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Search results

  1. Troggie

    Guess that vintage car

    60 Ford Ranch?
  2. Troggie

    Great Guitar Players that no one talks about

    I didn't see any female guitar players listed ( I did skim mostly the lists) one of my favorite is Kaki King http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEPUkc5ZbAw&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irCstf6Rn6k&feature=relmfu
  3. Troggie

    Rye Whiskey

    http://www.grandtraversedistillery.com/whiskey/whiskey.html The Old George from Grand Traverse is great.. only problem is since they produce such small batches you can only buy it directly at their distillery currently. They also sell a small cask that you can put an unaged mash in and due to...
  4. Troggie

    Really dumb question

    You can definitely shave with both sides with a straight even the Japanese ones. For shaving if you are just starting I would shave every day more for the practice than anything else. I normally go 3 days between shaves now but when I first started I shaved every day with maybe taking a day off...
  5. Troggie

    Old stores you went to as a kid

    Kmart stores are still around in Michigan.. they are just now part of Sears. A local Ice cream shop call High Wheeler, Montgomery Wards, Steketees, Bob's Hobby Shop was another local only shop.
  6. Troggie

    I wish creams or soaps came in these scents

    Mama Bear also use to make a Gingergrass soap that smelled primarily of Ginger. I know she makes a Lime Ice but not sure how "limey" it smells as I have not picked that one up yet.
  7. Troggie

    Sinus infection. Temporarily lost sense of smell and taste.

    I use to have this happen about once a year.. get a raging sinus infection that causes loss of smell and taste. I started using a Neti Pot on a monthly basis and during the fall/winter months when I normally get these types of infections I will do it every week. I have not had one that bad...
  8. Troggie

    Name your FAVORITE American Straight Razor Maker (1 only please)

    Since my only experience is with antique blades I will have to go with Worcester Razor I prefer them over the others I have tried.
  9. Troggie

    Thinking about starting

    Whippeddog.com is great for starting with a traditional straight. If that is still a little too pricey then a shavette style may be the way to start. I actually started by using a Fromm Hair Shaper found at a local beauty supply store it cost me 8 bucks and came with 3 blades. A pack of 10...
  10. Troggie

    Wow 2nd Str8 Shave

    +100 to this.. when I started it took me between 30 to 45 minutes for a single pass. After about 4 or 5 months I was doing 2 passes in that time and after the last year I have gotten comfortable enough where I can do 2 passes in about 10 minutes if I am rushed. One key I found though is...
  11. Troggie

    GDs are too good for you!

    I thought I heard Selective was Pakistan steel.. but do not know for certain.
  12. Troggie

    Travel Tips...yes, I've read the wiki.

    The other consideration is blades when you get where your going can you find the blades you need ( if you haven't pre-shipped them). A DE is easier to find blades for also if it is broken down TSA can see there is not a blade in it. If you take an SE you will want to remove it from your carry on...
  13. Troggie

    GDs are too good for you!

    Hmm.. I am not sure that even Seraphim can get one of those things to shave properly. I think all this talk about GD and Selective razors shaving is all a farce predicated by Seraphim as he is the US supplier and is trying to drum up business. :tongue_sm:lol:
  14. Troggie

    Sayings of SWMBO

    SWMBO favorite line right now.. " Do you really need more shaving stuff?":tongue_sm
  15. Troggie

    Michiganlover's Straight Razor Journal Take 2!

    Welcome back to the land of straights.. hopefully Take 2 is better than the first try as it sounds like it so far. :thumbup:
  16. Troggie

    Suggestions for a nice gas grill

    I have been using a Char-Griller gas grill the past 3 years and love it( it still looks brand new). I have the larger 4 burner one but I believe they have a smaller 2 burner as well. Solid construction and cast iron grill makes a load of difference when using gas. There is also enough room to...
  17. Troggie

    Single or not?

    I am in my mid thirties and met my wife our senior year in high school. We have been married for the past 14 years. I couldn't imagine not being married and not having her around. As with everything in life there are good times and bad but since there are always more good than bad with someone...
  18. Troggie

    Mama Bear's Iceburg soap

    So how is the Iceburg Ice? I am still getting a cooling effect from the standard Iceburg.. I can only imagine what it must be like with the Iceburg ICE. Will be taking it on my trip to Mesa, Az next week and if there is anyone who is wanting to try it around the area PM me and I may be able to...
  19. Troggie

    Bell Beers

    If you want to try some of the winter beers ( hopslam,Winter Wheat, or Java Stout ) the only way to try those now is to head up here to Kalamazoo and go to Bell's Eccentric Cafe. They carry some of those on Tap until they run out of stock. They also do special brews that are only available...
  20. Troggie

    Bell Beers

    I haven't met a Bell's beer I didn't like. It also helps that I can go right to the brewery and grab it directly instead of buying it from a retailer. Hopslam is a winter beer so you won't be able to find it until around October/November ( can't remember quite when they start producing it )...
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