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Search results

  1. V

    Remington 700 Sendero

    Gentlemen, Anyone who has input regarding accuracy of Remington 700 Sendero in 300 WinMag? All input is highly appreciated. Peter
  2. V

    Searching for a nice green ink

    Gentlemen, I am currently searching for a nice green ink and have narrowed down into two inks: Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine, and Diamine Emerald I look forward to get your comments regarding these inks pros and cons and whatever you think should also be taken into consideration. Also...
  3. V

    2014 Scent/Fragrance of the Day

    TOBS Sandalwood.
  4. V

    When learning people to DE shave

    I have a colleague who has decided to go for DE shaving, and I have accepted to give advice/hints. Now over to my question. My idea is to, at first, learn him to make a good lather, let him shave for about a month using soap/brush and his cartridge razor. Thereafter when he is able to make a...
  5. V

    Price index?

    Maybe a silly question, but I'm curious about the prices of shaving gear in the bygone days and how long time did you have to work to buy a DE etc. I've seen an old ad from Gillette guess it was from 1959 or close to that (Fatboy at the price of 1.95), but what was an average blue collar salary...
  6. V

    Wilkinson Sword

    I've tried the Wilkinson Sword blades, three different packages, but in each package at couple of blades have been incosistent. Approximately 30 % of the blades had to be binned immediately. Anyone else who have a similar experience? Or have you got consistent blades in each package? The other...
  7. V

    Anyone who has tried this shop?

    Have you bought from this shop, www.giftsandcare.com/en, located in Valencia Spain? They seem to have decent prices on the spanish products, but before ordering I just wonder if there is any feedback.
  8. V

    Anyone who has recently been in Paris, France

    Anyone who has ideas where to find shaving stuff in Paris? Are the big department stores on Boulevard Haussmann an alternative? Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. V

    Soap sticks when travelling

    Maybe someone has mentioned it earlier but, anyway, a film container for a standard 135-film takes half of a regular soap stick; Palmolive, Speick, Wilkinson etc. My experience is that these doesn't seem to leak any moisture out into my washbag.
  10. V

    Care of shaving Bush when travelling.?

    When travelling, how do you take care of your shaving brush? As I've understood there are many opinions how dry the brush shall be when packing up. I have used the hairdryer commonly available in hotels to dry the brush before packing my Dopp kit. Will that spoil the brush? Shall it dry slowly...
  11. V

    Anyone who recognize Figaro Crema da Barba.

    When visiting Italy I bought the usual Proraso and Cella. However, I also found a cream named Figaro. Very low price, only 0.95€ for a 150 ml tub. Just had to get one and now I am curious to know more about it. Anyone who has more info?
  12. V

    Valerius's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Per, Scandinavian short version of Peter What are your nicknames/aliases? Big Game Hunter Where do you live? South of Stockholm, Sweden What is your age (or) generation? Born in the late 1950ies What are you in the real world? Designing...
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