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  1. demaro

    Merry Christmas

    I would like to wish everyone here on the Safety Razor Forum a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year !!
  2. demaro

    Black Handled Super Speed , are you a fan ?

    My daily driver is a 1978 that belonged to my God father. I also have his 1976 as a back up. I also have a few birth year 1968 super speeds as well. I love hese razors. I always get bbs shaves and they feel quite good holding them . Anyone else here particularly enjoy using these ? Post photos...
  3. demaro

    just picked up this old type for $5

    My family and I were up at my mother in law's today celebrating my birthday and on the way home we stopped at an antique store a black away from her. My wife told the guy that I collect safety razors , so he went upstairs and got this one. I offered hi. $5 for it when he told me to make him an...
  4. demaro

    Safety Razor of the Month- September

    Keeping with the SEptember theme , the Safety razor of the month of September will be the Gem Junior although all manufacturers and variations of the 1912 are welcome in this post. I personally love the 1912 because of the ergonomics and the quality of the shave . Everyone is welcome to post...
  5. demaro

    Anyone have an outdoor shave set up after being in swimming pool ?

    I am thinking about doing some summer shaving after being in my pool outside. I figure my beard is nice and hydrated , so why not ? I would have a big plastic cup of water for rinsing the razor and one for dipping the brush in. Anyone else do this ?
  6. demaro

    When did production of Arko begin ?

    By the looks of the packaging and the scent , I would guess 1950's or 1960's , but does anyone know when they began making Arko ?
  7. demaro

    Switchng Back and Forth from SE to DE

    Hi I use superspeeds to shave most of the time. I have 6 SE razors , an Ever Ready 1912 , Gem Junior , Gbar , Damaskeene , and a couple of Micromatics. I have tried them a few times , but I am curious to know if anyone who switches back and forth from DE to SE shaving needs a shave or two to...
  8. demaro

    Started My Fall / Winter Rotation of Soaps

    During the Summer , I use Proraso in a tub and Arko exclusively. I finished my Arko mashed in one of my Old Spice mugs , so last night , I cut a section of Cella off of my kilo and mashed it in my mug. I am keeping an old plastic lid from a container of sour cream on top to keep it fresh. This...
  9. demaro

    Getting My Gall Bladder Removed Tomorrow

    I have had 4 or 5 gall bladder attacks over the past 7 or 8 months. I had one a month ago that was horrendously painful. I went to the emergency room at 230 in the morning. My gall bladder is full of stones and is not working coreectly. I have a condition of the gall bladder called bilary...
  10. demaro

    I Inherited 3 razors today

    My Godfather passed away last night. He was like a second father to me. My Dad , who is still living has been best friends with him since they were both 4 years old. They are both 74 now , so they had a friendship for 70 years. I went to his apartment today and found some shaving items that...
  11. demaro

    I am really beginning to love boar

    I started using a boar brush [Semogue 2000] when I first purchased some Cella soap several months ago. I started using the brush with my Proraso when the weather started to warm up about a month ago. I used the Semogue with my Arko mashed up in my old spice mug this morning and wow did it create...
  12. demaro

    Time to Rotate Soaps , Warm Day Today , Maybe Spring has Sprung ??

    As of 11 am is now 68 degrees. Night before last I used my Proraso soap , first time since last fall. I think for today's shave I will break out my DR Harris Arlington soap. I have Spring fever !!
  13. demaro

    Having Allergic Reactions to MWF

    I have been using MWF for a while ,about a month and a half , maybe once a week. Each time I have used it , my face has broken out in hives afterwards. I figured , maybe it was a soap I was using to wash my face did it. I have come to the conclusion today it must me the lanolin in it. I am...
  14. demaro

    Cella = Awesome

    Well , after all this time , I finally ordered a brick of Cella. I also ordered a Semogue 2000. I was hesitant to do so , since I enjoy my badger brushes so much. During my shower I soapked the Semogue in a coffee mug filled with warm water. When my shower was over with , I went to town with...
  15. demaro

    Floppy Brushes Work Great !!

    I have been using my floppy Vulfix 374 quite a bit lately. I still enjoy using my simpsons best badgers. I have a Wee Scot and a Chubby 1. I have been using the Vulfix 374 with Proraso and Arko but lately have been using it with triple milled British soaps like DR Harris and TOBS. I get a great...
  16. demaro

    Finally Tried MWF

    After two years of proper wet shaving , I finally tried MWF this morning. I ordered a puck about a month ago from Connaught and it never got to my house . I emailed them and they sent me a replacement and it was at my door in a week. I was hesitant after all the reviews and comments on how hard...
  17. demaro

    DR Harris vs Arko

    I have used both DR Harris and Arko soap. I have always noticed I got a better shave with DR Harris and found I get a get a closer shave with it as well. Yesterday , I did a side by side test on my face and I could not believe the difference on how mu ch the DR Harris out performed the Arko for...
  18. demaro

    Gillette 7 O Clock Blades

    I have been using inexpensive blades for the past few years [ Derby , Shark , Astra , etc] . All of them work well for me. I shave every other day and get 4 maybe 5 shaves out of each blade. My question is would it be worth the extra money two buy the Gillette 7 O Clocks? Would they give an...
  19. demaro

    Allowing Your Face to get used to a different or New Blade

    I have used Shark super Chromes last summer and they worked well. Over the fall and winter I have been using Shark Super Stainless and Derbys. I started using the Super Chromes again at the beginning of the week and it feels like I have to get used to using them again. They felt harsh on my...
  20. demaro

    Proraso Pre Post

    I ordered a jar of the Proraso Pre Post balm a week ago. I think it does a little good as far as prepping the beard for a shave. However it is an awesome after shave balm. I have read that some don't enjoy the scent , but I love it !! It has a great cooling property that will be great for...
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