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Search results

  1. old_school

    Torga C3

    Semogue Torga C3's. Ordered April 14, 2020. Arrived today safe, sound and all there. Boar, Mixed and Finest.
  2. old_school

    Haslinger Unobtanium Tallow

    Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, Seaweed and Sage. Tallow, unused. $25 plus shipping - $8 Priority Mail. Thank you for looking!
  3. old_school

    FS MdC Unscented

    MdC unscented. Simple, clean exceptional soap. If you look you'll see there's not much used from this jar. $50 delivered with tracking CONUS.
  4. old_school

    FS Brush - Elite Razor Machurian

    Elite Razor Manchurian Fan in a brown and black 167 handle. 26 x 50mm Conus only please. $69 shipping and PP fees included. I call this brush Hawking's Opium. I tried to take a pic of it but a photographer I'm not. If you look you can see an image of who I think looks like Stephen Hawking...
  5. old_school

    FS Envy White 2-Band Bulb

    Wonderful Envy White 2-Band Bulb in a 167 Imitation Horn handle. ~25mm x ~50mm No Glue Bump! Acquired while learning about 2-Band knots and used only a handful of times, I would be keeping this brush if it was smaller. One of 2 brushes responsible for converting this face latherer to...
  6. old_school

    FS Simpson Classic 2

    Simpson Classic 2. Affectionately called a Chubby 0.5 by those much more in the know than I. Diameter ~23mm. Loft ~ 45mm. No Glue Bump! Questions, please ask! PP fees, shipping, tracking and Original Simpson GRAY Box included. CONUS. $63 $62 $61 $60 $59 $58 Thank you for looking!
  7. old_school

    FT RR Hd for RR Bamboo

    I'd like to trade my RazoRock HD for your RazoRock Bamboo. Shipping and tracking required and I'll do likewise. Specifications can be found on Italian Barber.
  8. old_school

    FT Aluminum Colonial General + Sample Blades

    Aluminum Colonial General plus 7 blades from a tryablade sampler. Looking for a RazoRock Game Changer.
  9. old_school

    Simpson LE's - Will the Eagle Ever Fly?

    Is anyone else waiting to jump on a Special Offering 2-Band or Manchurian knot in an Eagle Handle from Simpson?
  10. old_school

    On the Hunt for Scritch?

    Been reading for a year and a half, digesting good info. Got another question. To my surprise my favourite of 3 brushes in my stable, all Semogue, 610 boar, 730HD Silver Tip and 750 Best Badger is... the 750 Best Badger. For face lathering, all I do, it has backbone and a little tiny bit...
  11. old_school

    Brush measurement standards?

    Is the loft measured on the knot before monting in the handle only? OR is the loft of a finished brush measured from the top of the handle to the tips of the center of the knot? OR is it measured from the top edge of the ring on top of the handle to the tips of the knot? Thanks noob...
  12. old_school

    New Subscriber Hello

    Hello: New subscriber here. Lurking for months and months. Got a technical question so needed to sign up. Anyway, been face lathering for 45 years with drug store brushes and Williams. Took a detour to a Trac-Two for 30 years and back to a DE couple months ago. Picked up a Merkur, liked...
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