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  1. SavantStrike

    First time with a Gold Dollar

    Or should I say Gold Dolla?? But hot daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, for 10 bucks it might be one of the best blades I've ever bought. The scales are thin and flimsy, and if you run your fingers closely enough on the bottom, you can feel blade, and they have no wedge. But wait a minute... the...
  2. SavantStrike

    It's been forever since I've been on here. I figured I should at least make a video.

    Yeah, I'm not dead, I've just been on a B&B break for the past nearly 6 months. I was bored today and made a stropping video. I figured it would make a good first new post :001_smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rslKHbpw7W8 Flame away! Oh and it's good to be back :thumbup:.
  3. SavantStrike

    It's not for me, it's for uhh, a friend.

    After Sluggo's post about switching to an electric, I looked at the Electric Razor Rap forums again, and there was an advertisement link for - heaven help us, an electric razor sharpener :blink:. Does anybody have any thoughts about this :lol:. I'm considering getting one for... a friend...
  4. SavantStrike

    Should my Rooney keep losing hairs?

    I got a Rooney 3/1 in Pure from around two months ago, and it's been steadily losing hairs. Am I lathering too hard, or do I have a bad brush? Sometimes it will lose as many as 2 or 3 hairs in one shave :eek:. My tweezerman did this, but I didn't think much of it because it was a...
  5. SavantStrike

    Woo! Pics of my ABC Empire!

    She really is gorgeous... she's also destined for a PIF too :eek:. But at any rate, I figured I'd post pics of her before she left me in a month. She's almost pretty enough to pull me away from the straights.
  6. SavantStrike

    What kind of glue should I use for a paddle?

    Well, with the leather for my paddles due to arrive on my doorstep in the next few days, I need to make a final decision about what kind of glue I want to use to hold it to the paddles. My thought was wood glue, but is there a possibility of the wood glue being absorbed by the leather and...
  7. SavantStrike

    Opinions and experiences on brush "break in"

    So how about it. I know quite a few guys on here have said that their boar brushes "break in" over time, and ultimately end up softer than a silvertip badger brush. I myself used my Tweezerman for about 6 months before I PIFed it, and I found that it certainly got softer as time went on. I'm...
  8. SavantStrike

    Discussion thread for 2" SRD/VB Latigo/Nylon

    Review HERE
  9. SavantStrike

    Ever ready model numbers -- post your numbers here

    I am attempting to do something that, to my knowledge, has never been done before in the shaving community. In an attempt to decipher the model numbers on Ever Ready brushes, I am putting together a spreadsheet with data about all of the Ever Ready brushes either I or anyone else can find or has...
  10. SavantStrike

    Am I killing my brushes?

    My Tweezerman shed quite a few hairs over the 4-5 months I used it, but it was a Tweezerman, and I figured maybe I just got a dud. Then I got a Rooney 3/1 special in pure badger, and it has lost two hairs over a 2 week period. I'm starting to worry this is my fault somehow. My lathering...
  11. SavantStrike

    Tips on how I can decrease the draw of my strop

    From my earlier thread asking how long it takes for Fromm to dry, you can see that I'm trying to reduce the draw of my SRD latigo strop. So far I have been somewhat successful, and the draw is reduced, but the action is still not nearly as smooth as I want it to be. So far I have: 1. Tried...
  12. SavantStrike

    Hmmm, how long does it take Fromm to dry?

    So I decided to reduce the draw of my strop and make it silky smooth. Yesterday afternoon, I took my SRD strop apart and worked the leather with some 1000 grit for about 40-60 minutes, wiped off all the dust, and then I put on some disposable gloves and worked the now extremely smooth...
  13. SavantStrike

    Help me decide. For soaps: Rooney 3/1 Special in Pure or Super Silver?

    Well I've been eyeing a Rooney 3/1 Special in Coral for a long while now. My favorite color is RED, I use soaps exclusively, and I want a great brush with a medium sized knot. The Rooney supposedly fits this bill in both pure and super silvertip variants, but I would like some input as to which...
  14. SavantStrike

    Do you find increased bevel width affects shave quality?

    I need to vent, and to share an opinion. I think if the bevel is too wide on a straight, the edge isn't as comfortable to shave with. I also think I desperately need advice on how to hone a stubborn heel with a wide stone. Today, I honed up a razor which I had previously spent about an hour to...
  15. SavantStrike

    This guy knows how to shave!

    About 30 seconds in. Ignore the bad grammar, because he's got mad skills! He even does his upper lip this way! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFBSFS1jBmk&feature=related
  16. SavantStrike

    Uh oh... I liked my first Injector shave a bit too much

    I'm not supposed to be shaving with safety razors, I have straights that need attention, yet somehow, I got sucked back into safety razor shaving, and it's all Schick's fault :lol:. Yesterday I wasn't really feeling the whole shave routine thing, so I grabbed my Great Grandfather's adjustable...
  17. SavantStrike

    Need help identifying a Friodur

    :jump: It's NOS, and it's awesome! I got it from an old school barber who sold it to me for what he paid for it when he bought it :eek:. 50 dollars was an extremely good deal. In fact, I am eternally grateful that he sold it to me for that price. I guess he could tell that's all I could...
  18. SavantStrike

    My Khaki Set!

    My great grandfather was a bit of a rad addict apparently. When I was with my aunt at her house yesterday, we looked for his old straight razor, and one straight turned into three (though one was dead, the other two were so nice it balanced out), and there were several safety razors too :jump...
  19. SavantStrike

    My great grandfather's straights

    :jump::jump::jump: I finally got my great grandfather's straights from my aunt, and they are in fantastic shape! The black one is a Vom Cleff from Germany. 4/8 extra hollow, celluloid scales. The yellow one is one of my new favorite blades. 4/8 full hollow, lacquered bone scales. I...
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