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Search results

  1. Emancipator12

    Lather - post up your favorite brush with a head of lather

    The Simpson T3 :tongue_sm
  2. Emancipator12

    *Fatip Slant*

    How does the Fatip slant compare to the Piccolo mk1 in aggressivenes?
  3. Emancipator12

    Using a soap block?

    I have been shaving for a couple of years now, and starting to broadening my horizon into things. I sometimes see big blocks of soaps for sale, and was wondering how they are used. How to prepare and use such a block?
  4. Emancipator12

    Shaving Cream gone bad, maybe?

    I have 2 tubes of Shaving cream i bought in Spain last year. (A Lea and a La Toya) Now 10 months later they have changed dramatically in consistency A few days ago I wanted to use the Lea, and found it very fluent. I almost ran out of the tube by it self. Today I found the La Toya to do the...
  5. Emancipator12

    In the need of an Gillette Tech'xpert

    I hope I can get some help from a Gillette Tech expert in here. Some time ago I got my hands on a bunch of DE razors. And in the mix, there was some Techs. I hope someone in here can help me match the handles, top plates and base plates, to get the right combination. The top plate A do have the...
  6. Emancipator12

    Mail call identification.

    Wow Eugene. Thx a lot for taking the time to do some investigation. It is of course by no means life and death important. Even though it is very interesting to know the origin of ones razor toys. Once again, thx for the time used on this :)
  7. Emancipator12

    Mail call identification.

    The logo (if that is the two circles with a line through) is also on the razor. (See images in my first post)
  8. Emancipator12

    Mail call identification.

    Sorry about not uploading the back of the box guys. I have been way to hung up on work. Here are pictures of the box, from all angles. Again, thx for the help to identify.
  9. Emancipator12

    Mail call identification.

    I got it from Lituania.., so Russia/Sovjet Union could be true..
  10. Emancipator12

    Mail call identification.

    Got this nice little vintage razor in the mail today. It is used, but in great condition. I disinfected it, and gave it a spin. It's a notch more agressive than a Gillette Tech. And gave me a nice smooth shave. (considering my sensitive "winter" skin) The thing is, there are no obvious markings...
  11. Emancipator12

    What razor/blade did you use today

    1956 Gillette Super Speed (B3) Astra SP
  12. Emancipator12

    Gillette NEW Bar Handle.

    I have to ask. Did you try to straighten a bent tooth? It looks broken.
  13. Emancipator12

    The "Not Gillette" Vintage DE Thread

    Got this Danish MEM razor the other day. (the text on the box is in Danish) The box is a bit worn, but is in one peace.. I guess it shaves like a tech, from the looks of it, but i have not tried it yet.
  14. Emancipator12

    The "Not Gillette" Vintage DE Thread

    have this German Apollo. It is Ultras light (I have been told that the head sub plate could be cast of something called Silumin) I shaves like a tech, very mild.
  15. Emancipator12

    Upgrade on merkur/muhle open comb?

    Before i knew there were a Mk.1 and a Mk.2, I ordered the Fatip Picollo on ebay, and got the Mk.1 The UK seller i bought it from is the.original.shaving.company on eBay
  16. Emancipator12

    Searching info about vintage Apollo razor.

    Found this vintage Apollo at a flee market the other day. The razor is in fair condition, and gives a very nice and close shave. It's a very light razor (only 30 grams) The original owner was born in 1899. However, I dont think the razor is old enough to be the owners first razor. I hope...
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