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Search results

  1. vtmax

    FS DG Milksteak

    Offering an extra new/unused Champs De Lavande. $16 conus. Thanks.
  2. vtmax

    FS Soft Heart

    New/Unused. Rhapsody. $13 conus. Thanks.
  3. vtmax

    FS GroomingDept Nai

    New/Unused. Backup Nai base Aion on offer. $22 conus. Thanks
  4. vtmax

    Noble Otter Firefighter

    I have an extra jar. New/Unused. $18 delivered conus. Thanks.
  5. vtmax

    FS Spearhead Heather

    I have an extra new/unused Seaforth Heather. $19 delivered conus. Thanks.
  6. vtmax

    FS Declaration Grooming - New

    B Cubed. New/Unused. $19 delivered conus.
  7. vtmax

    FS Declaration Grooming Milksteak

    I purchased two jars of Sweet Lemon. Offering one here. New/Unused short run that has sold out. $22 conus. Thanks.
  8. vtmax

    Simpsons Trafalgar T3

    Test lathered once but never shaved with the new Sovereign synthetic as I have a few other brushes incoming. $22 conus.
  9. vtmax

    FS Grooming Department

    An extra backup. Amare-Kairos. New/Unused. Sold out. $24 conus.
  10. vtmax

    GroomingDept Kairos

    New Unused. Encens Agrumes. $20 conus.
  11. vtmax

    FS GroomingDept Encens Agrumes

    I have an extra New/Unopened Kairos jar. $26 conus. Thanks
  12. vtmax

    FS Martin de Candre Vetiver - New

    I do not have the box anymore but this jar was recently delivered. New/Unopened. $55 conus. Thanks
  13. vtmax

    FS GroomingDept Sandalwood

    An extra new/unused Janus Sandalwood Nobile. $25 conus. Thanks
  14. vtmax

    FS Lisa’s Natural Somali Rose

    I have an extra new/unused Somali Rose on offer. $15 conus. Thanks.
  15. vtmax

    FS Karve Stainless - New

    I have an extra Karve SS C Plate standard bar on offer. 3.25’ handle. New/ Unused. Number 83. $180 conus. Thanks.
  16. vtmax

    FS Mammoth Mood Indigo

    New/Unused. $30 conus. Thanks.
  17. vtmax

    FS GroomingDept - New

    Offering my backup of Verbrannt. New/Unused. $24 conus. Thanks.
  18. vtmax

    FS GroomingDept

    Before The Fire. Offering a backup of my favorite artisan as GD is releasing 4-5 new soaps in December earlier than I thought. $25 conus. New/Unused.
  19. vtmax

    FS Karve C Plate - New

    Bought a few as gifts and a couple left over. Brand new/unused. 3 inch handle. $80 delivered conus. Thanks
  20. vtmax

    HeadBlade Moto S4

    If anyone is interested I have a brand new S4 Moto but don’t have the box. I never got around to using this one as I have another S4 and 2 other Moto’s. Stainless steel through a lost wax casting technique. I personally love these head shavers. Will include a pack of HB4 blades as well. $25...
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