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    Paladin Shave Brushes

    The Pigeon says, hey you, yeh you the hairy one. The Paladin turns toward the open window and says, are you talking to me? Bird, yeh you I've been watching you every morning putting Pigeon poop all over your face, what gives? Paladin, this is not bird poop, this is shaving soap you bird brain...
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    Shims - do you use them, and what are your experiences ?

    I shave daily, I've been using shims for years (I cut off the blade edge off, it takes a few seconds, I have 4-5 shims lying around, haven't cut one in years). A shim has only one purpose and that is to give more blade exposure, it does not change the shaving smoothness of a razor just creates a...
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    Paladin Shave Brushes

    This younger generation of Samurai like so many others before question tradition. And like many generations before, many of the older Samurai's are worried and asked the question, will the Samurai tradition, life survive as we know it with this younger generation? Let's take Vesuvius Samurai...
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    OKU Brush Appreciation

    I saw this brush on the SOTD and got ahold of the brush maker Francisco. A few emails later I ordered the Sevilla. This is a lovely brush, one thing I am happy with is that at the moment is it only comes in a somewhat milky white (easy decision on color). The handle feels good in the hand, it's...
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    Paladin Shave Brushes

    It was a good year for Graphy Oscar he made history at the Academy Awards by winning his 4th Oscar for best Actor in the film “ It's Always a Wonderful Shave” with Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci and Jennifer Lawrence. As always at the Academy Awards, Graphy walked the red carpet, gave a masterful...
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    Gibbs No 15/17 Brass head w/ Chrome coating (and rarer Personna Precision)

    The posts here ae B&B on the Gibbs are really wonderful, this will be my first time (i think) entering the conversation. I have the Gibbs 15/17 for many years and even though I've enjoyed the shaves like everyone the blade makes the razor a pain/bothersome to use on a regular bases. So about 10...
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    Oumo SHD vs Maggards SHD

    I have purchased 5 individual knots from Oumo in two purchases all SHD 2 band. The first purchase was nine months ago this was a 26 fan and bulb. The second purchased three months ago was one 26 fan and two 28 fans (Oumo called these knots Hooked tips). I also purchased four brushes recently 26...
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    Gamechanger oc “Jaws”

    One more observation the blade holding tolerance is incredible (at least on the razor that I have), there is absolutely no play with the blade in the head before you tighten the head down with the handle. I have to push down on the blade slightly for it to lock into place, and when I finish my...
  9. B

    Gamechanger oc “Jaws”

    I have the Game Changer 84 and put it away, I did not like the shave or the feel, it's not smooth or efficient for me As far as Jaws, I have used Jaws a half dozen times now and for myself, and for a razor that shows a lot of blade it is an excellent very smooth, efficient shaver, for my daily...
  10. B

    Dart, Karve OC or Game Changer OC?

    Game Changer Jaws
  11. B

    Question About My 46/47 Aristocrat

    It is a 1947 aristocrat go to the website Mr Razor it has info on 99% of all gillette razors
  12. B

    Maggard SHD Knot Appreciation

    All the best, I outlined a guide for both the fan an bulb loft you would need to adjust for a 24 and the knots that are wider at the glue plug. Would like to know about your brush and if you like it after the knot is set in and using it.
  13. B

    Maggard SHD Knot Appreciation

    Hello, I have been curious about a few knots lately Oumo, TurnNshave and Maggards SHD. I did some purchasing and experimenting with the Maggards SHD knot. Here it goes, my comparison with the SHD knot will be with Thater, Shavemac, Brad Sears, El Druida soft tips moderate backbone brushes (I...
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    Paladin Shave Brushes

    it's nice to hear that someone likes them, take care and thanks.
  15. B

    Paladin Shave Brushes

    Walter, Donny, and the Dude were mesmerized by purple jump-suited Jesus who had just thrown a strike. It was at that moment the Jesus turned to the boys and went into a little dance and said, "There is nobody better than Jesus Quintana, nobody bowls better than The Jesus, nobody dances better...
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    Paladin Shave Brushes

    The untold story of the 8th Samurai History has been telling of the exploits of the 7 Samurai (Saburau) that has inspired people throughout the world to do great things in battle and in life, books have been written and movies made. Yet as this story has been told one very important Samurai in...
  17. B

    Oumobrush 2 band knot vs Elite vs Maggard SHD

    If anyone has an Oumobrush 2 bandlease give your opinion on that knot, If you also have a Oumo and Elite or SHD please make a comparison of these knots.
  18. B

    Did anyone use Maggard new Super High Density knot?

    Question, has anyone tried the SHD bulb and with the fan? and if so is the SHD bulb as soft as the Fan? Also, the bulb looks like a hybrid is it?
  19. B

    Paladin Shave Brushes

    Thank you Juan
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    Paladin Shave Brushes

    All of you have heard, seen or read about each or all of the Oscar Brothers may it have been on TV, the Movies, in News Newspaper and Magazines on the Evening News or the internet. The Oscar Brothers have lived a life very few people can imagine, the stories I can tell about these men are why...
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