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Search results

  1. haggis

    WTB Nordost Splash

    You: Worldly, sophisticated, good taste, up-to-the-minute on all new developments. You are awash in splendid scents from artisans past and present. Or accidentally purchased Nordost splash and you can't remember why. These things happen. Back to flattery. You have developed a personal palette of...
  2. haggis

    Feather AC Blades

    style="width: 100%" |- | style="width: 24.9776%" | | style="width: 25.0000%" | Width | style="width: 24.9776%" | Exposure | style="width: 24.9776%" | Exposure |- | style="width: 24.9776%" | | style="width: 25.0000%" | | style="width: 24.9776%" | DX | style="width: 24.9776%" | SS...
  3. haggis

    WTB Tortoiseshell Wee Scot

    Like wee terriers, Wee Scots enjoy having a job to do. If your faux tortoiseshell Wee Scot is feeling neglected would you consider rehoming it? Photo because it's B&B :P
  4. haggis

    Deleting Accidental Albums

    In the process of attempting to make a brush inventory album I managed to create a couple of empty albums while flailing about :oops: I haven't managed to find the right button or sequence to delete the empty/surplus albums. Am I able to delete albums once made? If it's a moderator only thing...
  5. haggis

    FS Omega Evo Titano

    Omega EVO Synthetic "Special Titano" (E1863) — $60 shipped CONUS to your confirmed PayPal address. Used about five times. We just didn't "bond" and it's too nice a brush to just sit and collect dust.
  6. haggis

    FS Rex Ambassador, Timeless Bronze, Merkur Vision

    I've settled on a couple of razors to keep for long-term rotation. To help me keep focus I need to remove some temptations. I offer the following: Rex Ambassador with stand. $200. Used six times. Turns out an adjustable is pointless for me because I am blind as a bat without my glasses in the...
  7. haggis

    PIF: Scents and Sensibilities

    A simple "I'm in" and you're in. Surprise random drawing after an indeterminate period not to exceed 48 hours. In for one, in for all — box is packed and ready for shipping label. CONUS. Contents Kaizen soap + splash/skin food Soap tried 4x, splash 2x; just can't get behind the soap scent...
  8. haggis

    Whatever Happened to Seal-On Blotters?

    Idle curiosity … in my first go-round with wet shaving I was astonishingly bad at it (for a variety of reasons). I found styptic pencils, matches, and rollons seldom up to the task of stanching my too-frequent bloodlettings. One day I tripped across a product called Seal-On Blotters. These...
  9. haggis

    haggis's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Brad What are your nicknames/aliases? haggis Where do you live? Portland, OR What is your age (or) generation? OK boomer. (1955) What are you in the real world? Retired technologist, technical writer, manager. Work part-time for a county-wide library cooperative...
  10. haggis

    Delurk and Hello from PDX

    I'm returning to DE shaving after an extended hiatus. In 2005 I decided to give DE a try and stuck with it for a few years. I do tend to suffer from AD so accumulated a small assortment of razors comprising a Merkur Classic and Long Classic, a Feather Popular, a TOBS butterfly, and a Merkur...
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