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  1. jcs266

    Minimalist shaver’s annual cost...

    After experimenting with a variety of blades, razors and soaps I zeroed in on what worked and for 3 years now there’s been almost no change in my every day shave kit. I use the same soap, brush and razor every day. Here’s the items I purchases in 2017. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In...
  2. jcs266

    FS: ATT Atlas w/H2 and R2

    Hey all, FS is an Atlas H2 with a spare R2 plate. All pieces are in excellent condition - used but nearly new condition. The H2 plate is dated 2013 and the R2 plate is dated 2014. $165 USD shipped to you in the 48 states of the USA. Those outside the 48 states we can work out additional...
  3. jcs266

    Simpson Berkeley's 650th shave...

    What a wonderful brush this has been. It's been over two years now - it's the only brush I own. I face lather from an Old Spice mug daily. It's lost maybe 4 or 5 hairs in the past year.
  4. jcs266

    Vintage Aqua Velva - finally picked one up :

    I'm tickled to have found a 1960's vintage Aqua Velva bottle. I remember this bottle when I was a kid (I'm 52 now), especially the big blue cap. It even came with the original box which from the graphics looks to me like 1960's or early 70's (if anyone thinks different let me know, this is just...
  5. jcs266

    Skin Bracer. One full bottle GONE

    Well it's been about 10 weeks of Skin Bracer - EVERY day. I bought it at Walmart at the beginning of March and have used it for every shave since then. This morning I just used the last of it and I must say I do really like it. I love the scent, the $4.87 price for 7 ounces is hard to beat and I...
  6. jcs266

    1920's Gillette OLD type - with Butcher handle?

    Anyone know what a "butcher" handle is? I'm looking at a Gillette OLD with a "Butcher" handle. Not sure if this is a Gillette or if it's an aftermarket company, etc. Having trouble getting a pic to post. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this? Thanks!
  7. jcs266

    WTB: vintage glass Mennen Skin Bracer or Aqua Velva bottles

    I'm looking for a vintage glass Skin Bracer bottle (empty or with contents). Also looking for the same for Aqua Velva Ice Blue. Thanks for looking
  8. jcs266

    Blade Buffing with a DE

  9. jcs266

    Blade Buffing with a DE

    For the past couple weeks I've been experimenting with blade buffing. It's now become a regular part of my shave and has been very successful. I've always done a two pass shave - WTG, rinse then XTG. These were both done with a single stroke of the razor, move over an inch or so, make the next...
  10. jcs266

    WTT: my ATT R2 baseplate for your H2 baselate

    I have an ATT R2 baseplate in excellent condition. Would like to trade this with someone who has an H2 baseplate in equally good condition. Can provide pics upon request. Thanks! http://www.abovethetie.com/product/r2-open-comb-base-plate-used/#.VlKARF877CQ
  11. jcs266

    In a hurry! Single-Pass quickie!

    The H-1 delivered - a single WTG pass and splash of Clubman! :thumbup:
  12. jcs266

    WTT: ATT M1 baseplate for ATT Atlas handle

    **TRADE COMPLETED** Thanks everyone for looking. I have an ATT M1 baseplate in excellent condition that I'd like to trade for an ATT Atlas handle. Send me a PM also as I'll get that immediately. Thanks for looking!
  13. jcs266

    Awesome Brut commercial, lol

    This may be an old one? Not sure but I chuckled over this for a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkZO9sASp1o Has this happened to any of you?? Be careful! There should be a product warning label on this stuff...
  14. jcs266

    Want refreshing? Barbasol!

    I bought a bottle of this at Family Dollar store for $2 the other day. It smelled good in the bottle, but I don't remember if I've ever used it. I do remember it from many years ago, but probably from commercials or ads. Well I used it this morning and WOW how awesome! This stuff is incredibly...
  15. jcs266

    WTB: vintage Aqua Velva Ice Blue glass bottle

    Hey all, I'm looking for an older style glass Aqua Velva Ice Blue bottle. It can be empty, I just plan to add Aqua Velva to it. The bottle I'm looking for is the one with the old sort of bulbous blue/ribbed cap, not the current smooth silver cap. Thanks!
  16. jcs266

    A wonderful surprise gift. Simpson 46B Berkeley

    I was stunned to find a package at the Post Office today from a friend who's also into DE shaving. He'd told me I had a surprise on the way, I just didn't know what it was... Well let me tell you I was so very shocked to find a beautiful Simpson Berkeley 46B and a tub or Proraso white! :thumbup...
  17. jcs266

    Arko stick longevity.

    Hey all you Arko fans. Thought I'd report on my findings so far. I've documented the shaves on this stick out of curiousity - how many shaves does an Arko stick give? Well I kept track and here are my findings. I just completed my 70th shave with this stick (which cost me a $1.08 when...
  18. jcs266

    ? ref Gillette Platinum

    I've used the Astra SP and love it, but recently was gifted a small quantity of these blades... I love them! They're giving me outstanding shaves - arguably the best I've ever had. But where do I find them? It appears they're discontinued? If not where can I get a large quantity in bulk? If...
  19. jcs266

    ATT users Poll: What Plate do you use most?

    *** I messed up when I set up this poll sorry folks. I think I forgot to allow for more than one selection (plate + handle). If you would please, just select the plate you prefer in the Poll and then down here in the thread response if you can list your handle and I'll tally it up after it's...
  20. jcs266

    WTB: ATT Atlas razor handle / also seeking an H1 baseplate

    Been curious to try an Atlas handle if anyone has one they'd like to part with? Also looking to try an H1 baseplate if anyone has one for sale. PS: If you're interested I can trade a Merkur 34c as a swap or as a part of such deals. I used it for about a month and then went with ATT so...
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