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    My Buddy the Parat

    I am a huge fan of the Tech. Although the spice of life is indeed, spice, I do like to try something different from time to time so I broke out my Parat and loaded it up with a new Rapira Platinum. These are a joy to use! Simple, great weighting and a solid shave. If you haven't been tempted...
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    Tour of Egypt

    I wanted to try some of the different blades by Lord. I had tried the Shark Stainless and the Shark Chrome in the distant past and found them to be good blades, but not the best for me. This time around I tried the Lord Platinum, Shark Platinum, Silver Star and Crown blades. I tried them all...
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    Personna Med Preps

    I got 250 of these yesterday. I loaded it up in a 40's super speed and gave it a spin this morning on a 2-day old beard. Overall, this is a good blade. Sharp and smooth, a little bit of tugging on a couple of spots where my beard is particularly heavy. I would say about a 9 out of 10 on...
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    Williams Again

    I used some current production Williams. It is decent for $1.50 a puck. I put it in a mug, fill the mug with enough hot water to cover the puck by about 1/4 of an inch. I let it sit and "bloom" for about 10-15 minutes while I shower. I soak a dry brush in the bloom water for 5-10 seconds...
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    Splurge - Panama 1924

    I got an unexpected bonus at work. While virtually all of it is going in the bank to handle all the necessities of life, I decided to buy myself a treat. I got the Panama 1924 soap with the ceramic bowl. I also threw in a Game Changer 84P-OC base plate. It should be here in a few days. I...
  6. F

    SuperMax Blue Diamond

    I picked up these on Amazon. These are the Platinum blades. I gave them a try today in a gillette SA. I got a solid BBS with a bit of tinkering. I think the blades are not super sharp, maybe 6 or 7 out of 10 and they are smooth, 8 or 9 out of 10. Definitely a good performer, I will try it...
  7. F

    Type G Injector

    I dusted off my type 6 injector. I haven't shaved with it in about 7-8 years. I cleaned it up and loaded it with a "chick". Awesome shave! I start to get stubble breaking up the bbs after about 4 hours with my normal Tech. This gave me an extra 2 hours. Not bad at all. No irritation...
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    New RazoRock!

    I just received my new RazoRock Game Changer Safety Bar .84P w/ Bulldog Handle from Italianbarber. My favorite razors are Techs and NEWs so I think I will like this one. So far I am very impressed! This is a very nice razor, period. At $60 or $100, I would be hard pressed to really find much...
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    Castle Forbes Lavender

    If God needed to shave, he would use Castle Forbes Lavender. That is all.
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