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  1. mctmatt

    Klar Kabinett shaving soap

    For last nights shave I brought this old school shaving soap out from behind several others stored in my shaving den. Man I forgot just how easy this stuff lathers and how luxurious the lather feels. It is ashamed that it has been discontinued as it was one of the best value shave soaps you...
  2. mctmatt

    Summer time and Menthol Madness

    Hello Gents it has been quite some time since I have been thru these doors, but my love for DE shaving has been as strong as ever. North Texas is starting to feel the heavy breath of the sun's summer rays. With that I find myself reaching more and more for QCS Key ICE Lime and the cooling...
  3. mctmatt

    Create the Shave Soap Frangrance you want for 2014.

    I have been on B&B for many years and just like everyone I get very excited when a new shave soap or shave soap fragrance comes our way. It was here that I learned about Fougere and wow just wow. One year the members here were able to get several of our Artisian soap makers to create a Rose...
  4. mctmatt

    RazoRock Twist Open Classic Razor

    Got this Razor back in late September, tried it and thought it was a little to aggressive. Well, I pulled this beauty out last weekend and started to dial that sucker in. Wow, this is a great Razor that is just nothing but quality. Chrome over Brass and very heavy feel in the hand. I have to say...
  5. mctmatt

    Nominate your 2013 Shave Soap!

    For the year 2013 what Shave Soap, was your highlight shave soap. One that you had not used before and actually tried during 2013. I had several as 2013 was the year I tried MdC, RazoRocks XX, QCS Fougere, Klar Kabbinett, and Barrister & Mann. My shave soap will be Solstice from Barrister and...
  6. mctmatt

    My annual Christmas Eve Shave.

    I joined this message board back in 2008 and after much research I joined the Ranks of the DE Shave club on Christmas Eve of 2008. So every Christmas Eve I celebrate that anniversary with a special Christmas Eve Shave. In the past I would do so by purchasing a new shave soap to try and on...
  7. mctmatt

    Shaving by Candle light !

    First winter weather issues of the season started yesterday and unfortunately due to an Auto accident my little community was without heating gas from 3 am Sunday morning till 10:30 pm Sunday night so I did not shave and just thought I would wait till this morning before work. Well, low and...
  8. mctmatt

    Barrister & Mann Fall Shave Soap Nocturne!

    I have a ton of soaps and all of the Barrister & Mann Soaps which currently are my number one in terms of performance. Just got an email for their new Fall Shave Soap Nocturne. Their description of it I think already has me ready to press the buy button. I don't think there is any soap out in...
  9. mctmatt

    RazoRock Mirrored Pole Twist Open DE

    Well, I pulled the trigger on the RR Mirrored pole twist open DE at $20. Now, I have several different razors with the top one being my Gillette Fat Boy that I purchased and had Rhodium plated. The one razor I have yet to try is the Edwin Jagger which is how I came upon the RR Razor. After...
  10. mctmatt

    Back to work Shave!

    For many of us here in the States we are coming off a long weekend of celebration and many are returning from their summer vacations with family and friends. Now we must get back into that work mode both body and mind which always requires a few days of adjustment. So here I sit wishing I had...
  11. mctmatt

    TSD (The Shave Den) Wheat Shaving Cream

    This morning I pulled out the TSD Wheat Shaving Cream. Those that are not familiar with The Shave Den you should check out their shave creams. My fragrance of choice was Aqua Di Gio, but they have over 50 different fragrances to choose from and you can also add menthol if you so choose. The...
  12. mctmatt

    Barrister & Mann Shaving soaps Cheshire and Seville!

    I placed my second order with this company last Saturday and yesterday it arrived. This time I ordered the Cheshire ( combination of bergamot, clary sage, lavender, and patchouli, this soap captures the classic essence of Earl Grey tea using only high-quality essential oils.) and the Seville (A...
  13. mctmatt

    Who has ordered the NEW RazoRock XX that is now available?

    Joe is now selling the new RazoRock XX which I am think of ordering along with he new line of shaving soaps the Castle Series. The only concern I have is that he mentions basil in the XX which has me scratching my head. I know I must trust Joe which I will. Here is a Pic and Description...
  14. mctmatt

    The Shave Den Wheat Shave Cream

    Just had my first shave with the TSD Wheat Shave Cream which I selected Acqua Di Gio as my fragrance out of the 25 or more other choices. The fragrance was just like the Cologne which I enjoy. The shave cream produced provided a nice lather that was both protective and luxurious. This is a true...
  15. mctmatt

    Barrister & Mann Shaving soaps arrived in the mail today!

    Well, my AD has kicked in and so I have been on a little shave soap and cream shopping spree. Two weeks ago I purchased QCS Ice Key Lime and the Fougere, this pas Sunday I placed an order for the first time @ http://www.barristerandmann.com/shop.html after reading some of the reviews here and on...
  16. mctmatt

    QCS Fougere and QCS Iced Key Lime

    I received my order of QCS Shave Cream Fougere and Iced Key Lime yesterday after placing my order on Monday which is pretty fast delivery. QCS Shave Creams is really a Croap more so than cream very much like MdC, and RazoRock Shave Creams. This was my first experience with the fragrance of...
  17. mctmatt

    I swear I wasn't looking at Shaving Soaps!

    I swear I was looking at Porn and not Shaving Soaps! I saw this posted somewhere and thought is was pretty funny. I just have these images of some members on this forum tying to convince their significant other with the above title statement! Anyway I thought it was funny!
  18. mctmatt

    A Special Shave with RazoRock XXX

    Tonight was the wedding for my 27 year old niece who married a very special young man. To prepare for this special event I went 4 days without shaving. So I was sporting a pretty nice beard by this afternoon. As I began my prep I still had not chosen what shaving soap I wanted to use. I was...
  19. mctmatt

    RazoRock Fresco the perfect selection for Spring.

    Today was a very beautiful day here in North Texas with Temps in the mid 70's and flowers are already in bloom. So tonight I selected for my shave soap an old favorite that I have not used since last July. I almost forgot how great RR Fresco shave soap actually is with its Watermint fragrance...
  20. mctmatt

    MdC and Me!

    Let me first show my very, very much, appreciation to Oakeshott who so generously offered me a very nice size amount of this famous shave soap so I could experience what so many had discussed on this forum. With over 4 shaves behind me now, I wanted to put my two cents into the fray. Well, my...
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