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  1. Troggie

    A Year in Review

    Well it has been a year since I started straight shaving and though I have a full 12 months under my belt I am still learning more every time I shave and still consider myself a beginner. I will give an abbreviated background to the past year. I started with a Fromm Hair Shaper found at the...
  2. Troggie

    Mama Bear's Iceburg soap

    I recently received some Mama Bear's Iceburg soap. Since I have only used 2 other soaps ( Mama Bear's Rosemary Mint and L'Occitane Cade ) I do not have a ton to compare it to. First the scent is not exactly what I had expected. It has a very powdery scent with just a hint of pine/fir in it...
  3. Troggie

    Phoenix/Mesa area

    I will be taking my first trip to Arizona for work and will be in the Phoenix/Mesa area for a week. Any places are just a can't miss while I am down there?
  4. Troggie

    My wife would like to thank you

    Since I have focused mainly on the shaving part of this site for the past year I decided to venture out to the other areas recently. I have now found an slight affection for fountain pens. My wife at first gave me the same look as when I told her I would be shaving with straight. I acquired...
  5. Troggie

    What I want for Christmas

    Found this while I was looking at some of the news sites I read. http://idle.slashdot.org/story/10/12/01/1440200/British-Aircraft-Carrier-For-Sale-On-Auction-Site?from=fb Looks like it would be an interesting project to figure out how to power it since they removed the engines. :w00t:
  6. Troggie

    Anyone use Yokode Kyusu pots?

    My daughter went with me to a specialty tea shop and they had some Yokode Kyusu pots ( http://www.artisticnippon.com/japaneseteapots/kyusu.html if you want to look at one ) and she has since asked for one for Christmas as well as some tea. Do these work just the same as the gaiwan or yixing pots...
  7. Troggie

    Is there a can't miss place around LA

    I will be in the Beverly Hills area in a couple of weeks for a conference. Not sure how much time I will have to do much touristy stuff but is there any place I should not pass up if I get the chance?
  8. Troggie

    What should I do?

    I have a rubberset handle that I picked up to restore. I have got the old knot out and will be replacing it with a Golden Nib one. What I am wondering is what should I do with the handle as it was unfinished when I got it so I will probably give it a light sanding and not sure if I should stain...
  9. Troggie

    Current Finds

    I just found these 2 at a labor day antique sale. The gold washed one looks like a ball end tech with an open comb but I am not sure what the other one is or if it is a frankenrazor.. :001_smile
  10. Troggie

    Unsure about safety razors

    I have become the proud owner of some safety razors recently. Unfortunately I am having a little problem identifying them. I think the smaller one is a Travel Tech but just want to verify it. The other issue I have is I normally use Straights so not sure if these will ever see use.
  11. Troggie

    Just stopping by to say Hello

    I am relatively new to wet shaving. I have been shaving with straights for the past month or so with success ( my face doesn't look like a cutting board :thumbup: ) and have been lurking for a bit around here. I currently have 4 razors in my rotation.. a JS Holler, Torrey, MAB RG, and a...
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