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  1. Lightcs1776

    Nor'Easter aftershave

    I was a lucky winner of the @Captain Pre-Capsize Nor'Easter aftershave. It arrived last Saturday, but I wanted to have special Veterans Day treat, so I waited until this morning. I haven't used aftershaves in years, but this one has made me determined to begin using them on a regular basis. The...
  2. Lightcs1776


    Tomorrow is 9/11. I spent three weeks in NYC. I was fortunate to avoid the most difficult portion of 9/11. I ask that we pray for those who served there. I can still vividly recall the individuals outside of the Army National Guard armory asking about their loved ones. I can still see the towers...
  3. Lightcs1776

    Straight razors and shave soap

    I have honed my straight so that it is about as sharp as my shavette, perhaps even sharper. That solved a lot of issues. Now I need to solve an issue with the shave soap. No matter how I prepare the lather, the razor doesn't glide as it does with a DE razor. I have gone from very wet lather to...
  4. Lightcs1776

    Maggard's Artisan Barbershop shave soap

    I looked around and didn't see many reviews on Maggard's Artisan shave soaps. I was gifted a jar of Maggard's Barbershop shave soap, among some other soaps. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Maggard's performed. In fact, it was fantastic. It was slick, foamy, and had a great scent. I...
  5. Lightcs1776

    A shaving gift for a son's friend

    My son has a best friend. SHE is a great young lady, who my wife and I really appreciate. She loves God, is smart, and respectful. She told my son that she was getting irritated with her current razor, a disposable, as it was giving her nicks at her ankle. My son, who has my first razor (Merkur...
  6. Lightcs1776

    Wanted to buy - Gillette Super Adjustable

    Before I just on a razor on the auction site, I thought I would see if anyone here is interested in selling a Gillette Super Adjustable with a long handle in good or better condition. I have seen several, but not at a price point I am willing to pay, especially since it is to pass onto one of my...
  7. Lightcs1776

    Milling your own flour

    My wife and I have been on a Keto eating plan, which uses alternative flours, such as almond, sunflower, flaxseed, chia and coconut flours (we have currently only used almond and coconut flour). I am considering getting a milling machine for flour, as the milled ones can get a bit expensive...
  8. Lightcs1776

    Double blessed

    I am overwhelmed by the generosity of a member here. He can comment if he is OK with his name here, otherwise I won't say. However, I just received two incredible bushes in the mail tonight. I waited until after choir practice (a special and awesome event ar my church) before opening the...
  9. Lightcs1776

    Home Coffee roasters

    I am in the market for a home coffee roaster, looking to purchase in September. I am wondering if there is a time during the year that they tend to go on sale. I am looking at the Behmor 1600 plus in particular. Thanks. Sent from my DROID Turbo using Tapatalk
  10. Lightcs1776

    First attempt at coffee roasting

    After seeing @Mick post about roasting coffee at home, I decided to give it a try. I ordered a three pound bad of Nicaraguan green coffee beans and started to read up on coffee roasting on the cheap. I decided the best way to begin was to use the gas grill so I wouldn't get in trouble with my...
  11. Lightcs1776

    Range time

    I finally got a chance to get to the range today, after months without range time. I am a strong believer that part of my responsibility of owning handguns is ensuring I remain proficient with them. Getting back to the range made me wonder how much time do others put into ensuring they keep up...
  12. Lightcs1776

    An affordable adjustable

    So my brother just agreed to try a safety razor again. He said the last one didn't agree with his face. Any recommendations on an adjustable, including anything in the BST? Thanks in advance. Sent via Tapatalk
  13. Lightcs1776

    Introduction, new to straights, not to B&B

    I have been on B&B for more than a year, but just ordered my first straight from a member here, MeanPR. The razor is a Robesen Shur 5/8 straight. I know absolutely nothing about straights, but a couple of members have reached out to me to help me get started. I didn't realize I needed a strop...
  14. Lightcs1776

    Spaghetti squash pad Thai

    I was looking for a new way to fix spaghetti squash when I came across a recipe for using it in pad Thai, as a substitute for rice noodles. Surprisingly, it worked out great. The flavor is very similar, but it drastically cuts the carbs. If anyone else is looking for a way to cook. Spaghetti...
  15. Lightcs1776

    Wadi's Men's Care Premium Anti-aging Shave Cream

    I recently received a very generous offer to try out Wadi's shave cream. It arrived today and since I hadn't shaved yet, I figured I would try it out. The cream is a bit thinner than I expected, but it is a brushless cream. It feels nice going on, is plenty slick, and I was able to shave without...
  16. Lightcs1776

    Looking at getting my nephew a kit

    I would like your opinion about a relatively inexpensive DE kit. I am a huge fan of Stirling, so I was looking at Stirling razors for an initial kit for my nephew. I am hesitant, however, about reviews that stated the razor is more aggressive. The soaps are absolutely amazing. Any opinions on...
  17. Lightcs1776

    Gold dollar mod competition

    Here's an interesting opportunity. Gold Dollar Mod Competition 2017. for both the Novice and Unlimited Class can be found here.: Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  18. Lightcs1776

    It's Bingo in the soap section

    Check out the latest B&B bingo game here: Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  19. Lightcs1776

    First shave with a Super Speed

    I had mentioned in response to a post in a thread a while back that I didn't have a Gillette SS, but would try one eventually. A generous member messaged me and asked if I would like one. I received it today and it is in great shape. I loaded it with a Nacet blade after a ten minute soak in...
  20. Lightcs1776


    I haven't used my Captain's Choice in a few weeks. However, this morning I put a bit of Captain's Bay Rum in my mug and was impressed to have an awesome lather for three passes. The post shave feel was also fantastic. I love triple milled soaps, but Captain's is more of a croap, and the best...