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  1. frankeality

    WTB Trumpers Portugal decant

    I would like to buy a small decant of Trumpers Portugal. I got one about 9 years ago and remember loving it. I want to see if it is still for me before springing for a big bottle.
  2. frankeality

    Penhaligons Racquets

    Anyone know where Racquets can be purchased in any quantity? esp. a decant. I had a sample several years ago and loved it. I know it is discontinued, but I would love to find some.
  3. frankeality

    Gentleman's Choice

    I was in Southington, CT for a haircut today and happened to spot The Gentleman's Best across the street and couldn't help but take a peek inside. I have been wetshaving for a little over 2 years, but have spent the last year and a half or so using a fairly spartan setup of a merkur classic, c&e...
  4. frankeality

    Obsolete TV shows

    if you were a child of the eighties... peep my avatar
  5. frankeality

    B&B: An integral part of my recovery

    One year ago I was stuck in the most miserable place a human can be. I was shooting heroin and smoking crack every day. In early August of 2007 I realized that I had a decision to make. I could keep doing these things until they killed me, or I could find a new way of life. I attended a 12 step...
  6. frankeality

    When X smells like Y

    polo blue and issey miyake l'eau bleu d'issey
  7. frankeality

    Denim After Shave

    it must have to do with shipping alcohol
  8. frankeality

    Mixing Creams?

    the only way i was able to use classic shaving soap was to melt and mix it with col conk. i used vanilla classic and conk lime, smells awesome and actually lathers!!
  9. frankeality

    Review by '' on item 'Trumper's Eau De Portugal'

    5s for packaging and atomizer as i tried this as a bnb decant. this will definitely be the next cologne i buy. while similar to skye, i give portugal the edge. very refreshing and crisp. the ideal trumper cologne for a youngster like me.
  10. frankeality

    Review by '' on item 'L'eau Bleaue D'Issey'

    this is a great scent for my chemistry. it lasts forever and always gets compliments. i was fortunate enough to pick up a 2.5oz bottle for 31.00 on a cruise in the duty free shop. its still only about 40 bucks in most online retailers. reminds me alot of polo blue, but i definitely prefer the issey.
  11. frankeality

    SRAD to SCAD who wudda thunk it??

    ive decided to identify myself as an acquisition addict in general. all these acronyms can get confusing
  12. frankeality

    for newbies on a budget

    the cvs website also sells the tweezerman badger brush for about 15 i believe for a great first badger brush
  13. frankeality

    How long does it take for you to Shave?

    work day: 5-15 minutes weekend: up to 30 including pre post
  14. frankeality

    Best store-bought face wash

    daily: loreal men's expert power clean once a week or so: st. ive's apricot scrub or nivea energizing face scrub
  15. frankeality

    Need a New Deodorant

    top 3: mitchum greenwood smart solid old spice original antiperspirant old spice pro strength swagger
  16. frankeality

    Denim After Shave

    anywhere to get it in the us? i'm trying to build a stable of the classics.
  17. frankeality

    J.M. Fraser's Shaving Cream

    thank you. i need a good summer cream, and i almost sprung for something far too expensive. ill be giving frasers a shot. whats the best place to buy within the U.S.?
  18. frankeality

    rose scent

    i actually prefer salters to trumpers in terms of scent and efficacy
  19. frankeality

    just ordered some nancy boy...any tips?

    ive noticed that my best results with NB come from using a lot less cream and more water than proraso. i use a wet brush, but its better to dip the tips in and barely swirl in the cream. ive found that dripping some water into my bowl a little at a time until a thick lather that peaks forms...
  20. frankeality

    A use for razorantium!

    btw my avatar is a shout to his character in southland tales not the man himself. do yourself a favor and check this movie out, esp. if you liked donnie darko