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  1. L

    Coticule and oil

    This is probably an admission thread more than a question or anything. Although I’m not 100% sure what I am admitting. It is either coticule abuse or my own foolishness for not trying this before. Coticules and oil. And I still am not sure if I feel like I am doing something wrong or right...
  2. L

    Discontinued, rare, unique, vintage brushes

    I am making a request for pictures of any discontinued handle styles or any rare/unique brushes out there that you just can’t get any more. Doesn’t have to be a brush you own, just needs to be pictures. Have been on a small kick making some vintage styles and looking to be fed some more options...
  3. L

    Horn Beehive - dark Horse

    Title says it, faux horn beehive with dark horse knot. 24mm knot in 1” socket which I use on most I make. Not glued yet and not washed/bloomed. Set pretty low since it is horse but not 100% on loft yet. Loft advice welcome. Have a 24mm white horse knot I think I’ll make a twin handle in...
  4. L

    Half a shaving bowl

    OK, not a brush so please forgive me or help direct me to the right place. Thought the turners in here may appreciate. Piece of fringe tree from my yard. Got half of it turned today and maybe do the other side another day.
  5. L

    Silver quarter in Walnut

    Takes a long time to grow a walnut tree around a quarter. 1951 quarter in there :-)
  6. L

    Eagle in Black Walnut tree

    Probably would be a taller E3 or even non-existent E4 with 24mm knot and dimensions. Some texturing on the bottom I am having a hard time photographing due to reflection off CA finish that filled it all like epoxy. For some reason the CA must have reacted with the glue line and unfortunately...
  7. L

    Oaken twins

    More experimentation....
  8. L


    Just trying some things out. Far from perfect and actually up for trade if anyone is interested (handle). Good old American Oak, some texture and some gilt. Interesting and entertaining. BLO and CA finish but didn’t go overboard since I was testing. 1” socket
  9. L

    Black/Silver pearl ribbon-swirl

    These various resin and polymer brushes are so much easier for me to make. I think I prefer turning wood, but the finishing part can be more of a pain. These plastics all you have to do is polish - so much simpler.
  10. L

    Ebony (SE Asian) - SHD Finest

    Man this one gave me fits with the CA finish. And I’m still not 100% happy which is dangerous. The ebony turned marvelously. Hogging the knot hole took some time and patience to let my forstner cool a few times. Turned it the day after Christmas but keep messing up the CA finish and sanding...
  11. L

    1st try @ Beehive - finest bulb

    Came out ok. Know what I would do differently next time. Feels very nice to hold.
  12. L

    Pau rosa- finest bulb

    Seems like it ought to be pau laranja to me. Never made anything with this wood before that I remember. I have worked and spent a lot of time in Brazil and when I saw this I wanted to try just for the name. Pau means stick/log and rosa is pink, but this looks more orange to me. Funny thing was...
  13. L

    Black Badger Friday

    In faux horn
  14. L

    Knot to Boar you with the Blues.....

    Knot to Boar you..but cut another one and in Blue. Showing some boar appreciation this time. Always takes time and use to break one in, but I have given this one a few test lathers/washes. Should make a nice custom boar.
  15. L

    Burl/resin hybrid

    Another first attempt - this time burl and resin hybrid. It cut pretty easily but I also took a crack at CA finish. Annoyingly good stuff. Took some fiddling and learned some lessons - which I admittedly enjoy. Put a silvertip fan in it that seemed to fit the shape, plus holding back on some...
  16. L

    Fall Brush - Finest Fan - liquid pumpkin

    Inspiration from one of @It's Hedley Simpson’s brushes in “liquid gold” I lusted after. Beautiful handle he had. I cannot find that exact material but found similar in several colors. Cut this piece off first and used a new mandrel, so experimentation all around. Came out pretty decent and...
  17. L

    Cleaning/whitening ivory

    Was digging through one of my boxes of junk razors and noticed another with ivories I hadn’t caught before. They are thick like bone scales which probably made me not take a second look....but they are just thick ivory it seems. Really beat and in sad shape but thick and not cracked. Some really...
  18. L

    RIP old friend

    It is amazing how much this bothers me........and I still can't believe it........somehow, I guess before being awake enough or having coffee, I just sliced the living hades out of my strop right dead smack in the middle shaving off about a dime size of surface. Man I have never done anything...
  19. L

    Poraso 40% off - Amazon prime US

    Several from the poraso line 40% off with amazon prime days. I’m in US so not sure about everywhere else
  20. L

    Duke 4 in Ivory - SHD knot

    A few mm taller and wider than a D3 with a 24mm maggards SHD knot currently mocked up. I also have a TGN finest in once if the pics with the maggards beside it. But I think I will go with the SHD. What do you think? Also, increase loft or leave right? Opinions welcome
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