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  1. RanTan the Cool

    Happy Anniversary to me!

    Well folks, today is my Anniversary! Or at least, my six month anniversary of my first DE shave! I’m so glad I made the switch. In the last six months I’ve acquired a goodly stock; maybe not as much as many of my fellows here, but with eighteen razors, a dozen brushes, over thirty soaps, twenty...
  2. RanTan the Cool

    Mühle R89 Grande - what’s your experience?

    I recently trialed six DE razors against one another to evaluate my milder, safety bar razors with a blade I’d never used - the Derby Extra. The results showed that the best shaves, on my skin, were with the Edwin Jagger DE89, and the Mühle R89. I’m now in the process of a run-off between the...
  3. RanTan the Cool

    Five razors, five blades, five shaves...(then another!)

    A while ago, my brother-in-law asked me to suggest a razor so he could try Double Edge shaving, so as he’s a starter, I got him an Edwin Jagger Kelvin razor - essentially an EJ DE89 with a shorter, lighter handle. I was impressed with the quality, especially for £16, but I don’t normally go for...
  4. RanTan the Cool

    Tin Men of the World Unite!

    As I was cleaning this morning’s blade, a thought drifted by. I’ve found yet another reason to enjoy DE shaving. If I’m like most blokes, and I think I am, I love keeping stuff in tins. Just stuff - the sort of things most women would ditch. I mean, there’s loads of small items that you don’t...
  5. RanTan the Cool

    Happy to join B&B, happy to be DE shaving...

    Hello to everyone, just wanted to say hi, and I’m glad to have joined! I’ve spent enough time reading posts and learning from other’s experiences, so I thought it was about time I did the honourable thing and joined up. Pretty new to DE shaving, and enjoying the pleasure of good shaves, but also...
  6. RanTan the Cool

    RanTan the Cool's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Alan What are your nicknames/aliases? RanTan the Cool (it’s an anagram of my real name!) Where do you live? Co Durham, England What is your age (or) generation? 62 What are you in the real world? Retired What is your favorite shave setup? This week -...
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