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  1. Shutterbug57

    Your Dream Straight Razor

    My dream straight would come with a pre-paid sharpening servant. I love shaving with a straight and hate/suck at sharpening/maintaining them. So, my dream would come with the servant. In the meantime I will soldier on with my Feather AC SS - no servant needed. ;-)
  2. Shutterbug57

    Revisiting the shavette

    I have several straights and a Feather Artist Club SS. I prefer the Feather mostly due to its ease of use as a total package. Well, that and the shaves are at least as good. Also, I feel that the Feather is a good training razor as you remove the blade maintenance variable and just concentrate...
  3. Shutterbug57

    Ingrown Hairs & Bumps

    He brought up shaving. I had recently shaved off my winter full beard down to a circle beard and he noticed I don’t have bumps. He indicated interest. I don’t think my daughter cares either way.
  4. Shutterbug57

    Ingrown Hairs & Bumps

    My daughter is in a LT relationship with a fellow who is perpetually scruffy. I had bit given that much thought as many guys are going that way. The other day shaving came up in conversation, actually he brought it up. He mentioned that he uses a trimmer because his experience with carts and...
  5. Shutterbug57

    Do you throw out your soap when the center is void?

    I use Mike’s Natural Soaps Orange, Cedar & Black Pepper. I order it in tins or now in plastic cans. I have 2 soaps going at any time - travel & home. When one gets far down into the ring phase, I just combine the 2 open soaps into one and open a new one.
  6. Shutterbug57

    Artist Club SS razor clone- mini review

    The Artist Club is a trademark of Feather razors. They use it for shavette and blades. It is corporate intellectual property.
  7. Shutterbug57

    1st time equipment buys for Newbie

    Preshave, if any? None $0 Razor? Vintage Gillette Tech or SuperSpeed $15 Blade? Persona blue $13 for 100 Brush? Wee Scot - a fantastic, but small, badger brush for the price. $27 Bowls? A necessity or not? Face lather. THBS, a Wal-Mart salsa bowl is under $2 Aftershave? Balms, lotions, splashes...
  8. Shutterbug57

    What is your favorite Safety razor?

    Favorite safety razor - 1934 Aristocrat. Honorable mention to the Everready 1912 which gets at least first pass duty if it has been a few days since I last shaved and I don’t pick a straight.
  9. Shutterbug57

    How Can I Teach My Girl To SR Shave a Man's Face?

    I get the issue of feel of a SR over a shavette, but, and this is a big but, in a salon/barber shop, I would prefer a shavette with a new blade for sanitary/disease control reasons.
  10. Shutterbug57

    P&G closing most Art of Shaving stores

    I think it is a combination of factors: - on-like market replacing malls - Gillette’s hit from poor marketing decisions created losses in the market sector - AOS stores can’t have been making that much and are an easy trim for P&G - changing to an on-line/big box approach trims fixed costs...
  11. Shutterbug57

    What is the easiest, simplest, or cheapest way to maintain a straight razor?

    Feather Artist Club SS or DX with Artist Club Pro blades.
  12. Shutterbug57

    1 Shave Setup for Life

    If, for some reason, I had to go with only 1 of each item, below is what I would pick. Razor: 1934 Aristocrat, but I sure would miss my 1912 and Feather Artist Club SS Brush: Rudy Vey custom key hold brush Soap: Mike's Natural Soaps Orange, Cedar & Black Pepper - it is all I use now Blade...
  13. Shutterbug57

    Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

    Last 5 shaves - Feather Artist Club SS. Last 5 DE shaves - 1934 Aristocrat.
  14. Shutterbug57


    My DE razors are as listed below. I have no idea in what order most were obtained. I was fairly early to the wet shaving renaissance, and noted rising prices, so I began to buy/clean/resell used razors. My collection came from the razors I kept after cleaning and, in some cases, replating them...
  15. Shutterbug57


    I started shaving around 1970. My dad had to shave for work but he wasn’t very good at it. He used a Schick injector and always emerged with half a dozen bits of TP stuck to his face. With that as an example, I didn’t want a Schick injector. Dad gave me a few bucks and told me to go to the...
  16. Shutterbug57

    What's Your Moustache Wax For The Day?

    Firehouse light
  17. Shutterbug57

    February 2020 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    No problem. Thanks. I am working from an iPhone, so couldn’t copy/paste.
  18. Shutterbug57

    What's your post shave order?

    1. Rinse with warm water 2. Styptic pencil, rarely needed 3. Aftershave 4. Beard oil massage in and brush 5. Beard balm apply and brush 6. Moustache wax Apply and style
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