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  1. AeroBoarder89

    [WTS/WTT] Small Soap Lot

    Hey guys! Looking to move a small soap lot! Would prefer trades, but take the lot for $40 shipped if you’d like. All soaps and the aftershave are about 75%-80% full. I’ll also throw in a sample of Stirling Sandalwood aftershave if you’re interested. B&M Seville B&M Cheshire Stirling...
  2. AeroBoarder89

    [WTS / WTT] Soap Lot w Stirling and Barrister and Mann

    Hey guys! Looking to move some stuff out the den. I have a Stirling Barbershop jar and splash and a jar of Barrister and Mann Cheshire, everything about 75%. Here’s my wish list of items to possibly trade for (one or two of the following would be great :) Stirling Arkadia Set Stirling...
  3. AeroBoarder89

    [WTS] Gently Used Soap and A/S Lot

    Hey guys! Looking to sell the following: Catie's Bubbles LPV with matching aftershave (probably used about 10 times). Some of the spices in it react with my face, so I'd like to give it a good home. Great scent though! Stirling Ozark Mountain 5.8 oz jar with matching aftershave (Used twice)...
  4. AeroBoarder89

    [WTT] Shave Brush and Some Blades

    Hey guys! Got a Parker pure badger shaving brush with a black and chrome handle I'm looking to trade for something a little less floppy. It comes in the original packaging with a small brush stand. I've been into boar brushes lately, so I'm looking to trade preferably for a Semogue 1800 or...
  5. AeroBoarder89

    WTS / WTT: Parker Pure Badger Shave Brush with Black and Chrome Handle

    Hello! I would like to sell the first shave brush I ever owned, a Parker Pure Badger. I have learned a lot since starting DE shaving, and one of those lessons has been that I like to face lather. This is more of a bowl lathering brush since the knot is fairly large. The know dimensions are as...
  6. AeroBoarder89

    Any Thoughts on RazoRock XXX Hard Formula?

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has experience with, or thoughts on, the hard formulation of RazoRock XXX. How does it compare to the soft formulation of RazoRock XXX? Does it compare favorably with other hard, tallow-based shave soaps? Just curious, looks like it's back in stock at Italian...
  7. AeroBoarder89

    AeroBoarder89's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Chris Acuff What are your nicknames/aliases? Used to be called brownie in high school. Funny story haha. Where do you live? Mojave Desert What is your age (or) generation? 27! What are you in the real world? Engineer What is your favorite shave...
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