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  1. strop

    Crafting your own wax

    Over the years I have tried and used many diffident brands of mustache wax, but for the last 3 or 4 I have been mostly using what I can concoct in my kitchen lab. Alway, of course after my wife is in bed. And I always clean up afterwards! AFter getting ready this morning, i figured I had...
  2. strop

    Watch I really didn't want to wear

    I've been wearing this watch for a couple of weeks, and must admit that I like it. Never really wanted to wear it, although I always knew that I would someday. You see, this was my father's watch, and the only watch I ever saw him wear. He quit wearing it just a few months ago, just before he...
  3. strop

    Stuffed peppers

    I just got back from the farmer's market with several nice green bell peppers, perfect for stuffing. My mother always stuffed them with a mixture of ground beef, rice, diced papper and tomotoe sauce. More recently my wife and I have just stuffed them with (precooked) spicy italian sausage. No...
  4. strop

    The Farmer's Market

    I love this time of year. I spent my childhood summers on my grandparents farm, so grew up eating almost every kind of fresh vegetable you can imaginable. I try to start my summer Saturdays at the local Farmer's Market. This was today's haul And this was tonight's dinner. NY strip...
  5. strop

    Van der Hagen

    Not long ago I found myself out of town on an trip overnight trip. Unfortunately I forgot my Dopp kit. I figured I could manage with a Bic and some canned goo, so headed next door to the hotel to Walmart. To my surprise, there was the whole line of Van der Hagen razor, blades, and soaps. I have...
  6. strop

    Van der Hagen

    I had a short road trip this past weekend for a wedding. After arrival at our destination comma I found myself without my dopp kit. I made a trip to Walmart to see what I could find. Fully prepared to go back to the cart, I discovered that they carried the van der Hagen safety razors. I figured...
  7. strop

    Vintage Barbershop

    I came across this video, initially for the music, but the setting is pretty neat. Somebody did a lot of work to put it together. Would love to get a haircut and shave there!
  8. strop

    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    So Santa is after me to tell "him" what I want for Christmas. I've often seen references to ultrasonic cleaners. Probably not something that I have to have ar really absolutely need for anything, but something that might make a lot of jobs easier. Like cleaning old razors, or cleaning nibs...
  9. strop

    Recent Weekend Event

    I haven't posted many of my photos, because , frankly, I never thought I was any good at taking pictures. In the past, all my efforts were to simply record birthdays, holidays and vacations, and my family is always happy with anything. My goal was always just to bring back memories to those...
  10. strop

    The Farmer's Market

    Saturday's score at the Farmer's Markett. Love tge summer when we can get fresh produce. Not pictured is a loaf of jalapeño cheese bread and a couple of "free range" steaks. Has been raining every day since so still haven't had a chance to throw them on the grill.
  11. strop

    Electronic hearing protection

    Took my first trip to the range, ever, about 3 weeks ago, and spent a couple of hours with a friend shooting his Sig 9mm and his 1911. I'm hooked! Am signed up for the initial class at a range near me, and still debating my first purchase. I do know I want some electronic ear muffs. For the...
  12. strop

    Waterman Expert Users needed

    Specifically, anyone with both the FP and RB. I have a couple of Rollerballs that I haven't used in a long time. Since you can buy replacement sections from Waterman, I'm wondering if the FP section will screw onto the RB barrel.
  13. strop

    Montblanc nibs

    I know that there are some of you guys that use MB pens regularly. I seem to be developing an irresistable attraction (like a moth fo flame:w00t::lol:) to one or two of their LE series pens. This is very difficult for me as I've been a staunch antiMB guy for years.:blushing: I know there is a...
  14. strop

    Beer of the month clubs

    Not a big beer drinker, but I have a business associate that enjoys beer. I thought a club subscription might make a nice gift. Anyone have experience with, and can recommend one of these?
  15. strop

    The wait begins!

    First, let me apologize because I forgot to take pictures in my haste to get a package mailed. That said, I promise pics when said package is returned. Two fo the first or so pens I purchased back in the mid to late 80's were the Sheaffer Targa and Connoisseur. I really thought I had lost...
  16. strop

    PW Akkerman

    I know Akkerman inks get some talk here, but are largely not available, primarily because they are not so much a brand as they are a single store's signature ink, in a signature bottle. I suspect the store may be better know to our continental members across the pond. I was recently looking...
  17. strop

    Lunar Eclipse

    OK, all you real photographers out there. Any advice/tips on how to photograph tomorrow night's eclipse.
  18. strop

    I'm just a beginner

    I have started to get again interested in photography the last couple of years. My burgeoning interest died very quickly with the simultaneous demands of a new career and new family, back in the early 1980's. About 10 or so years ago I thought I should get something better than a little P&S...
  19. strop

    The wait begins

    I'm not usually at my computer when Richard's Pen Tray comes up, but tonight I wasn't doing anything else constructive so I tried again. Usually I just go for one, and have never been successful, so tonight decided to go for two. Better chance that way?:thumbup: Right?:lol: Now to wait for...
  20. strop

    How do I choose a vintage watch

    This thread has some really nice watches! So I don't hijack it, I thought I would start a new one. As I wander thru the antique stores I frequently see a lot of watches. I know...