Man

    New Brush arrived today

    The new member to join my ever growing collection of brushes, is a Blue & White with Stabilized Drift Wood here she is just after setting the knot... Silvertip
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