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  1. F16WarBird

    Favorite alcohol/food pairing

    A Vesper Martini and caviar. :001_wub:
  2. F16WarBird

    Anyone here arguileh/hookah?

    I also read that some of the folks use lemon juice and water to rinse Nammor hoses out. :wink2:
  3. F16WarBird

    Anyone here arguileh/hookah?

    Coco Naras are pretty much the Feather blades of the hookah charcoal world. They burn the way I like my women, clean, long, and with minimal ashing. :biggrin1: Have you used natural coals before? They take a bit longer to get started and using a lighter is very difficult. Most folks use...
  4. F16WarBird

    Anyone here arguileh/hookah?

    That's pretty good to start with. If you decide hookah isn't for you, you're only out $20. Make sure it's airtight when you get it. Also, you might need grommets for the hose and bowl (if they aren't included). They can be had inexpensively online. Do a google map search for your area...
  5. F16WarBird

    Anyone here arguileh/hookah?

    Yep. That's one of them. I also like hookahlounge.net I ordered my Diva from hookah-shisha.com, but I've also used thehookahstore.com and texashookah (who is an Amazon seller). Getting into hookah smoking, as I am learning, is just like getting into wet shaving. What you DON'T know...
  6. F16WarBird

    Anyone here arguileh/hookah?

    Oh yeah. The hookahs at my (undisclosed) location are utter ****e. The 3 hose hookah I bought was repackaged and sent to a friend (unsmoked) as a souvenir with a note telling him it's "just for show, not for go". I found the B&B/Straight Razor Place equivalent hookah forums online and got...
  7. F16WarBird

    Anyone here arguileh/hookah?

    I just ordered a 65" Nammor hose in black for my Diva. :thumbup1:
  8. F16WarBird

    1st Straight Shave

    Congratulations! Keep it up. It gets easier. I started out with a DE and eventually took the STR8 plunge. For the chin, try holding the razor still and physically moving your head up rather than dragging the razor down with your hand/wrist/arm. I've found that to be the best method...
  9. F16WarBird

    Anyone here arguileh/hookah?

    I acquired a taste for shisha shortly after I arrived in Iraq. It's the smoking equivalent to shaving. The hookah geeks are just as informed (and passionate) about every nuance. From manufacturers, hoses, shisha (and mixing recipes), etc. I'm currently have a 16" single hose Mya Diva for...
  10. F16WarBird

    Is B&B Always Question-Friendly?

    I would comment, but I think it's definitely better for others to spend their time commenting once again. :tongue:
  11. F16WarBird

    Review by '' on item 'Kiehl's Lite Flite Shave Cream for the Brush'

    I really didn't like anything about this cream. I thought it smelled like old socks dipped in moisturizer and the shave was less than ideal. I tossed it after a dozen shaves with it. I tried but just didn't like it at all.
  12. F16WarBird

    Microwave for towel warming

    Call me old fashioned, but scalding hot water from the bathroom faucet and a towel seems to do the trick for me. :cool:
  13. F16WarBird

    Review by '' on item 'Dovo Stainless Shavette'

    I acquired mine about a month ago as a means to transition from DE to str8 razor shaving. After I became acclimated with the proper angles and hand positions, I found that the shavette performed very well. I plan to use it when I travel, as I have now dove into the world of str8 razors...
  14. F16WarBird

    This old strop

    Mink oil works very well also.
  15. F16WarBird

    Heavy as a Feather!

    Cork the sucker.
  16. F16WarBird

    Tabac: howzit smell?

    Like something your grandfather would use, if your grandfather was Lee Marvin.
  17. F16WarBird

    Str8 razor sets

    Good morning. I'm sure this has been asked hundreds, if not thousands or times already. However, since I wasn't able to find the information myself, I figured I'd ask you fine gentlemen. What is the purpose of a 7 day str8 razor set? Is there a need to let a razor "rest", much like...
  18. F16WarBird

    moving to vegas

    Get a str8 shave at Truefitt & Hill (inside Caesar's Palace). :001_smile
  19. F16WarBird

    Sitcom characters they want you to forget

    Darren Stevens from "Bewitched". They switched husbands and hoped no one would notice. I wish I could forget Joe Besser & Curly Joe DeRita (3 stooges)
  20. F16WarBird

    Does being famous mean do what you want??

    Sounds to be like Dad should give junior a leg drop, brother!
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