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  1. razorhead63

    Clubman Vanilla?

    I’ve been thinking about getting some some Pinaud Clubman vanilla scent. How is it,is it fairly strong and long lasting? I’ve got the classic Clubman and the VIBR and they are both great. Vanilla seems like a nice change for me. Please give me info on this!
  2. razorhead63

    Bic Metal Disposable

    I just used one of these yesterday and wow what a great shave I got! This is the best single blade throwaway razor I’ve ever used. The blade on these is way sharp! I was very happy today discover them at the local Fred Meyers. Nice discovery!
  3. razorhead63

    Can Only?

    Hello gents! Sometimes I use canned foam for my shaves.... I do it for variety. It’s convenient and quick, no brush to have to deal with. However who here uses a DE razor and shaves ONLY with canned products? I know there are more than a few of you and I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it...
  4. razorhead63

    My Goal

    My current goal in shaving is to see if I can use just one razor for an entire month. Might seem easy to some but I’ve tried this before and always ended up drifting towards another razor prematurely. Practicing with one and one brand of blade seems worthwhile. Also I’m tempted to sell most my...
  5. razorhead63

    Cella Lotion?

    I’ve been considering getting some Cella AS lotion. How is it? Does it smell like the soap ? (which I use frequently) Amazon has it for about 20 dollars. I need info on it. Thanks!
  6. razorhead63

    They Don’t Understand

    Who here has relatives or friends who cannot understand your interest in this hobby? I have a close friend who is a great guy but he is baffled by my interest in wet shaving. He thinks that using a de razor is archaic and silly. And dangerous too. We have a back and forth argument about it. He...
  7. razorhead63

    My Best Shaves

    I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or reality when I say that I’ve been getting my BEST shaves ever lately. I think it’s coz they’re with the R41 razor, it is a gem of an instrument. It’s solid and I like the weight of it. It handles well. I don’t find it too aggressive and I’ve never yet...
  8. razorhead63


    Tonight I used a razor that a kind soul here PIFed me a few days ago. It’s a Muhle R41 still in flawless condition! I knew I had to use caution with it on the first shave so I did. I didn’t want to need any paramedics attending to me if I was careless with it. Wow! I gotta say that I find it...
  9. razorhead63


    Who here is a MODEST shaver? I don’t mean hard core minimalist and definitely not a hoarder. What I mean is someone with just 2 to 4 razors and just several soaps and creams. Blades, perhaps no more than a couple hundred. ..... brushes maybe no more than 4. Aftershave maybe no more than 4 also...
  10. razorhead63

    Muhle R41

    Hi I’ve got a simple question. Is the R41 head the same head on all of their open comb razors? Is it the only Muhle OC head made? I’m a little bit confused about this. I’ve been looking at them on Amazon, might get one. Somebody please give me info on this, thanks!
  11. razorhead63

    Merkur 15C

    I’ve been reading and listening to good things about this razor. I see that it’s open combed but described as not terribly aggressive. I watched a Geo. Fatboy video on it. He rather likes it... so I’m tempted to get one. I’d basically like to get a new razor. You know how it goes with the RAD...
  12. razorhead63

    Edwin Jagger

    I really like my Edwin Jagger razor. I never get nicked or cut with it. I have adjustables and Super Speeds but now hardly use them... I always return to the Jagger for most off my shaves. It’s my favorite now. I know it’s often described as a beginners razor but I’m not a beginner anymore...
  13. razorhead63

    Done With Buying

    I’m going to test mysel and purchase no new products except for soaps when I finally need to. I’ve got enough blades to last me for many years and my soaps will probably last for 3 or 4 years. I’ve no desire to get another razor. My modest collection serves me well. And I’ve got two boar brushes...
  14. razorhead63

    Close Shaves

    Hello gents. I am curious, what shave gear combo reliably gives you your closest shaves? What are your go to items when you want a great BBS result? All responses much welcomed!!!
  15. razorhead63

    Getting Bics

    I had started a thread some time ago wondering how Bic blades were. I’ve contemplated about getting some and finally ordered a lot of 50 Chrome Platinum, thru Amazon. I’ve read here that they are a sharper blade .Hoping they’ll perform well in one of my milder razors. I don’t actually need more...
  16. razorhead63

    Liking Nacets

    I am REALLY liking using Nacets for a lot of my shaves. I’ve been getting more shaves from them than I thought was possible for me. Tonight was shave number 15 with one. It is still plenty sharp and smooth and I believe it can go a few more shaves. Earlier I had prejudged these blades as a...
  17. razorhead63

    How Many Soaps?

    I’ve got a simple question: How many soaps do each of you have? A lot or a little...? What are your top five and the ones in your stash that you use the least.? What are your thoughts about the soaps you have, all descriptions much welcomed!
  18. razorhead63

    Pre de Provence Question

    Hello. I have a simple question. I’ve been thinking about getting some Pre de Provence Bergamot Thyme soap. I have and love the 63 a lot. Is the Bergamot Thyme quad milled and as long lasting as the 63? I’ve been using the 63 for awhile now and it’s hardly dented the puck. It’s a very hard soap!
  19. razorhead63

    Alcohol based Aftershave

    I enjoy using just an alcohol based AS post shave. I’ve rarely used a balm afterwards though I still have some Nivea that’s just sitting on my counter. I guess it’s that I don’t like the feel of a balm. Maybe I’m old school...😎😎 I enjoy the sting and burn of Pinaud Clubman, it’s almost all I use...
  20. razorhead63

    Pre de Provence

    Hi, I’ve got a question: How many shave soaps does Pre de Provence make? I’ve got their No. 63 and it’s GREAT stuff. What are the other ones if any? I’m curious!
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