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    Would you visit a barber shop in another country?

    Barbershop tourism article courtesy of The Globe and Mail
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    Comparison of Electric vs Razor

    The image says it all. This is why we dislike electrics. Check out @MicroPicz's Tweet:
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    Shaving Soap Ingredient Can Get You Flagged at Airport Security

    You wouldn't think that a simple soap ingredient might have you pulled aside by airport security but...
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    Razor and Blade Combos

    Ones which work for me: EJ89 + Personna Red EJ89 + Feather RazoRock Jaws + Personna Red RazoRock Jaws + Personna Med Prep (ok) RazoRock Jaws + Feather (close shave but see below) Ones which do not: EJ89 + Personna Med Prep RR Jaws + Feather (scary harsh) Personna Reds in the lead so far.
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    How Do You Store Your Straights?

    I'm still figuring out the best way to go about storing my straight edge razors. (I keep acquiring them). How do you store yours? I'm sure that many of you have some very inventive ways to keep them.
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    Gillette Flexy Money Grabber - Magazine Editorial Nails it.

    This piece in the Canadian magazine MACLEANS nails it.
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    A Reminder...when you start to get it...

    Your razor will remind you what is important.
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    Getting a Barbershop Shave

    Too bad this place wasn't closer.
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    Bolzano blades. What's your experience?

    Has anyone tried these blades? The description at Italian Barber seems to say they're up there,among the best.
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    Razor and Blade Combos

    Today's shave I used a Personna Platinum Chrome in my Razorock Jaws with TOBS Eton College cream. It produced the closest shave I have ever had. Yesterday, the same type of blade in my Edwin Jagger DE89 produced the worst shave I ever had. Do you find a difference like that where the same...
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    In honour of the brave men and women who served on D-day, I thought it a good idea to share their stories. I'll start with one who had a connection to the area I live. I hope you all will find other stories to post...
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    Every Friday is Clubman Friday

    For me every Friday is Pinaud Clubman Day. Love the olde timey Barbershop smell. How about you?
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    The Sunday Night Shave

    While most of the week I shave with my straight razor first thing in the morning, I look forward to a Sunday night shave with a DE too. I find that the DE does get a bit closer. If I shave at 10PM the shave will last until Monday evening too. My estimate is that the DE shave goes about 3-4...
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    Flea Market Finds

    I'll start it off with this $ 20 score
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    Storage for Straights

    I saw this at a local antique market. Didn't buy it but like the idea. How do you store your straights?
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    Shaved my head today

    Started with my Edwin Jagger DE89, Israeli Personna blade and some D R Harris Eton cream but found that it wasn't quite up to the task. That razor has been my goto for my face when I'm not using my straight edge. Switched to the Razorock Jaws and finished the job effortlessly. Since this was...
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    How do you store your straight?

    This works for now.
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    Shaving Disaster

    A little over a month into straight shaving and I was reminded this morning that shaving is an art. It requires your focus and attention. After a couple of weeks of nearly perfect shaves I experienced one full of nicks and weepers and razor burn. It started off well. Lathered up, nicely sharp...
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    Best Frags for Summer

    Easy question to ask. Harder to answer. What are the best AS and Colognes for the summer? What are your go-to's when the weather gets hotter?
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    Today in History

    On this day in 1961, Alan Shepard became the 1st American in space. Wonder what his shave was?