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  1. FarmerTan

    Mr Rogers

    Saw the Mr Rogers movie yesterday, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." He really wasn't the main character. It was a reporter, assigned to do a piece on him. One of the strangest good movies I've ever seen. My kidneys are growing a bit closer to my eyeballs as I age, and this film nearly had...
  2. FarmerTan

    Laziness as a virtue

    In another thread, I was only half lying when I said that a big reason I get so many uses out of a blade is that I'm too lazy to change them. This got me thinking of a new theory worth discussing: How many bad things could be averted if we had only stayed in our beds or recliners? I'll start...
  3. FarmerTan

    Gillette LC

    Hello, all. I'm writing a quick review of a Gillette LC that was recently gifted me by @Tanuki . He described it as user grade, as it needs to have the ends epoxied together, but the teeth are perfect, and it shaved very well. I took a one day break from my "shaving like grampa" petri dish...
  4. FarmerTan

    Just like Grampa used to shave

    I've been following a thread started by @FaceScraper about using used soaps. Yes, I'm aware that the end of that last sentence sounds awkward. And that got me to thinking about another thread in which someone was worried about getting anthrax from a used, all bent up brush. Which got me to...
  5. FarmerTan

    40 years ago....

    Today is the 40th anniversary of my start of Cosmetology school instead of my senior year of high skool. Oh, that barely 17 year old me had no idea what he was getting into! But, at least it kept me from wasting money in college for the next 22+ years! I may keep this thread alive by posting...
  6. FarmerTan

    Suggestions please.

    I have been contemplating buying a mini lathe, if there is such an animal, for turning stuff in the winter, mostly to keep me out of the War Department's way. I have next to zero experience in turning, did a little in high skool shop class. Help is appreciated in these areas: costs, brands...
  7. FarmerTan

    Don't hate me.

    So, @shavefan was getting tired of my constantly praising Arko. Seriously tired: he had some of his mysterious gangsta friends send me an unmarked package of soap samples, a BUNCH of clearly marked samples. Plus a EJ wooden handled brush that I have no idea the type of wood, but I think it's a...
  8. FarmerTan

    My other birthday.

    So, in mid May of 2006, I found out I needed to get my mitral valve replaced. Dr let me pick the date. I noticed that his calendar was open on June 6, 2006, so I picked that. It was wide open because of the number of the beast, I found out later. Many complications later, I get out of the...
  9. FarmerTan

    Sale at Meijer.

    Hello Gentlemen. I was at the local Meijer Thrifty Acres today and saw that they have a 10 pack of SE blades on sale for buy one get one for 50 percent off. Are they any good? Are they made by Dorco? I suppose at a total of 20 blades for $7.50 it's not much of a gamble, but thought I'd ask the...
  10. FarmerTan

    Kidney stone.

    In ER. I have a 3mm stone stuck in the upper third of my right ureter. At present my pain is pretty well managed by Toradol. I'm shocked. Back in the day it was the old "kidney stone cocktail" of Toradol and dilaudid.
  11. FarmerTan

    How to marry your best friend.

    This 99% true story is for @rmac . It's only 99% true because I believe in never letting the truth get in the way of a good story, lol. Before I became a nurse I was a hair dresser. Some day I'll tell a few stories about those days. I met the future luckiest girl in the world when she showed...
  12. FarmerTan

    Wish me luck, please.

    I was told recently by my cardiologist that I need to go on disability. I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself and trying to start writing my letter of resignation to my company. This has been my happiest place of employment. I have been blessed for many years to do many types of nursing, but...
  13. FarmerTan

    Astra SS or SP?

    Which do folks here prefer? I find them similar in performance on my ugly mug, but the SS is smoother. Any thoughts?
  14. FarmerTan

    My son's first DE shave....

    So, my son is 18, and came to me yesterday asking for a real razor. His peach fuzz is not so fuzzy anymore. He thinks he is ready to toss the electric, lol. So I gave him my first ever DE razor that I bought used, on the Bay. It's a Razorock TTO. Showed him how to load it with a GSB. Hope he...
  15. FarmerTan

    Dollar General Classic Splash Aftershave

    In my perpetual quest to save cash, I opened a bottle of this stuff in the store and immediately thought "Brut." So at a buck eighty five I bought it. Just like the Family Dollar "Spice" I'm still in love, tho both are only fleeting in the longevity category....
  16. FarmerTan

    Family Dollar Spice

    Dropped into my local Family Dollar store and saw that they had some Spice AS on clearance, I think. Bought one. Decent enough that I will probably buy any more they have..... was only 90 cents! Do you gents suppose they are going to discontinue it, or just change the packaging?
  17. FarmerTan

    Re-bottling old aftershave....

    Gentlemen: I am desiring to de-cant some vintage Avon AS's into new bottles. Do any of you have any experience with the one ones sold on a site named after a river that runs through Brazil? They are 5 ounces and are advertised for bottling homemade Tabasco sauce. Any other suggestions are most...
  18. FarmerTan

    OC and blade longevity.

    I have a GSB that I just finished shave number 8 with. 4 of those shaves have been with an OC, the other shaves were I think with 1 slant and 3 in a Gillette Tech. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not an OC razor is easier on a blade, or is this just an aberration?
  19. FarmerTan

    Bootlegger's Bay Rum Lime: a review

    First off: if the mods or anyone else wants to move this thread, please do. I just wasn't sure where to post it. Second thanks go out to @G.W. for sending me this sample, as my busy/lazy rear end would not have gone to the trouble of buying/mixing the components of this concoction together...
  20. FarmerTan


    I had to fly to Florida for a wedding yesterday. My wife drove down, so I sent her with a Ying Lui head on the Razorock German 37 slant stainless handle and a GSB. Shaved in the shower with Ivory Aloe liquid soap. The razor produced a BBS. It will stay in the toiletry bag.