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  1. 43moon

    Cheap Watches

    I have a few investment watches in my collection. I also have a lot of low-to-mid tier watches as well. They get just as much or more time than my pricier watches. All watches are meant to be wore, and I wear them all. If an affordable "cheap" watch speaks to you, wear it and own it.
  2. 43moon

    Recommendation Needed: <40mm Diver, GREAT lume

    I think that I can use my Seiko Save The Ocean Samurai lume as a tanning bed, it is so bright. I have a wide variety of watches, and this one gets a lot of wrist time.
  3. 43moon

    Rubberset 200-5 Restore

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. I am enjoying this one. I think that it is going to be my default for a while.... until I find a more interesting one to restore next.
  4. 43moon

    Rubberset 200-5 Restore

    It had been over five years since I did my last restoration. This one has been sitting around ever since then, just waiting for it's turn. I do not have any "before" pictures, but the "after" picture is still enjoyable. Finest Badger Hair knot FAN 24mm from The Golden Nib. Marine epoxy up...
  5. 43moon

    Have To Find A New Go To Blade. Need Some Recomendations

    I used to hunt for my Goto blade. Along the way I collected many hundreds of a wide variety of blades. For me, there is no such thing as a Goto blade. Just one blade that I tend to use more than the others at any given time. Even if I lock in on Feathers with my EJ 89L for a few years, I...
  6. 43moon

    Ever-Ready 150: My Third Restoration

    Thanks everyone. I did use a TGN knot. I don't recall having ever seeing it shed at all.
  7. 43moon

    Ever-Ready 150: My Third Restoration

    Five years later. It has been my daily brush ever since I restored it. I love this one now more than ever. It just feels right in my hand.
  8. 43moon

    Tradere not making razors right now.

    I will list mine now for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!
  9. 43moon

    Edwin Jagger DE89 still the best!

    I might spend a few weeks on other razors, but I always end up back at my EJ DE89 for the majority of the time.
  10. 43moon

    Feather a no go?

    I tried my first Feather a few months after I started shaving with a DE. It was no where near as nice as my blade of choice (at the time), the red personna. I kept the pack of feathers and I tried again about half a year after starting. They still were not my cup of tea at that point. I gave...
  11. 43moon

    Shark Differences

    I love the Super Chrome. The Super Stainless is hit or miss for me, and life is too short to put up with iffy blades.
  12. 43moon

    Restoration of 200T

    Nice work sir!
  13. 43moon

    Handmade Cowboy Boots from Heritage Boot

    I finally managed to get a pair of handmade boots from Heritage Boot in Austin, TX. I spent about an hour with the legendary Jerry Ryan making sure that I had the prefect fit and style. According to a recent article from Forbes, they are "The Best Handmade Cowboy Boots You Can Buy Right...
  14. 43moon

    Voodoo Donuts?

    Stopped by when I was in Portland a few years back, based on a tip from a friend. The maple with bacon was awesome. Fun setting.
  15. 43moon

    Calling any/all Kamado Cermic Grill Owners (NOT BGE owners)

    I am a BGE owner, but I am not here to sway any opinions of brands, just here to welcome any other members of the ceramic grill club. I am loving it.
  16. 43moon

    Any interest in another group buy for Japanese style kitchen knives?

    100 - 200 sounds good to me.
  17. 43moon

    Any interest in another group buy for Japanese style kitchen knives?

    I never knew I needed to replace my German knives until today. Count me in.
  18. 43moon

    First Made Brush, Minimal Cost, Working Great!

    Hats off to you. Nice work.
  19. 43moon

    Ever Ready 100 restore. Leave the handle hollow?

    Big fan of the heft. I used a few coins, a portion of a packing peanut, and some epoxy to fill mine. It feels perfect to me. More of a "quality" feel now.