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  1. Will DDH

    FSOT Timeless .95 Ti OC Baseplate

    Hi All! Looking to sell or trade my Timeless .95 Ti OC baseplate with matte finish. Great condition. Just a bit to aggressive for my head. Will trade for .68 Ti scalloped or possibly straight bar. Matte finish. Will sell for $90 shipped. CONUS only. Thanks all!
  2. Will DDH

    Head Shavers

    Hey fellow head shavers! Just curious as to what razors you all use for the dome... right now I use a Timeless .95 Ti OC and Merkur 34C. I've actually really been enjoying the 34C over the past month or two. The .95 seems to be a bit much for the back of my head no matter how gentle I am...
  3. Will DDH

    Favorite Citrusy soap scent

    Hey All! Just wondering what your favorite citrusy soap scents are. Please factor performance into your list. So basically your top cirtrus forward + performance soaps! Looking to get a tub or two... Cheers!