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  1. luvmysuper

    test photo 2

  2. luvmysuper

    test photo 2

  3. luvmysuper

    test photo 2

  4. luvmysuper

    test photo 2

  5. luvmysuper

    test photo 2

  6. luvmysuper

    F150 Anti theft system issues

    Hope you get it worked out. These things can be very frustrating with their "ghost in the machine" nature.
  7. luvmysuper

    F150 Anti theft system issues

    Many "Anti-theft" features involve simply having a chip in the key fob that prevents the car from being started unless a properly chipped key has been inserted. These key fobs run on batteries. A cheap possible solution before you bring it in would be to simply change the battery in the key fob...
  8. luvmysuper

    Why are shots of Bigfoot blury?

    Because when the picture is NOT blurry, the people taking the picture see that it is simply a bear or something else easily explainable. Only the blurry ones get questioned.
  9. luvmysuper

    My dog is scared of the thunder.

    I have a good friend whose dogs went berserk during storms. One of them (a shepard) tore the bathroom sink off the wall. He got one of the Thunder Shirts and he swears by them. Like this; Dog Anxiety Vest | Shop Dog Anxiety Treatments | ThunderShirt Or make your own on the cheap. DIY...
  10. luvmysuper

    Size info for my first western boots.

    Great advice here. I'll just add - go with a well known and established boot making company, Lucchese, Tony Lama etc. Do a little reading on western boot construction: shank, stiched or pegged, etc. There are western boots and there are western looking boots.
  11. luvmysuper

    Dewey Razor Company?

    As you may be able to determine from the answers you've received on other forums where you have posted the same question, this is a fairly common razor, probably late 1800's. There were tons of razors made with the Worlds Fair theme, so not a rarity. Welcome to B&B, hope you're here for more...
  12. luvmysuper

    INFO! Shooting Sports and Firearms Forum guidelines

    Gents - a reminder - PLEASE. If someone comes in trolling or being political - DON'T ANSWER IN KIND. It just makes clean up all that much harder for us. Just report the post, and if it falls outside our guidelines, we'll take care of it. As we're on a one strike your out format here - an...
  13. luvmysuper

    Dinner for the Mods

    Tacos are the food of the Gods. We mere mortals are all blessed to be able to sample such ambrosia.
  14. luvmysuper

    What happened to taking your hat off inside?

    Bump. Anybody else have an opinion on the subject? :devil:
  15. luvmysuper

    Munich, Germany: Terror attack leaves at least six dead

    Our hearts go out to these poor innocent victims of terrorism. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, and their families in this dark and horrendous time.
  16. luvmysuper

    Neck Tie wearers please I need advice.

    Shirt collar extenders
  17. luvmysuper

    Another terrorist attack. Nice. France.

    Let us stick to the attack in France, and restrict it to condolences please. The drift starts innocently enough, but once the drift starts, opposing sides will square off.
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