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Search results

  1. gibsonx4

    Found hidden away in the bottom of my pipe stash.

    One tin of G.L. Pease Blackpoint dated 04-11-06 and a tin Erinmore Flake from around the same time -- both still sealed.
  2. gibsonx4

    Desert Island NEW

    If you could only have one NEW (and you were going to shave with it); which one would it be? Why?
  3. gibsonx4

    Is the finish coming off of your modern razor?

    Which razor is it?
  4. gibsonx4

    Just got my flu shot for the year.

    Occupational hazard - I work in the medical field for my day job. Are you planning to get a flu shot this year?
  5. gibsonx4

    What would your pro wrestling name be?

    I think I'd want mine to be Rusty Blades. (It just hit me in a thread I started in the general forum.) I don't watch anymore it but I loved it when I was a kid.
  6. gibsonx4

    At no additional charge: 1 rusty razor blade

    Got my most recent prize from the bay yesterday and it had a blade loaded all covered in rust and tetanus. (Not actually a surprise, I could see it in the pics with the listing.) It was a first for me. Has that ever happened to you?
  7. gibsonx4

    $9.28 Shipped

    Snagged a sweet old tech off the bay but I'm not calling it RAD. If the price is $10 then it doesn't count right? I'll post some pics when I can get a wifi connection.
  8. gibsonx4

    Finally took a trip to The Beach

    1. It's all the good things everyone says it is. 2. I like it but I'm not ready to declare my love just yet. 3. It's definitely in the rotation for now.
  9. gibsonx4

    The fine line between BBS and razorburn.

    It doesn't matter what hardware or software I use, my OCD and wetshaving is always a dangerous combination. Just. One. More. Little. Touch up.
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