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  1. allenavery

    1st post: Shaving Pains! Please help.

    I used to get ingrown hairs like mad when I used cartridge razors. For a year or two, I used a Braun electric, but that didn't help all that much. The switch to DE made all the difference--the blade cuts rather than drags. Using these older shaving tools also made me think more about the...
  2. allenavery

    New "Fat Boy" Coming!

    It's great that you got a case with it! The FatBoy is a great razor, and you'll be very happy with it.
  3. allenavery

    What do you set your Gillette Adjustable too?

    I set mine to 3, which I find to be optimal in terms of comfort, but not closeness. I think i've got to make better use of the adjustability during the shave. It could be that I could set it on 5 or 6 for the first pass, then dial down to 3 for the ATG pass I do on my neck to clean it up.
  4. allenavery

    Where do I go from here?

    I'd recommend a 1948-50 Gillette SuperSpeed. I have many Gillettes, including a FatBoy, and the SuperSpeed still gives the closest, gentlest shaves.
  5. allenavery

    Used razor blades...Can you recycle the steel?

    I generally tape up my old blade dispensers when they're full, and toss them in with the recyclables. Hopefully they end up actually being recycled.
  6. allenavery

    Most aggressive razor?

    The Schick E-type, with the amber-colored bakelite handle, is fairly aggressive, too. Occasionally, I'll skip shaving for a few days, and this is the one I use to get off all that stubble.
  7. allenavery

    Help cleaning the knurling on a razor.

    Try a push pin (for bulletin boards). I used one to lightly scrape out the crud on my Fatboy and other razors. On my Fatboy, I thought all the plating had worn off, but it turned out to be decades of soap gunk! If you have a light touch, it should be fine.
  8. allenavery

    Dorco 6 blades razor

    You've got to admit, it looks pretty cool, but we don't buy these things just to look at them. Well, I have to admit, I sometimes just open the drawer and stare at my collection sometimes...
  9. allenavery

    difficulty loading a blade in a new standard

    Sounds like the threads could be shot. They probably will be soon if you have to put that much effort into it. Make sure there isn't any gunk in the threads on both the head and handle, or that the threads aren't damaged in some way. It could be there's a metal bur on either piece that's causing...
  10. allenavery

    Juggling multiple razors and multiple blades

    I use one razor and blade per week, usually switching both, but sometimes I'll just put a new blade in a razor if I'm in a good groove (no bleeding, etc.). Depending on how my skin feels, I'll switch between my cheap Williams shave soap or use some canned goo.
  11. allenavery

    Finally: Grandpa's Brush!

    Thanks, DeaconKC. Looks that would do the job nicely. That gun would need some gunsmithing to shoot, though. Needs a hammer, grips, etc. Too bad, it's the perfect size for a pocket!
  12. allenavery

    Gillette Injector ? ?

    The top razor is a GEM Featherweight, I think. They're supposed to be pretty good.
  13. allenavery

    Kiehl's Aftershave

    My wife bought me Kiehl's Ultimate Men's After Shave Balm & Moisturizer for Christmas. It's more of a lotion, I'd say, and boy, does it feel great! It keeps my face smooth and moistened (hey, just like the bottle says!), even during the winter, when I tend to get a dry, flaky chin and neck...
  14. allenavery

    question about schick injector

    The E is fairly aggressive, while the G, made in the 1940s, is relatively mild. Both are pretty inexpensive on eBay, but you've got to make sure you get a closeup of the head from all angles before you buy. The nubs that hold the blade in place can be worn enough to make the razor unusable. I...
  15. allenavery

    Finally: Grandpa's Brush!

    Thanks! I used it again today, with excellent results. With the van der hagen, which was really floppy, I'd end up with lather dripping all over the place, and large bubbles on my face. With this brush, the lather goes where I want it, and it is much more dense. Now, if only I could get...
  16. allenavery

    Are 1920 Gillette DE razors any good

    I have the same razor, though it's not nearly as shiny. It gives a terrific shave, milder than I expected.
  17. allenavery

    Finally: Grandpa's Brush!

    For a few years, I've been using one of those cheap Van Der Hagen brushes. It gave a decent lather, but I found it to be a bit floppy, and it shed at least a dozen hairs each time I shaved, enough that I had to to use a little Drano from time to time to keep the sink draining properly. I was...
  18. allenavery

    The Gem 1912

    The 1912 model gives a terrific shave. The head on mine is in mint condition, though the handle is prone to rust, for some reason. Under the blade cover, it admonishes the owner to use "Damaskeen" blades, whatever those are. In any event, the Treet blades seem to do fine. One thing about these...
  19. allenavery

    looking for razor for senstive skin

    I use a ball-end Tech (no date code) when I need a break from more aggressive razors, and I find it to be very mild. I tried a blue tip TTO, but found it to be too mild, enough that I had to use pressure to get a close shave. I ended up with a few cuts.
  20. allenavery

    Current Razor Rotation

    Right now, I'm using my Gillette NEW. Usually, I'll go back to either my 40's SuperSpeed or the Fatboy, but I'm thinking about going to one of my GEMs next week, a 1912 or a beat-up Micromatic I recently picked up. I'm also tempted to try my E-type Schick Injector, which is on the aggressive...