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  1. jholme9

    Are these Personna Labs?

    I purchased 100 Personna Labs recently and have not had a good experience with them. Mostly, they don't seem smooth at all. At first I figured I was getting a few bad blades, but after using 7-8, I've given up on that theory. From what I've read on here, they are great blades. My favorite blade...
  2. jholme9

    MWF w/ Ceramic Bowl Contest - College FB Bowl Pick 'em

    Deadline to submit/edit picks is 12/19 at 5:00 ET. Edited to Add: International folks feel free to join, though I may have to ask for a few dollars to help cover shipping IF costs are outrageous. A few months ago, I was PIF'd a MWF in a ceramic bowl (thank you, Iakona!!) I want to love the...
  3. jholme9

    MWF dries my face - am I doing something wrong?

    I posted this in the the IK vs. MWF thread, but I figured if I actually want some opinions I should start a new thread. So here it is. Every time I use MWF, it leaves my face feeling really dry. The shave isn't bad - it's slick and protective - so I don't think I'm having lather problems...
  4. jholme9

    Tried Derby Extras (Verts) for the first time today...

    So I've been using the Treet Platinums that were bundled with my Merkur 38C for the past month, with no complaints. My stock was getting low (I only got 10 blades) so I ordered a sampler from WCS. Today I loaded up a Derby Extra in my Gillette New for my first non-Treet Platinum shave...
  5. jholme9

    Merkur 38C vs. Gillette New open comb

    So I've been using a DE for about a month now. I know my technique isn't perfect, but I've been doing pretty good with my Merkur 38C that I bought with my starter kit. I recently bought a Gillette New on that auction site (you may have heard of it...) and used it yesterday and today to...
  6. jholme9

    Razor I just bought...

    Anyone want to help me id/give me some info on this one? I've had a minor case of RAD since I started DE shaving only a few weeks ago and picked this one up (if for nothing else, because it was so cheap.) Thoughts? Thanks in advance...
  7. jholme9

    Breaking in boars and badgers

    So I've only been wet/DE shaving for a couple of weeks now. In my initial purchase I bought what was advertised as a badger, but was actually a boar (Omega). I've since bought a cheap badger brush (Frank Shaving... shown in another thread). I've read on this forum that it takes a few shaves...
  8. jholme9


    So do you have to be a member for so long to have an avatar? When I try to used a link to photobucket it tells me the image is too large (even though it is below the 100x100 <64 Kb requirement) and when I try to upload from my PC, the upload fails each time... hmmm
  9. jholme9

    Observations (and question) from my first DE shave

    So this morning was my first dive into DE shaving. I've been soaking up everything I've been able to at B&B for the past two weeks while waiting for my kit to come in. Overall, it wasn't too bad. I don't think my lather was great but I'm assuming I'll get that down eventually. I started with...
  10. jholme9

    Noob check-in

    Hi everyone. I've just purchased my first DE shaving kit after using about every cartridge made in the past 10 years (since I've been shaving). The last of the kit (brush and stand) were delivered today (they should be sitting on my porch as we speak). Tomorrow will be my first DE shave. I'm...
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