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  1. Stubblefield

    So...what's your "forever soap"?

    MdC, Tabac, and Speick. I gave all the others away.
  2. Stubblefield

    Journaling - What do you use?

    I use the Muji Notebooks in A5 or B5 size. They are relatively inexpensive at $8.00, and you get five books, each with around 60 sides or 30 pages. I find the size perfect for short stories, planning, or time-sensitive notes for work. If I need a bigger journal I use the college ruled bound 7 x...
  3. Stubblefield

    Motorcycle Riders Check In

    Thought I'd dig this thread up, since for many of us the weather is not the best for riding. My KTM 1190.
  4. Stubblefield

    Razorock Silvertip Plissoft Synthetic

    Same here. I have the Big Bruce and the other big knot, and few others. Can't beat the price.
  5. Stubblefield

    End of production for Polsilver Super Iridium DE blades

    Forever.:laugh: I already have 900 on hand, so I guess I won't worry about running out. I only manage to see 5 shaves from one blade, so that gives me about 30 years of shaves. Which is nothing. My old stash of Personna 74's could theoretically yield 120 years of shaves.
  6. Stubblefield

    Wash Dress Shirts?

    What is this down time of which you speak? :laugh: I send out 5 shirts per week, at a cost of $9.75. I drop the shirts at the cleaners on my way to grocery shop. If you trip chain, it takes very little time. I'd rather have the half hour of time it takes to wash and iron than the $10, since I...
  7. Stubblefield

    Recommendations for Paring Knife

    I either buy Forschners (sp) or the cheap Dexter Russell commercial Sofgrip knives. Both work well, tho Forschners can take a while to sharpen.
  8. Stubblefield

    The Art of Fermentation

    I'd be interested in seeing your fermenter, I was just going to start with a 1 gallon crock and plate. I spend a bunch of money on Sauerkraut so figured it would be cheaper to make my own.
  9. Stubblefield

    iKon SE Handle?

    Got one, buying more. Well made and worth the $25.
  10. Stubblefield

    Cheap handles?

    I'll second RazoRock handles. Very inexpensive, and they work great.
  11. Stubblefield

    Anyone try Straight Razor shaving but went back to Safety Razors?

    I did. I ended up buying a number of different straights, and got good at honing, but could never master the technique of shaving. I did give it a bunch of time, a few months at least. I have very odd skin, I guess. Anyway, it was fun, but I went back to DE shaving.
  12. Stubblefield

    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    900 Polsilver SI, 200 Gillette Platinums, from DCC.
  13. Stubblefield

    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    900 Super Iridiums, 200 Gillette Platinums, from DCC.
  14. Stubblefield

    End of production for Polsilver Super Iridium DE blades

    Just ordered another 900, and some Gillette Platinums. I was going to order them anyway . . .
  15. Stubblefield

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    Gillette Platinum. 3 uses, in the bin.
  16. Stubblefield

    Show us your camp stove

    I have that same exact setup, only with the 1.1 L pot. My next stove will be an alcohol burner. This is the stove I started with:
  17. Stubblefield

    What do you drive?

  18. Stubblefield

    Your hobby(s) ?

    Keeps me occupied.
  19. Stubblefield

    Kevin Durant signs with Golden state Warriors.what?

    That's OK, as per Kobe, everyone gets a retirement tour the year they go out.
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