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  1. Garlisk

    FS B&B BL LE 2018 #13, Unsmoked Pipe

    Posted this back in August and nobody bit...here again with a reduce price! Asking $180, shipped. US Only Paypal only
  2. Garlisk

    Savinelli Kalumet/Table Pipe...current makes or info?

    I recently discovered that this style of pipe exists, and I'm very interested in the design. Does anyone have any ideas if there are current makes like this? If I wanted to make my own, how would I go about it...mainly curious about the stem hose and bit. Would I just get a hookah hose...
  3. Garlisk

    FS B&B BL LE 2018 #13, Unsmoked Pipe

    I never smoked this beauty, and after this much time I imagine I won't. Hoping to keep it in the B&B forum family. Asking $220, shipped. US Only Paypal only
  4. Garlisk

    Expensive Cigar Discussion

    What is the most expensive cigar you've smoked? What about currently in your humidor? Why did you buy it? Why did you smoke it? In the case of the one in your humidor, when will you smoke it? Now that I have a collection of cheap(er) cigars that I enjoy ($2-3 on cigarbid), and I am starting to...
  5. Garlisk

    Riff Raff's Mystery PIF Recieved!

    Wow, Bill, this is absolutely insane. Guys, look at this. Look at this madness. Thank you, Bill. I only have experience with Dark Star and a single bowl of Penzance. I'd given up on ever trying McCranies, so I'm pretty pumped about that one. I'd never heard of Scottish Autumn, but it looks...
  6. Garlisk

    Cataloging cigars?

    I tend to be pretty fastidious with my pipe collection spreadsheet. Each tin has a serial# and date tinned/purchased, etc. But with cigars I tend to buy from auction sites and end up with 5's, 10's, and other bundles rather than boxes. Do any of you have some ingenious method for keeping track...
  7. Garlisk

    Rolling Cigars

    Hey folks, I'm pretty pumped about this so I'm making a thread to document the journey. Got some cigar leaf in today and set to work rolling my first cigar. It has some flaws, but honestly, I'm really happy with the result so far. Gotta let it settle for a while before I smoke it, but it looks...
  8. Garlisk

    Hygrometer Blues

    Salt testing all my hygrometers. How annoying... Obviously temperature is easier to nail than humidity. I'm gonna let em in here another few hours (its been about 6 hours at time of picture.) The small black one is the only one I can adjust...all the others are set in their ways. I suppose...
  9. Garlisk

    Definitive Maduro Cigar?

    Gents, I have a dilemma: I do not know if I like Maduro cigars. Generally speaking, I enjoy connecticuts, most habano's, and I never met a cameroon I didn't like. But Maduro...I just don't know. I absolutely hated and despised the 5 Vegas Maduro. I have been avoiding all Maduro cigars since this...
  10. Garlisk

    Quality Cigar Humidors

    Gents, I am considering saving up for a good humidor cabinet. Something with a high stick count...300+. I know I could get a coolerdor or fridgador or similar, but I'd almost rather not even bother. I want a piece of furniture. Any recommendations? Brands? What do you have/what are your...
  11. Garlisk

    Cigar organization and tracking methods

    Hey guys, as I start exploring cigars again...I am curious...what methods do you guys (especially those with large humidors) use to keep track of what you have and what you've smoked? For my pipe tobacco I have a spreadsheet similar to TobaccoCellar. I'd like to do something similar with...
  12. Garlisk

    Lets talk about Cheroots

    Soon lawnmowing season...and I'd like to stare down the grass at high noon with a cheroot. Tell me all about your cheroot experiences and preferences! (Side story, I spent most of Jan and early Feb pretty sick with maybe the flu or something. Anyway, I'm better now and thank goodness cause I...
  13. Garlisk

    Old Meerschaum lined pipe with no lining?

    Fellow BLers, I was lucky enough to find a couple pipes recently while digging through the basement of my grandparents house. They are either my grandfathers or his fathers (neither are around anymore to tell me) and regardless I was pretty excited by the find. Both are in terrible condition...
  14. Garlisk

    Shaving Lot: Slim, 200 Voskhods, Maggards heads, and more

    Hey there shaving folks, I have the following for sale. I would like to sell as one big lot. USA only, shipping included in price. Asking $120 for everything. Fully functioning Gillette Slim Adjustable. H4, USA. Good using condition. 2 Boxes of Feather blades Vintage blades. Boxes are not...
  15. Garlisk

    Help a friend in need!

    My friend and I bought pipes together at a local pipe show 5-6 years ago. He decided he was going to have one pipe, but it was going to be a good one. He picked up a huge Ser Jacopo, awesome pipe, and has cherished it since. Unfortunately, events occurred that lead to the following picture...
  16. Garlisk

    Help me choose a new pen!

    Hello nib folks! I could use some thoughts on choosing a new pen. I currently have a Lamy Safari (EF nib) and I very much enjoyed using it. My wife has recently begun using it for drawing, and I figured I might as well let her have it and use that as a reason to buy a new pen. My personal...
  17. Garlisk

    Lane 1-Q and RLP-6

    Ladies (???) and Gents, after a long time of seeing 1-Q as a top seller, I finally broke down and got an oz of it to try. I also picked up an oz of RLP-6. I snubbed my nose at this tobacco for a long time because its a cheap aromatic. I had 2 bowls of 1Q, 1 bowl of RLP6, and a bowl of 50/50 mix...
  18. Garlisk

    Parafilm PIF!

    Hey all you cellar-heads, I bought a roll of 2 inch parafilm...by 250 ft long. I don't need all of it and never will. So I'm PIFing some! CONUS only. You'll get as much as I can send in an envelope with a stamp. Just say "I'm in" to get some. There will be 6 winners! PIF will run for a few...
  19. Garlisk

    How do you detect open tins in your cellar?

    I opened up the bin I have a bunch of my cellared tins in, and got a wiff of (lovely) tobacco smell. Any advice on locating the open tin?
  20. Garlisk

    How long will an unopened Carter Hall pouch last?

    I'd like to add some Carter Hall to my cellar. When I priced it out at SP, the pouches are a better price for the amount I want. 50 pouches = 75oz = $172 = $2.293/oz 5 tubs = 70oz = $168.05 = $2.40/oz 10 tubs = 140oz = $325.70 = $2.326/oz (still not better than pouches.) So the question is...
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