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  1. Hex

    I forgot the name of a bar soap

    and I cannot remember it nor does the merchant have it any more. Perhaps one of my black brethren could help me. I bought it from Walgreens in the section devoted to black men shaving needs. It was a bar soap, yellow, and a good size. Maybe 4" long by 3" wide. I think it was meant to be used as...
  2. Hex

    R41 (pre-2011) vs R41 (2011 and later.

    I think that I have the dates correct. Pre 2011 is full open comb, 2011 and later is the 1/2 open comb, 1/2 bar model. I have read about different versions of the 2011+ but that does not interest me. In my fumbling hands, the R41, I think pre 2011 is the one I have, a full open comb, is the...
  3. Hex

    I ask your help to test my theory

    This is so odd that I just noticed today. My usual routine was to open the DE part way, rinse it off and set it down awaiting the next shave. Following that procedure I would get 2-3 shaves per blade. I use the Gillette Bleue Extra. Well just this past week, I had forgotten to open it up and...
  4. Hex

    It seems like others are finding the light

    http://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2013/08/29/hirsute-hipsters-have-harrowing-habits/ With thanks to Pajamas Media
  5. Hex

    I have a new pre-shave product

    that I would like to share. I don't post much since I have settled into my routine and have taken an injection to control the AD. Anyhow, the new product is a shave gel that I use as a pre-shave and it works absolute wonders...
  6. Hex

    I discovered this as a Pre-Shave

    It's Nivea Cool Kick Wash & Shave Gel. :thumbup: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Nivea-For-Men-Cool-Kick-Arctic-Freeze-2-In-1-Wash-Shave-Gel-3.3-oz/15701936 I got it as part of a group of Nivea stuff, one of which I really wanted. I think this is meant to be an alternative to shaving soap or cream...
  7. Hex

    Password Manager ?

    I have gotten to the point where I need to do something to help manage my numerous passwords and security questions. Previously I have been keeping them in e-mail messages and that is getting to be very cumbersome. Any suggestions based upon personal use ? thanks
  8. Hex

    2 for 1 Pen sale on BST

    Just a little advertising. Please delete if not appropriate.
  9. Hex

    For those of you contemplating a new pen,

    keep an eye on the B/S/T forum. What with all the activity at PenCity, I am pretty sure that there will be some decent bargains available.
  10. Hex

    Gillette Knife

    I saw this on Etsy and thought someone here might be interested in it. It's kinda kewl for Gillette collectors. No connection, etc., etc. http://www.etsy.com/listing/84338710/vintage-gillette-office-knife-rare-1930s
  11. Hex

    Pen Rotation ?

    I was thinking of trying to figure out a rotation scheme for my pens. I have about 4 pens now that I want to use,(soon to be 6), and wondered if others had worked something out. It's probably not good for a pen to keep it inked up and not being used for a month. But then again, maybe the...
  12. Hex

    Looking for a new AS Balm

    I have 4 now that I regularly use and wanted to add a different flavor. 1) Speick in the tube 2) EJ Sea Buckthorn 3) Taylors St. Jerymn 4) Realm These have the consistency that I like, kinda firm, and not runny. Tubes or pump bottles are ok. I have a lot of splashes so that is covered. I wanted...
  13. Hex

    I got me a NOS Parker 45 and some ink

    This is a very beautiful pen and a joy to hold and write with. The ink is from our member FBones24 and, coupled with the Parker 45, is a marriage meant to be.
  14. Hex

    I am looking for a specific ink color.

    It is to match my wife's car and the color is Peridot Mica. It is a very dark green, almost black, and metallic. I poked around Noodlers site and the Sequoia Green is a possibility. What I need from you fine fellows are other fine ink manufacturers so I can go see what they have. I have...
  15. Hex

    My Pilots 78G arrived and

    thank you JustinP for recommending it. I got 2 of them, a "M" and a "B". I haven't tried the "B" yet since I am having so much fun with the "M". Along with the pens I got a bottle of Noodlers blue and promptly got it all over myself in my 1st attempt at filling. Live and learn. The only thing...
  16. Hex

    Watching Internet movies on a 40" HD T.V. question

    We have a 40" Sony that has a VGA connector on the back. SWMBO has a subscription to a Korean language internet site that offers movies, TV programs, etc. Cool says I, we can merely get a VGA cable and hook up her laptop PC to the TV and use it as an external monitor and voila, Korean...
  17. Hex

    Nib sizes question

    Am I correct in thinking that one pen makers XF, F, M, W nibs sizes will be different from another ? The FP that I am now using, a Penn State Industries kit, has a nib marked: Dayacom, Germany M. To my eyes, it's pretty thin, and I like them to be wider. I just ordered a medium Pilot and...
  18. Hex

    This is a weird hobby y'all have gotten me addicted to.

    I am finding out that stuff I used to dislike, I now like a lot. During my early days here, I read how much every one loved the C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream (Proraso clone), and that it was on sale at BB&B, buy 2 get one free. Naturally I stocked up. Well, I used it once and wound up PIFFing it...
  19. Hex


    My kidlet brought his Ipad home this weekend and both myself and SWMBO love it. So, I went poking around looking at prices and ran into what seems to be generation differences ? The inexpensive ones say Generation 1, WiFi 16gb, 32gb, 64gb. Are there other generations with more gooder stuff...
  20. Hex

    Would I be out of line if I did this ?

    I have some straights that I got in a grab bag and I have no intention of trying to learn to use them. Because of a medical condition, I take some blood thinners and the thought of the kinds of cuts I might get from a straight is scaring me. There were other things in the grab bag that were...
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