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  1. germanicus

    October 2014 Acquisitions.

    -Italian Floid AS -Cella cream -Tabac shave stick
  2. germanicus

    Unique "Fresh and Clean" scents

    Agua Fresca by Adolfo Dominguez is great: citrusy, woody, fresh, masculine. Does not last long, which for me is a good thing.
  3. germanicus

    Proraso pre-post cream question

    "At some point in the last year or so, Proraso relabeled their pre-post shave cream as pre-shave only; they dropped the "post' for some reason." That's right. The first one I bought read in Italian "pre e dopo barba" (before and after shave). The back label explained, in Italian, that it was...
  4. germanicus

    Help. Love Floris Santal but need some advice for more.

    JF is just great for summer. Crisp and clean. I'm planning to stick to two colognes: JF for summer and Santal for winter. Elite is very nice too, more "old world" than Santal.
  5. germanicus

    what shaving creams do you use for everyday?

    Proraso green is generally my everyday cream. However, recently I've had some variety in my rotation. I spent a month in South America (winter there) and I brought my Florena to save space and weight. I tend to use Florena in winter anyway. My in-laws brought me some TOBS Jermyn from...
  6. germanicus

    Update from Germanicus

    Due to other obligations/pursuits/obsessions (namely new job, new espresso machine, househunting, mid-century modern design/architecture) I haven't been visiting this fine forums for a while. So here's an update on the shaving side of things. A while back I had my first barbershop straight...
  7. germanicus

    Sanguine disposable straight?

    I believe it was about CDN$20, shipped from the UK with 5 Wilkinson Sword blades. Not bad. I got it from that same seller on your ebay link. I keep thinking of using it on my last pass but I just don't... BTW, if you do get it I read somewhere that the blades that fit best on it are the Derbys...
  8. germanicus

    Sanguine disposable straight?

    I bought one but haven't used it yet. I'm just having too much fun with my DE. Here's a review: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=21559&highlight=sanguine
  9. germanicus

    DE blade shaving?

    I used to switch often but now I've become more methodical. I'm sure I'm not the only one doing this. The Derby Extras I use come with numbers 1 to 4 stamped on each side. These numbers can be seen through the slit under the razor's head. I shave day 1 with side number 1; day 2 with 2, then...
  10. germanicus

    Shipping Woes

    If you're in Ottawa you can shop at (provided you like Proraso): Il Negozio Nicastro (Wellington & Glebe) La Bottega (downtown) Glebe Apothecary Luciano's (Little Italy)
  11. germanicus

    No Luck with Penhaligon's Samples

    I got mine through: [email protected] They wanted me to specify which ones I wanted.
  12. germanicus

    About samples

    That's precisely my point. I would expect that a huge multinational like P&G would actually be able to afford to give away more free samples than independent, smaller scale businesses.
  13. germanicus

    About samples

    I received generous samples at no charge from Floris, Penhaligons and Truefitt & Hill. Classy. I found a website for Dunhill and filled in a free sample request. A while later, I received a peel-and-smell postcard! I guess Procter and Gamble can't afford to give away stuff to potential...
  14. germanicus

    T&H Grafton

    Grafton is a great scent. I tried a sample and it seemed familiar to my nose. Late I realized that Yves Saint Laurent's Jazz (which I have) smells identical on me. Interesting.
  15. germanicus

    Floris No. 89

    It doesn't work for me, too flowery. + 1 on the sample request.
  16. germanicus

    Way to go Penhaligon's!!!

    I received mine today. I'm not complaining but they only sent me the ones I had requested... No Racquets.
  17. germanicus

    If I were to Try One Aqua Velva-----Which One?

    Original Sport (green bottle) is worth a try if you can get it. I'm hooked on it!
  18. germanicus

    Favourite Tv shows

    My favourite show is late 70's British cop show "The Professionals". Anyone? I don't think it ever showed in North America. Sadly DVDs are only available in Euro norm.
  19. germanicus

    What do you usually listen to?

    Today my ipod shuffle played: Johnny Horton, Omara Portuondo, Ibrahim Ferrer, The Skatalites, Big Sandy and the Fly-rite Boys, Nat King Cole Trio, Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Tito Puente, June Christie, Charlie Feathers, The Beatles, Vicentico Valdes, Depeche Mode, The Strokes, Django...
  20. germanicus

    English Fern HELP NEEDED

    You could send an email to Penhaligon's and they'll mail you a few free samples if you specify which ones you want (I'm waiting for mine to arrive). That way you'll see what it smells like on you. I'd read good reviews for some of the Floris scents and thanks to free samples I found out some of...
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