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  1. Suhrim21

    Re sealing a wood brush

    Thank you all for the advice. I'm going to just keep oil on it as I do like the feel of the wood but really love the depth the oil gives this wood. Right now I used food grade mineral oil since that's what I have to protect my razors. Is there a better oil I should get
  2. Suhrim21

    Re sealing a wood brush

    Here is the after.
  3. Suhrim21

    Re sealing a wood brush

    I used 000 steel wool and oil. I'm going to get a satin poly. I'm so glad I did sand and oil it. Here is before.
  4. Suhrim21

    Russian Olive

    That russian olive is gorgeous. I love acrylic handles but since graydog keeps posting gorgeous wood handles I have found myself being drawn to wood handles more than acrylic.
  5. Suhrim21

    Re sealing a wood brush

    For the most part water beads up on the wood. Right at the top next to the knot it doesn't bead up like on the rest of the handle. But my thing is the wood doesn't have that gorgeous color it did when it was first made and I was wanting to bring the color of this wood back to life which was...
  6. Suhrim21

    Straight for sale.

    Price drop 90obo
  7. Suhrim21

    PIF: Gold Dollar 66, Stock/Unmodified, Shave Ready, Cracked Scale

    Congrats @Carmo. Also @Slash McCoy. Great PIF.
  8. Suhrim21

    Re sealing a wood brush

    Ok so buff it with microfiber cloth? Would food grade mineral oil work. I'm not wanting it glossy. What I am trying to achieve is one protecting the wood so it lasts for generations and two bringing out the beautiful natural color of the wood.
  9. Suhrim21

    Re sealing a wood brush

    Can you give a link to the cellulose I have no idea what it is. Also what would the satin poly do? What would be the best way to protect the knot while sanding. could I wrap it with paper then tape?
  10. Suhrim21

    Help with dougnut in knot

    I dont I dont know which one I have buts it's the kinda orange top clear with white swirls on the bottom. I dont know what causes it or how to deter it. The horse hair knot I got from shave forge has not had one hair tangle. And I love the horse knot from shaveforge. It was also less...
  11. Suhrim21

    Help with dougnut in knot

    I'll try that. Here is a pic. It's not as bad when drying. Once its wet it's really bad. Also is there a good way to rinse soap from horse hair brush. I mostly run water on it laying flat. At the end I always have to raise the bristles up to like 45 degree angle to get all the soap out. I...
  12. Suhrim21

    Ali's Blade

    That is freaking gorgeous.
  13. Suhrim21

    Re sealing a wood brush

    Would blue painters tape damage the knot? I really want to lightly sand to bring back the luster and seal it but dont want to damage the knot. I really have no idea what I'm doing but I just want to make the brush look as gorgeous as it first did.
  14. Suhrim21

    Help with dougnut in knot

    I have a vie long horse hair brush and after the first use it basically has a hole in the center where some of the hairs knotted up after rinsing the soap out of the brush. I have tried using a comb to fix it but it didn't help at all. Is there anything I can do to fix it or am I going to have...
  15. Suhrim21

    Mr Bingle's 2019 Reindeer & Sleigh

    It is so hard not opening my box. But I'm looking forward to it as this year this is probably going to be my only gift so I'm excited to be able to open it.
  16. Suhrim21

    Join me in a "Birthday Shave" PIF (Now PIFier)

    Wish I had a slim to be able to join the PIF and to celebrate a bday shave with you @imatabor
  17. Suhrim21

    The legendary PIF PIF

    I'm in I always try to help people any way I can. I have even literally taken the shirt off my back and given it to someone who needed a shirt. Since i joined here I have gotten stuff for free and bought a ton of stuff. I keep all of this in a box so when I come across someone who wants to...
  18. Suhrim21

    G-Can Save

    I actually want one of those yaqi brushes. Just like the color combos. But that brush you made is simply gorgeous as are all of your brushes. I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth to have a couple of your brushes. Who ever gets it is getting an amazing brush.
  19. Suhrim21

    Micromatic Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays!

    Sounds good I'll keep it safe
  20. Suhrim21

    G-Can Save

    Gorgeous as always