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  1. seabee1999

    Burr Coffee Grinders

    As I have searched and researched online and at previous threads here, I’d like to ask for a recommendation and your thoughts on electric or hand burr grinder. Here’s my situation, I’ll be starting a new job here fairly soon and I maybe waking up well prior to everyone else in my home. I’d like...
  2. seabee1999

    Christmas Decoration Fun

    So begins the Christmas decorating season at our home. We keep it pretty simple here. Tree, stockings and a few outdoor lights. Hope everyone has wonderful time getting into the Christmas spirit. With how this year has been, it’s was nice doing this with my family! Hope others doing the same thing.
  3. seabee1999

    2020 Corn Cob Pipe Modification Contest

    Greetings fellow Brown Leaf members! Brandon (brandaves) and I thought it would be a great idea to have an end of the year Corn Cob Modification Contest. The idea is for folks to color, stain, sand, deconstruct and/or reassemble a corn cob pipe into something more aesthetically appealing and...
  4. seabee1999

    Celebration Day for My Family

    We all have dates that we remember more than others. Today is a celebration day for my family. It was one year ago today that the abuse my oldest daughter (6 then) endured by best friend (7 then) And neighbor ended. In short, my daughter befriended the neighbor and through a series of events had...
  5. seabee1999

    December Photo Challenge - Best of 2019

    Good day and thank you for the privilege of choosing the next photo challenge. In researching challenges in the past, I had a difficult time finding one with a "best of" type theme. So for this month's challenge, let's see your single best image of 2019. Typical rules apply with a slight...
  6. seabee1999

    My New Pipe

    A few weeks back I had my birthday and my wife surprised with a pipe carving kit from Man Crates. For what it was, it was a fun little project for me to do. I enjoyed the process of taking a block down to a finished pipe. It has its flaws and such but none the less I think it's quite handsome...
  7. seabee1999

    Mid-Winter Yosemite Trip

    A few weeks back I took the family up to Yosemite for a quick get away trip. We reserved out room last November so I was just looking forward to the trip. This would also mark my daughter's (3-1/2 now) first trip there and hopefully she will remember bits of it. Anyway, if you don't know, last...
  8. seabee1999

    Starter Kit PIF Winning Photo

    First, I wish to say a big thank you to Mike (simon1) for this PIF. In the time I have been apart of this forum I had never won a PIF. When I saw my name was drawn as the winner I was surprised to say the least. After interacting with Mike he sent me what you see below minus the pipe stand...
  9. seabee1999

    Pour Over Coffee Brewer

    Good day, I am looking to add a bit of variety to my coffee brewing/drinking. Before Christmas, I mostly purchased pre-ground coffee and made it in a small 4 cup Mr. Coffee auto-drip brewer. However, I was given a gift card to Wal-mart and purchased for myself a Kitchen Aid blade grinder...
  10. seabee1999

    Inexpensive Stainless Steel Razor

    Good day to all, I have a question from a post from the past. A few years back, someone made a post about a $10 stainless steel DE razor sold on Amazon. I have been searching for the post for a while but I can't seem to find it. I was wondering if anyone might have remembered seeing the post and...
  11. seabee1999

    A Second Brush

    Just wondering what you all might recommend to me as a second brush to follow the current one I have. I like it but wouldn't mind a second brush just to have for rotation purposes. I currently have an Omega 10098.
  12. seabee1999

    Saved This Morning's Shave

    Most nights before going to bed, I hed to the bathroom to select the shave cream and/or soap plus prep my razor for the following morning's shave. So last night I chose to use some of the TOBS lemon/lime scent. This morning put some cream in my bowl, whipped it up and prep'ed my face with some...
  13. seabee1999

    Maggard MR3

    Last week I placed an order to get one of these razors as an alternate for the EJ DE8911 I already have. What caught my eye on the MR3 was that the handle could accept more weight if needed. Yesterday I received it in the mail along with some complimentary Dorco blades. My first impressions...
  14. seabee1999

    New From SoCal

    Greetings to all, my name is David Miller. I am orginally from York, PA but because of the US Navy, I now live in sunny CA in Ventura County. For the past few weeks I mulled over getting a DE razor and last week took the plunge to get an EJ 8911 with extra blades, an Omega brush and some...
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