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Search results

  1. Derty

    Looking for a great smelling and performing Vetiver soap.

    I had a sample of CRS Vetiver cream and loved the scent but wasn't really excited about the performance. I really want a nice tallow Vetiver soap and was hoping to get some recommendations from you guys.
  2. Derty

    Does my Rover have a Issue?

    I am the 2nd owner of my Simpson Rover. When I first got the brush it lost probably 20+ hairs on the first 2 uses. Since then its calmed down to 1-4 hairs per use. I have noticed that the hairs it is losing are pretty long and what appears to me aren't breaking but coming loose from the knot. I...
  3. Derty

    A question about density and the different Simpson Chubby 1 hair grades.

    I recently purchased a Simpson Chubby 1 and have used it everyday over the last week. I'm pretty familiar with Simpsons Best hair as I've had a quite few Simpsons over the last few years. I find the size of the Chubby 1 to fit me well and love the density or the knot. I really like the way the...
  4. Derty

    Brush Recommendation Help.

    My budget $80.00, I facelather exclusively with soaps and creams but mostly creams. My rotation as of now is a TGN Finest 22mm set at 50mm, Semogue SOC and a 620. I'm wanting something with good density, backbone and softness. Might be too ambitious for my budget but maybe I can find something...
  5. Derty

    What are some Tallow Creams? Do they exist?

    I love tallow soaps and I'm just curious if tallow creams exist? If they do what are the best?
  6. Derty

    Gentelmens Best B&B wood bowl?

    Does anyone know if those Gentelmens Best wood bowls that you put your initials in have a flat or concave bottom? Will they fit a AOS puck without milling? I've been looking for a AOS bowl on WTB with no luck. Does anyone know of any wood bowl that a AOS puck will fit perfect it other than a AOS...
  7. Derty

    I need a strop on a budget!

    I have a few blades that should be here soon. I hope to send them somewhere to get honed which will cost a bit. I dont have a strop yet and dont know what to get. I do know that funds are tight since I spent so much on blades. Where can I get a cheap but servicable strop? The best budget strop I...
  8. Derty

    Is this a good blade? Help Please...

    Is this a good blade? What would be a fair value? This would be my 3rd blade and I need advice. Thanks,Matt
  9. Derty

    Does anyone know anything about this Razor?

    I won this earlier and did a Google search but I didnt come up with anything. Any info or insight would be appreciated. Thanks,Matt http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330474313448&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  10. Derty

    Won my first St8 on Ebay today...

    My first ever straight and I hope its a good one. Do you guys think I did ok or got burned? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120622161744&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  11. Derty

    Which Simpson?

    I can spend $50 or so and live to enjoy it. I really want to buy a Simpson to go with my other 3 brushes. I own a Semogue 1470, 830 and a Penworks TGN Finest extra stuffed 22mm-48mm 2 band. I bowl and face lather so I want a soft, dense knot with backbone. I'd like it to be 22mm or less and I...
  12. Derty

    What Simpson for me?

    I've been SBADing for a Simpson for a few weeks and I think I'm going to get one. I just don't know which one!? I have in my rotation a TGN 22mm XS 2 band finest set at 48mm a very dense and soft brush. A Semogue 830 and an 1470 which I also like alot. I mostly bowl lather but have been...
  13. Derty

    Whats missing from my Den?

    I'm having serious AD coming from every direction. I look at something different everyday but never pull the trigger. One minute its soaps the next its splashes. One day its razors the next brushes. What am I missing in my den? What must I have and need to try? I like questionable top performers...
  14. Derty

    I need Help....

    I really want to get into straights. I cant stop looking, thinking or reading about straights. The real problem is that I dont own a straight. I keep looking at them on Ebay but I'm so scared to buy one in fear that I'll get burned. I have very little insight on what to get. They ones that I...
  15. Derty

    Top 3 of 3 Categories? Must haves in your den!

    I started wetshaving less than two months ago and I'm glad I started. Since I've started I have bought alot of different soaps, creams, aftershaves, balms, blades, razors and etc... Everyday I'm looking at new items to buy but unsure of what to purchase. I recieved a puck of Mitchells Wool...
  16. Derty

    Is this a proper first straight?

    Is this a decent first straight? I dont really what to look for as far as brand or condition. Maybe you guys could shed some light on this for me. I would love to get a vintage razor but so many options out there. Thanks,Matt
  17. Derty

    MWF Ceramic Dish...

    I bought a puck of MWF but without the dish. Does anyone know where I could get just a dish? I wish I wouldve just bought the dish as it looks so sexy!
  18. Derty

    Penworks Butterscotch Finest from Tony...

    Tony from Penworks has agreed to put together a brush for me. I'm looking for a good brush for creams, eating soaps, bowl and face lathering. Dense, soft tips but with good backbone. This will only be my 3rd brush Vulfix Best "Mayfair" 20mm-47mm too floppy, Semogue 830(Love it)... So I do...
  19. Derty

    Best Sandalwood Soap?

    What Sandalwood soap has the nicest and longest lasting scent? Aswell as the best performer on the face?
  20. Derty

    My First Brush Restore...

    I got my Fuller brush today and it looked good no major cracks or scratches. I took the knot out and drilled out the base and now I have a hollow handle. I have this Loctite Plastix Bonder and I hope it works. I've never used a bonder before so I'm alittle nervous about using it. If anyone...
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