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Search results

  1. Markus


    http://millioncount.com/ Have you seen this? crazy guy :eek:
  2. Markus


    Im looking to find the shades worn by Mark Wahlberg in Shooter. I would guess its Ray Bans(?) but I can't find the model. Any ideas?
  3. Markus

    Redox Rolling Razor

    Anyone know how this razor is suppose to work? http://www.tradera.com/Helhaftigt_rakkit_-auktion-45338156
  4. Markus

    made a Video

    Recorded my shave this morning, an everyday no messing about routine shave and thought I'd post it on the tube. Recorded with the phone so quality is so so but anyways, here it is: pRO9IVu7q5k
  5. Markus


    Got a Toni&Guy shaving cream today and it turned up to be of the non-lathering kind, something I dont care for. How can I tell if the cream will lather or not, what's the magic ingredient to look for?
  6. Markus


    What do you think of this for a beginner? Anyone know when it might be made and if the quality is alright?
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